Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

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Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by Ludovsky » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:19 pm

A small encounter with spectres in my Zuul game has had me suddenly wondering if the best way to fight spectres.... might not be to not fight them at all.

To simply hear me out, here's what happened.

Spectres attacked my home system. I had three fleets stationed there, but the only combat-related fleet I had was a "slavers" type fleet that only had a single command ship, 6 wraith abductors and a single prototype Torpedo cruiser.

So, I selected that fleet, it was still early in the game, and tried to delay the spectres.

First I sent the wraith abductors, being the most expandable ships, in the spectre's fray with lasers selected as their favorite weapons in a stand-off stance. That went pretty much as well as one could have hoped. Namely they were quickly outmaneuvered, engulfed, and consumed in instants. So... not practical effects.

Then I'd put, in parrelel, the command cruiser and torpedo cruiser in missile/torpedo favored weapons, in stand-off stance again. Except I forgot the stance for the command ship and it got quickly encircled by the spectres. Ooops.

So here's my costly torpedo cruiser, my first of the line and last remaining ship, and spectres are closing in on it and I've suffered enough losses I felt so even if it means seeing the stations damaged or destroyed... I decided to high tail it out of there.

So I put engine speed at maximum speed, even if that meant deactivating weapons to fight back with, and moved it in the opposite direction to try to escape the spectres. They chased. But...

... it worked. They chased, but never could catch the cruiser. And while stations were overwhelmed by remaining spectres due to my unability to destroy/distract them, those that chased the cruiser continued to chase it. And never caught it.

And meanwhile, planetary defenses continued to pound on -those- spectres and managed to destroy them.

So ironically, one of my ships managed to inflict more casualities on spectres by never firing a shot personally and being an utter coward running away from fighting, than any of the ships I had sent to face the spectres in even the slightest attempt at fighting them.

Granted, this is more dependent on the encounter arriving at a planet with high population and thus good missiles planetary defenses, but has me interesting enough to attempt to re-enact this right at the start of combat the next time by trying to have spectres try to chase ships going at full speed(and not firing back) while planetary defenses target the spectres and thus let the planetary missiles kill the spectres for me while they are distracted chasing ships they cannot catch.

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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by silvaril » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:57 pm


Yep, this is how I normally try to deal with Spectres. :)

HH/Armor are fast enough that once you clear the area / open the gap, you can switch to regular speed and hammer them.
I leave the CnC / Supply ships running all out though.
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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by Ashbery76 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:28 pm

Spectres thick by design?

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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by ZedF » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:34 pm

In the early game, if I have a fleet armed with plasma cannon and particle beams, I will usually try to duke it out and will usually take few if any casualties, unless the encounter rolled a simply overwhelming number of the largest spectres. But otherwise, yeah, I run for it.
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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by Aranador » Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:27 am

My early defence fleets will include 2 drone cruisers with laster armed drones.

Select fleet, plot course away from spectres, launch drones and missiles - kite spectres, kill spectres, loose nothing.

Laser drones are also reasonably handy for fighting off asteroids too.

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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by dmoniks » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:07 am

Emitters are real killer against Specters, three drone sats or one or two battlerider sats or two cruisers equipped with emitters can wipe them out in matters of seconds.
And they are very good at defending against meteor showers and other low level threats. And can wipe out unprepared enemy cruiser fleet in two minutes. And are pretty decent PD weapon.
Heck, complement of battleraiders with emitters only prewents enemy from kitting AND firing any missile at all, due to emitters shoting them down as soon as they get launched.
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Re: Interesting encounter/lesson on how to fight spectres.

Post by Aranador » Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:05 am

Yah it is absolutely amazing how once you have researched a few improved techs and fielded the results - how much easier many of the early game problems become !!

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