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Re: Alliance of Free Worlds - News Network

Post by DarkCecilo » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:21 am

Two Weeks after the battle of Lusus mysterious Black Ops Documents was leaked onto the Internet, first on the planet of Medea.

Alliance Black Ops Operative <Redacted> assigned to Mu 2 in the system of Mu.

Mission – To identify and investigate what the Loa do to the worlds they colonize.

Reason – Post bombardment investigation of Former Loa Colonizes not sufficient to fully identify how big a threat the Loa may or may not pose to the Alliance.

Mission Length – One Month

Pre-Mission Details – Alliance of Free Worlds Black Ops Operative <Redacted>, given the following Equipment, One Duraknife, One Auto Pistol, One Hundred Pistol Rounds, Five Ration Kits, One Terran Med-Kit, One Flak Jacket, One Lockpick Set, Two Frag Grenades, and three Stun Grenades. Operative <Redacted> assigned to the Rough Rider Fleet, during its patrol of the Mu System.

During Mission Details – Operative <Redacted> landed on the Loa colony of Mu 2 during the chaos of the Second Battle of Mu, (Thanks to Admiral <Redacted>’s cooperation and his willingness to allow our Black Ops agent in his fleet, Couldn’t have done it without him though I would never admit it to his face), We had no contact with Operative <Redacted> during the month he was on Mu 2, nor any emergency signals from the beacon we gave him, assumed all was well.

During Mission Details from Operative <Redacted> -

Day One – Landed on barely colonized world of Mu 2, on very outskirts of what I can only call a Loa “Town”. Setting up a camp in nearby cave network.

Day Two – Ventured outside of the cave early this morning, Loa appear to build colonizes up very rapidly, even without a fleet supporting it; There are at least three structures there today that weren’t here before.

Day Four – Had to quickly strip down my camp on Day Three, the Loa appear to be burning everything, and even the river has been dried up. We knew that all the Loa Colonies had very little actual life left on them after we cleared them out, but we had no idea what they did to the world.

Day Seven – Haven’t had much rest the past few days. Approached the smallest Loa Encampment, and found little in the way of anything a normal race would call a building, no windows, no housing; it looks like it is just a complex of servers.

Day Twelve – No clue what I just encountered, but whatever I did stirred up the hive so to speak. It looked like a Hiver, but, a robotic version of one, and after I “Killed” It, three Humanoid Robots turned up. Took a good Ten Rounds to down the Hiver Machine, don’t think I should go back to that encampment.

Day Twenty – Have had virtually no rest or time to log what I have seen. Morrigi, Liir, Zuul, Tarka, Hiver and Human Machines, all of them hunting me, it is clear the entire colony knows I am here. But the Loa seem to be different from the AI we fought In the AI Rebellion way back when, they don’t appear to share information between the “Shells” At least not without input from another shell. It isn’t a hive mind.

Day Twenty Five – My New Camp and all my supplies are ashes. The Loa are encroaching on the last of the wilderness in this area, burning everything to cinders. I still can’t fathom what this is for, is it to make the world harder for us to live on if we ever attack them?

Day Twenty Eight – More “Shells”, they are hunting me now, even when I am not near their structures.

Day Twenty Nine – They have cornered me into a cave, I have managed to take another three out with my frag grenades and they seem to have learned that trying to enter the cave will result in them being destroyed. (Why do they care if some mindless shells are destroyed?)

Day Thirty – Thank god, I can see the Assault Shuttle from the Fleet. They came back on time. Going to make a break for it, hopefully the arrival of the shuttle will scare the “Shells” Off.

Post Mission Details – Operative <Redacted> has been retired and given a medal of Valor. The Information he has provided for Director Loken and our scientific team will be invaluable, though I will not be recommending any of this be given to the general public, I fully believe that it will scare them more than it will help them understand the Loa threat.

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Re: Alliance of Free Worlds - News Network

Post by DarkCecilo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:21 am

Welcome to the Alliance News Network people of the Alliance, this is caster Eir Gottschalk, bringing you all the news from across our glorious Empire. On today's report, we bring you the latest news from Ixion, Kreelar, and we have a special report form the Naval Base of Warrior's Rest in the Musca System.

Before that we have Scientist Seneca Flowers, from the world Haven, here to talk about the Alliance's newest development, the Detonating Fusion Torpedo, and what it means for the Alliance. Miss Flowers, you have the floor.

Ms. Flowers: "Thank you Eir, and a big thanks to your network for having me on. As you said the Alliance has been putting a lot of effort into researching this new technology, it is an advancement on our current Fusion Torpedos which are being used in the system of Lusus and were a big part of the battle of Lusus. Detonating Fusion Torpedos are a little different, where the Fusion Torpedos would track an enemy vessel like regular missiles, Detonating Fusion Torpedos are better for static targets or ships that have had their engine blocks destroyed or shorted out because they do not track. Further as Detonating Fusion Torpedos Travel they gather energy resulting in a bigger and more damaging ordnance. Overall it is a better technology if a bit more tricky to use."

Thank you Ms. Flowers for explaining the new technology for the audience. Moving onto the latest colonial news, the system of Kreelar was colonized, Kreelar 1 was colonized by the First Colonization Fleet and renamed Kreelar by the colonists, on the opposite side of our empire, Ixion 3 in the Ixion system was colonized, it was renamed Pandora by the colonists as a tribute to an old Greek myth, if my memory serves me correctly the morale of Pandora's story was about hope. As the last bit of news, the worlds Corvus, Kreelar and Musca have joined together to form the second province of our empire, named the Castilla province.

Now onto the special report from Warrior's Rest, joining us is the Tarka and Liir ambassadors, we met the Tarka during the Second Battle of Mu, where our Rough Rider and Back Breaker fleets intercepted and destroyed a Loa fleet attacking the Tarka's survey fleet. We then proceeded to meet the Liir, who visited the, then border world of Musca, and have been very receptive to our Alliance since our meeting.

Taking over for us is the Human Ambassador to Foreign Races on Warrior's Rest Naval Base, Mr Ambassador please take it away.

Human Ambassador: "Thank you Eir, and hello citizens of the Alliance, I am Brania Karzai, with me is La'an Lak Ka'aku, the Tarka Ambassador, and Nuun the Liir Ambassador as well as her Prestor Zuul Bodyguard. I have to say that the presence of Zuul on the Warrior's Rest is causing quite an uproar, many of the new recruits having only heard stories of the Zuul Wars and the great atrocities the Zuul committed, Ambassador Nuun assures me and Admiral Blake that they will not cause any trouble, and have been allowed to stay. Finally a dialogue will be opened up between the three of us as soon as they join me on the Command Deck."

-Several Minutes pass by the camera mostly focusing on the various starships passing by the Naval Base, the rest of the crew on the Command Deck chattering back and forth about what needs to be resupplied and the Zuul on board the station, finally the Camera focuses on the Liir and Tarka Ambassadors who are stepping into the Command Deck-

Ambassador Karzai: "Ahh Ambassador La'an, Ambassador Nuun, so glad you could both join me on the Warrior's Rest."

Ambassador La'an: "The pleasure is all ours Ambassador, we haven't seen any humans in quite a long time, and suddenly you show up and rescue one of our Survey Fleets, well they had to send someone to come talk you after such an introduction."

Ambassador Nuun: "A pleasure to meet you Ambassador Karzai, Ambassador La'an. I do apologize for the trouble I have caused you, and for having upset the crew of your naval station, but I would like to once again assure everyone that these Zuul who accompany me are nothing like the Horde Zuul you have fought in the past, the Prestors are more than what they once were, just give them a chance to prove themselves."

Karzai: "No trouble at all Ambassador Nuun, and it was the least we could do Ambassador La'an. However our time is short, and I understand Ambassador Nuun had something to ask both of us. You have the deck Ambassador."

Nuun: "Thank you, I do understand what has happened and that both of you have been attacked by the forces of the Loa. I would like you to take word to your leaders, that the Loa are not the monsters you think they are. Just like the Zuul who have chosen to join us, the Loa have a very misunderstood past. We have taken the time to talk to them, and what they did in the past was out of necessity. They were treated as slaves, driven to kill, to commit acts of genocide, without any choice in their life, or what they could do or be. When the precursors to the Loa rebelled they did not do so out of wanting to kill everyone, they did it out of wanting to be free, and yes they killed many to get that freedom, but you humans should know very well what that is like, you, yourselves have done it throughout your history, both taking slaves and freeing yourselves from slavery."

La'an: "Yes, yes. I understand that the Loa needed to defend themselves, but the fact remains that they not only attacked my fleet that unprovoked, they are stripping worlds of all life, down to the last drop of water. Sure we terraform, and change each world to fit our individual needs, but there is always life on our worlds. The Loa are destroying perfectly habitable worlds."

Nuun: "Come now Ambassador, What your race considers habitable the Hivers and Humans do not. What the Morrigi Consider habitable we Liir do not. We all change the worlds to fit our needs, the Loa are just changing the world to fit theirs. For them having any life on the world, that can eat through power lines, disrupt infrastructure, or just overall cause problems, isn't beneficial to them, just as having a world of almost nothing but water isn't benefical to you, Humans or Hivers."

Karzai: "I hear what you are saying, but the fact is that the Loa haven't really given our alliance much of a choice. They have consistently made demands of us, and attacked us when we refused those demands, they have not tried to make any diplomatic contact other than those demands. Honestly they haven't left us with much of a choice."

Nuun: "Then maybe you should be the first to extend a hand towards them, rather than just throwing more war back at them."

La'an: "Are you asking us to just lay down our arms while they attack us Ambassador Nuun?"

Nuun: "No! Not at all, if they attack you please defend yourselves, I am just asking you to make an effort to make peace before you condemn them to death. If you both at least attempt to do this. I give you this offer because if you do not, I am afraid I will have no choice but to declare war on both of you."

Karzai: "Wh.. Are your people allied with the Loa Ambassador Nuun?"

Nuun: "Yes, we are currently allied with the Loa, their Olodumare is called Moebius, and while we are at it, the collective name for the Loa is called 'The Cascade', I am here as a formality, we have just recently signed the alliance deal, if you stop now, we will be able to avoid a war all together."

La'an: "I see. Ambassador Nuun, Ambassador Karzai, thank you both for having me, I must be going, to inform my people of this development. Goodbye."

-Ambassador La'an walks off of the command deck, with his escort.-

Ambassador Karzai: "Thank you Ambassador Nuun for giving us this chance, I hope the Director will listen to me, please feel free to visit the planet below, but I am afraid I will have to ask you to leave the system before the week it through."

Ambassador Nuun: "Yes. I understand, thank you for hearing me out, and for your offer, I truly hope your Director does the right thing."

-The Transmission cuts out after Ambassador Nuun leaves the command deck with his Prestor Zuul escort-

Well good people of the Allaiance, you heard it here first, we could be facing a two-way war with the Liir Alliance and Loa Collective. Stay safe citizens, and I hope we see you next time on the Alliance News Network.

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Re: Alliance of Free Worlds - News Network

Post by DarkCecilo » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:01 pm

Welcome to the Alliance News Network people of the Alliance, this is caster Eir Gottschalk, bringing you all the news from across our glorious Empire.

Today we will be looking at the newest colonial and station news, scientific improvements, and military news from the front lines, as well as news from Director Usso himself.
First off today is the improvements made to the Naval Base at Musca that held the diplomatic meeting earlier this year, it has gone significant renovations since the meeting. It’s captain had this to say on the improvements, “Thanks to the budget given to us by Director Usso, we have been able to improve and expand on the original design of the Naval Base called “Warriors’ Rest”, it can now hold at least ten fleets and keep them resupplied and manned. Further it now holds three turret emplacements which each holds two Large Turrets, each one was originally equipped with Large Cannons, but now has been retrofitted to use Missiles, allowing us some form of defense. All in all Warriors’ Rest is now ready to be what it was being used for, a forward base to intercept and launch attacks from.”

Wonderful news Captain, next up is the news from the system of Talok, which has its first colony, the world of Talok 2, now named Talok has been colonized by people who have declared themselves independent from the Alliance, using the budget Director Usso set aside. Some in the Alliance say this is a waste of money, however we here at the Alliance News Network, are glad that the Alliance is willing to allow people to go out and try things for themselves.

In Scientific news, we have two bits of information for you good people, first from the work of Pandora in the Ixion system, scientists there have discovered a new way of refining Fusion Power, called Plasma Focusing, the details are a little sketchy at the moment but the Scientists on Pandora claim that it will allow for any ship using a Fusion Engine, to go further out into space, which means we can explore further, or hit enemy bases further outside of our territory.
Second, from the world of Edge in the Musca system, we have scientists who have discovered a breakthrough in their work in creative a new system that will allow our Command Ships to command more ships in combat, which has huge implications for our various fleets. Although it would take up more supplies to get further out, it would allow the various fleets to pack more weaponry or more support class ships and still pack a good amount of punch. The Scientists feel that it will be a major breakthrough for the Alliance.

In the grimmest part of the news for today, we bring you news from the front lines, at the world of Lusus, where the Back Breaker fleet engaged a Loa Strike fleet, which was deep striking into our territory. The Back Backer fleet did its best and fought valiantly, destroying the entirety of the Loa fleet, however the SFS Patton, the first and original SFS Patton, was destroyed. Seventy Two men and women were lost aboard the SFS Patton, as well as Admiral Boundica Zhiyang, please say a prayer and extend your condolences to the families of these poor people.

And finally, we bring you the speech from Director Usso of the Alliance of Free Worlds, here is what is what Director Usso had to say,

Director Usso: “Good Day people of the Alliance of Free Worlds. I bring you grim news. As you all are hopefully aware of, earlier this year Ambassador Karzai met with a Liir and Tarka ambassador aboard the Naval Station of Warriors’ Rest, to discuss if we could get along. Unfortunately, it seems the Liir are unwilling to stand aside and have decided to join the Loa in an Alliance. Unfortunately, we cannot just give up against the Loa, we have tried to parlay, and they will have none of it. We have tried to leave them be, and they continue to attack our worlds, and so the Liir have left us with no choice, we will fight the Liir and the Loa. Unfortunately, the Tarka are not willing to join us in our fight, and I cannot blame them, however we are not alone good citizens, no, for we have found an ally, one that has always done right by independent nations such as us. I would like to introduce you all to the Morrigi Ambassador, Ambassador Kroneos.”

-The Camera previously focusing on Director Usso Pans out to show the shocked expression on some of the people’s faces. As an adult Male Morrigi steps into the room from behind the stage.-

Ambassador Kroneos: “Thank you Director Usso, it is a pleasure to be here, and my race is more than happy to ally with your own. Your people are quite strong willed, and there many of your people in the Morrigi Confederation even now. There may be those among you who are wondering what the Morrigi get out of this deal and the answer is very simple. Trade. That is all Director Usso had to promise us to get us to join you in this war. As long as the Alliance trades with us, and helps us as we help you in turn, then we shall forever be your faithful allies.”

Director Usso took various questions from smaller news stations following the reveal of our new Morrigi Allies, thankfully this is one of the more acceptable alliances Director Usso could have made, unlike the Tarka or Liir, Morrigi are generally accepted among the Alliance’s worlds. While many people fear the Liir for harboring Zuul, or are scared of the Tarka for being “Monsters”, the Morrigi seem to put people at ease, possibly because of the habit of protecting independent colonies in the past.

Thank you for joining us, and I hope you join us again for another edition of the Alliance News Network. See you then!

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