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Re: Succession Game 2015

Post by Karu » Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:40 pm

T 40
- moving cassandra fleet

T 41
- uneventfull

T 42
- Defender of Muur (Liir) declares War
- Colo Xanthu
- trade stim

T 43
- Liir Strike to Garnet (succesfull intercept,media hero fleet), might need to be permanent defending there

T 44
- nothing interesting

- nothing

- cleared Winath of Liir (silent scream decleared war on us)
- deflectors done, heavy planet missiles go
- relocate fleet to protect cassandra

- nothing

- ghost ship hits Cetus - destroyed in trade for a trade station (lvl2)
- cassanda defense: sniped their CnC

T 49
- rebuild Civ

T 50
To do & consider:
- Restock fleet in Cassandra
- Colo Wintah
- Furud, Zoon, paran tar might have enemy (survey) fleets


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Re: Succession Game 2015

Post by Pentel123 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:09 pm

Okay, I will take it on Friday. Tonight and Tomorrow are both kinda busy for me.

Turn 50:
Started a bunch of cubes building so restock fleets or form new fleets in future
Started building Mil at Cetus so it can be lvl 2ed
Sent Colo 2 Fleet to Colonize size 5 in Xanthu,
Sent Media Hero Fleet to Zoon to NPG

Turn 51:
Rebased Survey 1 to Winath
Recubed Colony Fleet at Cassandra, sending to Tiamat
Sent Survey 2 to Furud, hope to catch a tan liir fleet there, going with the Missile Fleet
Civie Freighter in Capital

Turn 52:
Civie Freighter in Cetus
Battles at Furud and Tiamat

Survey Fleet from Silent Scream 1,2,2 Com, Sup, Armor fleet
Standoff Stance, Facing

They eat a facefull of missles
And they all die
Colonized by Defenders of Muur, both planets
Switched Fleet to Missile,
No Defending Fleet

Station and fairly developed looking planets, not looking to tangle with that right now.
According to After Action Report, Tiamat 1 has 700,000, but Tiamat 2 is just settled
Turn 53:
Heavy Planet Missiles Completes, started X-ray Lasers to get PD from planet cracking
Surveying Furud

Turn 54:
Const 1 finished Braal 2, moving to the last one. Max Pop on Braal 2
Surveying Zoom
Another Freighter in Cetus, saving money so going ahead and bumping up trade for it, will need to come down next build cycle

Turn 55:
Furud System looks pretty nice, goi to start on that size 7
Cassandra Fleet sent to NPG Zhadum, survey it

Turn 56:
Zoon Surveyed, Started Colonization
Fleet is going to strike Heegaraa, don't have anything to stop it, only just saw it.
Another is going to hit Garnet, but using Capital Fleet to intercept
Fornax Belongs to tan Liir, the one sending those fleets, Furud would be an excellent place to stage attacks on it from.

Turn 58:
Colonizer made it to Xanthu

Turn 59:
Autoed Heegaraa Invasion, it did not end well for us
Another Fleet inbound for Griffin
Blue Fleet coming for Cassandra, luckily a fleet is in place
Started Lots of Cubes to boost existing Fleets get started on a new set, raised taxes to pay for it
Zoon is about to Finish

Battle at Garnet:
Smaller Fleet than the other one at Heegaraa, they killed a station, I messed up my deployment nothing else major

Turn 60:
X-rays overbudget,
Vectored the fleet at Garnet to Griffin, not sure if that can make it in time. You should have gotten so cubes in a few places to help you out
But it looks like we need to go to a full construction/war setting versus colonizing and exploring.

whoever wants it next?

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Re: Succession Game 2015

Post by Karu » Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:33 am

You forgot the add the save game :)

And make a new post for it the next time - editing a post doesn't mark it so other look into here because they think nothing changed ^_^'
Guess it's Resok turn if no other steps up.


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Re: Succession Game 2015

Post by Pentel123 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:52 pm

Opps, sorry and will do. This should have the save game

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Re: Succession Game 2015

Post by Resok » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:21 am

I'll take it later today.
- Resok

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