Beginning the game as Loa

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Beginning the game as Loa

Post by Diggz » Wed May 22, 2013 10:34 pm

Hello guys,

I've recently started playing SOTS 2 again, and I'm really enjoying the Loa; their lore is awesome and I love their design in general. However, I'm having a really hard time keeping on par with the other players in the match.

How do you guys normally start out as Loa? I've been just spamcolonizing until i have three provinces, then setting taxes to zero and doing my best to foster growth. However, this simultaneously stagnates both my research and my offensive capabilities. It seems to take me on average around thirty turns to get my aforementioned nine provinces, but it then takes around eighty further turns until the first planet I colonized is economically viable (>100M Civ Population), and that's with leaving the taxes at three or lower (I do my best to keep upkeep at the lower end of the spectrum, reverting fleets to cubes when in transit for example).

What am I missing? There has to be some way to foster growth at an increased rate. Loa seem to grow at a fixed 20M per turn with 100% growth rate, which is fine, but they cannot grow at that maximum rate until they get the initial few dozen million civilians. Imperials seem to grow to maximum population at a slower than average rate, but the civilians grow rediculously slow.

My entire empire is hinging on whatever worlds I start with, and even though I'm playing a race of robots with processing capabilities far beyond the terahertz, its turn 100 and I've only got three techs researched because its taken that long to actually get my economy started out.

Those five inquiries CANNOT be THAT important.

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Re: Beginning the game as Loa

Post by Resok » Thu May 23, 2013 12:35 am

Grab trade early and build it up around your starting colonies to maximize your potential income. This income also comes in outside of standard Tax money so it will help you maintain your tech/economy momentum while shuffling between low tax and mid taxes to help grow your population.

Personally I grab all the construction techs early as well as the Biotech to ensure you're maximizing your colony growth and efficiency with your cubes. This will cut down how much you're spending on replenishing cubes while mass-colonizing.

If the other races are expanding faster than you... well... take advantage of your early game combat capabilities and take the fight to them and knock em down a peg or two.

The Loa have possibly the fastest ability to expand and take territory - though they have a bit of a hard time keeping it. In my experience the key to holding frontier territory is massive cube fleets, defensive platforms, and high level naval stations that can take a beating. Even if you lose your colony, your naval station will remain and allow you to re-colonize and keep those large fleets based in that system.

I generally will also build up a Science station to level 4 or so and build all C3 labs on it so I can grab AI Administration more easily as it's a large boost to your economy, allowing you to do a lot more with your more limited population.
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Re: Beginning the game as Loa

Post by zortlord » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:30 pm

Couple of other ideas:
1. Consider making the switches between high tax (8+) and low tax quicker. The purpose of the high tax period is to construct more cubes, get research to 51%, and build up some savings for the growth period while also maintaining morale at a level that you're comfortable with (generally >85). Then, switch to the low tax just to grow population and regain morale while build ing more colonies, maybe get an early research breakthrough, and hang on for as long as you can. I find tax rate of about 1% can keep me in those low tax periods longer than 0% and get me more growth-your mileage may vary.
2. Use only planets close to you're frontline to build fleets. Since loa drive tech is so slow, it doesn't make sense to build fleets in backfield systems if it will take ten turns to get where they are needed. Also, loa industry can be extremely efficient with a very low population. This means you can forego the need for backfield industry and over populate most backfield systems for extra income. The occasional frontline system with three to four fully "terraformed" planets with only a few thousand imperial colonists could feasibly have construction of 20k and be a royal pain for an enemy if in their backyard.

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