Best early game tactic, really?

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Best early game tactic, really?

Post by sterlinganon » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:26 am

The best early game tactic, which seems to give you a massive boost to your economy at pretty much no cost, really, actually.... this?

Scrap your Star Base

Seriously? Is that intended? I mean, early on it gives your economy a huge boost not to pay 150k, and you never seem to need a level 4 naval station, it's not like you'd ever need 1000 CE's in your home system. Even if your starting up right next to an opponent, you'd rather have the ships you can buy with that.

There's so much about this game that seems so counter intuitive.... :(

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Re: Best early game tactic, really?

Post by Iejir_Isk » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:43 am

yes, you could... should you is the issue.
slower admiral growth
fewer missiles from planet
no ghostship bait
less production
less sensor range

for most factions it isn't a major drain.

if you want better econ at start. research empathy.

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Re: Best early game tactic, really?

Post by Karu » Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:59 pm

Iejir_Isk wrote:fewer missiles from planet

untrue (it depends on inhabitants on planet, but you could give the 5(?) startingweapons on the base missiles - which is a good idea at the start of the game anyway)

Iejir_Isk wrote:no ghostship bait

a better decoy would be a level 1 science station in the same or even better in another system. (and much cheaper if destroyed)

Iejir_Isk wrote:less production
less sensor range
slower admiral growth (more slots would be more precise)


Iejir_Isk wrote:for most factions it isn't a major drain.

By trashing it it boosts your research by 30% to 70% depending on your adjected starting planets.
->Without the station you reach Empathy faster - and taxes 5 or 6 does not influence your upkeep, only the % of money spent on maintainence.
So even with Empathy you gain at turn ~14 (100% eco and 100% tech) around 100k-200k because of tax vs 150k maintainence.
Don't forget that faster FTL and Empathy speeds up reseach even more. Which in turn give you faster money -> the earlyer that starts, the more you get ahead, if you can get some civ-techs in between the combat techs your advantage grows and grows even more.

1) map related:
- if you have a big maps -> not a real issue. income > short term risk
- if you have a small maps -> you will never trash it (safety > income), you will normaly upgrade the sensors.

2) race related

human, Lir, zuul: to slow to intercept (except a fleet is allready in that system ... )

for any other race it is a simple thing: if FTL-eco is a starting tech (6 to 8 techs at start) then it's 50:50.
If it is not you may destroy it because scraping it and rebuild a level 2 station costs less money per turn - with more money in research anyway.
For most races a lvl 2 navy is enough because they need to expand with additional navys as stationpoints anyway.
Only exception are the hiver - and even for them it depends ... if they have a nice system with a better prod it might be worth it too.

my 2 cents


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