How is your run(s) going?

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How is your run(s) going?

Post by Svankensen » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:17 am

I have 3 active saves that I don't consider abandoned. So far all doing good:
- Normal Hiver Warrior: my bane are Hivers, this one has a bordeaux, his original armor and a padded one, a laser carbine, a heavy sniper, a smart assault rifle and an assorment of mediocre melee weapons, around floor 15. This one may go the distance, still too early to tell tho.
- Hard Prester Zuul: practically won, 2 adjudicators, exoheart nullifies hunger, a pulse rifle, floor 30, just lacks a good melee weapon or some wormhole traps to skip some of those wastefull late game floors.
- Hard Psion: Cleaver auto shotgun, cheetah armor, auto rifle, lacks a good high pen weapon and something better than a vibroblade that eats batteries. Going strong but low on ammo. Also has a ceramic armor, but 3 move and 70 armor is a bit better than 90 armor IMHO, and it saves food too. Floor 15, most recent run.

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Re: How is your run(s) going?

Post by Ciurrioc » Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:07 pm

I've got an engi on floor 18, no food, with a booby trapped med bay. 2 grenades and a crowbar. there's a mess of moon bears and a Pyro Protean at the door. i decided i was ****ed and exited the game. after reading your thread I went to go play and promptly died by nading myself once they all came barraging in. this is on normal

a Liche I had not to long ago died on 16, he more or less withered away.

this game i tells you
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