Zuul advice needed

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Re: Zuul advice needed

Post by Gilligan » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:24 pm

Awesome, much appreciated Resok.

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Re: Zuul advice needed

Post by Resok » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:36 pm

Gilligan wrote:Awesome, much appreciated Resok.

No problem. Of course take my advice/suggestions with a grain of salt since everyone has their own play-style and mine isn't automatically 'the right' one. :)

Another tactic I sometimes go with as Zuul is entirely ignore economic and research advancement and simply push out as rapidly and aggressively as possible to take advantage of the Zuul early game strength's. In the past in MP games this has worked well up until the point where the enemy gathers together the technological advantage and then my assaults stop dead in their tracks for a while until I can bring in new tactics/technology/MASSIVE force.

From a large strategic perspective I generally try to focus on overcoming the Horde's logistics weaknesses which are largely what keeps them in check. Offensive transit speed (not much in the way of surprise attacks), bad supply and only middle of the road speed compared to other races in their internal rip bore lanes can be a significant challenge when redeploying enough ships to the front line to replenish losses against an entrenched opponent. Once your enemy gets PD and deploys it sufficiently your early game combat advantage quickly fades and is replaced by your tenacity and voracious scavenging potential to keep you afloat.

Granted this is also generally when your first Suul'ka is close to entering the field which are tremendous game changers.
- Resok

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