AI Weapon Choice

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AI Weapon Choice

Post by justWeedy » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:46 pm

Hello Kerberos,
this is not a "BUG" but a simple idea to make the AI work better..
i figured a lot about the Weapon choice of the AI and i cannot tweak it to work great.
This is because i think the different Races choose their ships differently. Some work better than others.
Tarkas is a very bad one which really try to stay on ballistic/missile weapons.

I suggest you touch the AI to a very easy way:
    - choose ship role (brawler/Standoff)
    - choose sections
    - choose highest damage weapons,
    - if it is not affordable (lets say 50% of productioncost must remain) the ship stays in the que UNTIL savings are back up again.

I am a (embedded) Software coder myself so i would try it, but without sourcecode...
very interesing would also be the exact formular (editable in a file) by which the shipdesign weapons are chosen (if it works that way..)

I would not even bother if all weapons have same/no cost if just the AI would choose their high tech weapons!!

so PLEASE take this serious because it could improve the gameplay(offline) and create a VERY nice game.

Long lives SOTS2 ;)

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