So where can I pick up Deacon's Tale?

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Re: So where can I pick up Deacon's Tale?

Post by kjn » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:28 pm

Erinys wrote:I don't want to argue too much about the "established name" issue, is annoying when people brag about themselves, including me. :roll: So far as SotS being a "niche game",'s best to keep a sense of proportion about these things.

Didn't want to twitch your tail there, which was why I tried to define what I meant, and also the market.

Erinys wrote:SotS is a "niche" product in an industry where games like StarCraft sell 11 million units at 70 bucks a pop, sure. But the sales of the SoTS franchise are very impressive relative to the sales of most books. In fact, I've done the math...and if everyone who has bought a SotS product in the last four years was to buy a copy of The Deacon's Tale off the shelves? It would be more than sufficient to keep the book on the science fiction bestseller's list for well over a year--perhaps closer to two.

Interesting. I didn't know the proportions between book publishing and game publishing were that way. (In fact, my naïve impression was that publishing reached larger audiences, perhaps because I'm mainly a reader and involved with other readers.)

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Re: So where can I pick up Deacon's Tale?

Post by Erinys » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:10 pm

*nods* Yep. Book publishing can reach a larger audience collectively, if you count the readership of all the books released in a year, but individual books do not necessarily generate huge numbers. The entire business model for the two industries is very different.

The book industry produces a much greater variety of product--I believe in North America there are 200,000 books a year published in English alone. Whereas the game industry produces only a fraction of that variety--typically 5,000 titles or less per year including all possible platforms--and has far greater sales per title. Even in a market that one would consider "niche", like 4X. ;)

This is why the number of players who have played and enjoyed SotS is potentially significant--even before you start to count in any of the gamers who have enjoyed the background fiction I've written for other games. The phrase "established author" could be viewed in more flexible terms, basically. My work has already reached hundreds of thousands of potential consumers, which is not a bad thing.

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Re: So where can I pick up Deacon's Tale?

Post by AeonofHorus » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:30 am

Hey come closer I got something to ask you ::Whispers:: if you have an extra copy of the book laying around can I have it? :lol:

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