Highest you have dived from?

Every Colonist has heard the tales of The Pit. Some say it doesn't exist. Some say it does. All agree only a fool would go looking for it.

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Highest you have dived from?

Post by Svankensen » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:05 am

In my recent Hard Medic run I had 5 wormhole traps stashed. Dived from floor 28, decided it was time when I found another wh trap on the floor. Could and should have dived earlier, floor 25 or so, but I wanted to reach psi drain or get nano wire for claws. Reached floor 38, found the stairs, found immediately another wormhole trap and decided to dive right in, since I had 2 teleport traps, a holographic proyector and a level up stored in case of emergency. Once you have good armor, powerfull weapons and enough ammo for the last floor, its kind of a waste of resources to keep slugging it for marginal bnefits.

In case any Dev is listening, it would be cool if weapon lockers stored WH traps instead of the useless mine traps. Also Kudos for thinking of wormhole traps, they are both a tension mechanic and a usefull tool.

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