Loa Trade bug?

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Loa Trade bug?

Post by Draekos » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:17 am

So, I've noticed something a bit odd with Loa.

When you try to build a freighter from the trade view, it shows them as 'accelerators', not freighters.

Checking the build screen, oh hey, Freighters here.

Once the ships are built, they sit in reserves, listed as accelerators. They do not move to open trade routes. They seem to only be scuttlable at this point. Perhaps scuttling Loa ships should turn them into cubes rather than total destruction? Just an idea.
(Totally forgot to snag a screenshot of this bit)

Now, I decided to test and make a new freighter. Once it was prototyped, the button on the trade window worked properly. Perhaps there's some sort of problem with the starting designs? Either way, once a new ship design is made, the problem seems fixed
(Dunno why I named them that, but ohwell.)

So yeah, hopefully that gets fixes in the next release. I was a bit drowsy while playing when I first noticed this, needed to scuttle rather a few 'accelerators' and fix the problem.

Cheers guys.

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