Alternate Ballistic Weapons suggestions? (download now up)

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Re: Alternate Ballistic Weapons suggestions? (download now u

Post by puglebugle » Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:27 pm

Hi, Weapon Classes:
**Cannon, **Autocannon (should have lower pene, or range, but higher dps overall), **Stormer, **Sniper Cannon (should have lower tracking speed) ** Shotgun Type
**Ofc Railgun (Impactor section), Burster, Shieldbreaker, ShieldBurster, Thumper, Leech,
(must confess that i havent played Sots 2 but these are from Sots 1 so I guess they are also here)
(For autocannon and ShieldBursters (Col type weapon dispersing Shieldbreaker munition) check Bastard Sword of The stars 2.1 (mod for Sots 1))

Chemically Propelled should have subtech for Neo-Cordite Munitions or BLP type cannons (upgrade over basic chemical ones but reduces turret hp considerably,
I mean it gives negative HPmodifier to shipsection cuz they are dangerous to use)
If possible section:
implement Flak (and Flak PD)
implement Nuclear Flak (heavy or projector mount, yes its anti ship weapon (though Nuclear explosion in space probably are very weak in comparison to atmosphere but Im not a scientist)
rocket hybrid cannons (cannons shooting rockets, basically can be used instead of Sniper Cannons (same functionality, and benefit from warhead upgrades))

Magnetically Propelled plenty of these in Sots, no comment (more info below)

**More on Types: (If you plan to NOT include "palette swap" style techtree consult this section, if not, please skip this section:)
Chemically Propelled:
Low accuracy, low muzzle speed, low dps, high range, high rate of fire (maybe better than magnetic ones)
What i mean: Estimating that Chem. propelled can use HE fuses and Magnetically Propelled use just a small slug then Chemically propelled should have lets say
1,3 armor pene,,,,magnetic ones only 0,9,,but AP magnetic ones 1,5 (numbers are relative here!)
Wat i mean that i recommend to not include AP and not AP chemicall cannons, only explosive ones, or give them just better overall penetration and mass (mass like attribute to push ships than magnetic cannons)
Make AP cannons to have higher AP, and lower damage, and slightly hiher muzzle (projectile) speed, please do not modify their other atrributies like accuracy, etc. What i mean that projectile shape (sphere or kinetic penetrator) should have little impact on projectile trajectory in vacuum.
Make medium and Heavy autocannon (rotary autocannon) actually have good dps but same or only slightly better ap than small mount one.
(I mean this would make them useless vs armor which present opportunities how to balance these cannons, if Auto have highter dps than normal etc.)

What is this? I mean:
"Sound has not a quality or dimension in a vacuum, only does it have importance
in an atmosphere"..
Did you mean Hyperlight?

Wavefront, Waveform?
Have you thought about Wavefront, Waveform weapons?
I mean I dont know exact name and certainly not exact name of weapon but thing here is that each matter has also wave properties and vice versa, its a sort of matterwave (Im sure about this, I learned this in my University.).
In game it could be Hybrid Ballistic-Energy Cannons, or ballistic cannons with energy graphics dealing kinetic damage but immune to deflectors.

"Heavy Artillery - a triple barreled artillery system which fires chemicalally propelled rounds at a very long range, but loses accuracy the closer the target gets."- isnt here a better way to make this? like giving it very low turret tracking?

For clarification:
(muzzle speed = projectile speed )

P.S. If you do some interesting art (I mean very good and interesting tech and balancing), please include long tooltips (strings) about what these techs and weapons do, or make a guide, so a new player can know what he is researching and why.
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Re: Alternate Ballistic Weapons suggestions? (download now u

Post by Rossinna-Sama » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:33 pm

Turret tracking speeds in the weapon files themselves have no effect. The only way to change the speed is to change the speed for the entire mount+weapon size setting in the Turrets.xml

That's why I usually don't bother setting that particular setting.

As for the rest, I'll think about it but as my PC is still non-functional due to a dead PSU, I've not been thinking about SOTS2 much as my laptop can't handle it.
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