Counter Missiles

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Counter Missiles

Post by DarkWrath » Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:04 pm

I noticed that Interceptor missiles weren't in yet so ... I made my own version.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to lock it in PD mode only - if any of you guys know feel free to tell

Oh , and it targets other missiles as well so it's pretty much a counter missile system and not a interceptor. Hit rate is about 70% out of a 30 missile volley , using about 20 mounts. Won't stop more than 25% of the heavier planet missiles.

Installation :
Just unrar and drop the file in your assets/weapons folder and you are set.
Tech Requirements : Interceptor Missiles
Issues : Can be used as a general weapon , line of sight only.

Feel free to mod it to your like .

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