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The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:43 am

" Recon two-eleven to Command. We've found it. We've Found the Apex!"
"SFS Drake arriving on scene. Will coordinate ground operations with Tarkan battle group. Drake out."
"Eagle squadron reports clean LZ. Ground forces are securing the Appex"
"General Quarters! General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations!"
"This is the Drake, We've sustained heavy damage. Three hostile cruisers still in system. We must disengage. Heading for nodepoint. Good luck down there."

That was the last we ever heard of 'em. After that the radios went silent, it was just us and the Zuul. After one of our birds found the Apex the other 'Powers' came in tight with whats left of Solforce, or can we really call ourselves that anymore, Sol is gone. They took it from us. There's maybe, what? Five thousand of us left? Hiding on the worlds of the Liir, or on the few dozen ships we have left, or worse off, in cryo deep in some asteroid base out in the void. No stars, no nodelines, guess thats why they're out there, too damn far for the rippers. But we gotta hop a ride with the Tarks just to get out there. And then there's us. A ragtag group of Dog Soilders, Crocs, Bugs, and Fish, all of us guarding some piece of rock we can't do anything with, just keeping the Zuul away from it.

But there is no fear, not in our guys anyway. We've lost everything, long ago forgotten about 'survival', but we're damned if we don't take as many of 'em with us as we can. The Liir find it confusing how a race as susceptible to the Zuul's mind games as us still have any spirit at all. The Tarks see it as a lust for revenge, calling it foolhardy, can't say I don't agree. Hivers are something else, They know our pain, losing all we have, nowhere to run, funny how those who had once rained fire and death on our homeworld, now mourn it's loss.

Sometimes I wish that three years ago, I had waited for Mac to get to the pod. Maybe we would have been caught in the blast wave when the Rose blew. Maybe we wouldn't have had to witness the destruction of all that we loved. Or at least I wouldn't have to live with the guilt of leaving my best friend to die, reliving it every night, seeing the look on his face as I closed the hatch, thinking to my self 'don't worry Ben, he'll get in another pod, you'll see him planet side'. But it's too late to change that now. He's dead, along with everyone else. There's a war to fight, whats another hundred lives matter?
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:39 am

Feedback? Anyone? I know somebody is reading this stuff. Please. It's not hard. Cool. Loved it. Really interested. Sucked. Needs work. Proof Read before posting. Just write something down.
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Re: The Appex

Post by Erinys » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:50 am

*chuckles* Ok, here's one: always leave a space between paragraphs, even when the paragraph is only a single line of dialog. This is the Internet, and text that is lumped together is not readable.

In addition, the word "Apex", defined as "the peak, pinnacle, summit, vertex, or acme", is spelled with only one P.

The first full paragraph of text is intended to establish the circumstances/background, but it is marred by the fact that the second sentence contains typos which make in unintelligible. We can thus get the general idea that Homo sapiens is in bad shape, but any specifics you intended to give us about how this occurred are lost.

Otherwise interesting. :wink:

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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:09 am

Thanks. I do explain the decline of the human species in a couple of my other posts. It's all just down in rough over a while and I forget to proof read, thus "Proof Read before posting."
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:28 am

Hey thanks. Yeah I know about the proof reading, I tend to write a bit hear and there, I've got a few paragraph for the next part typed up from when I first posted it, I tend to forget about proof reading. And I suffer from hands that like to type their own words, the part you bring up I agree is illegible, I thought "the other powers..." my hands typed " heat our powers..." and I missed 'our'

Pretty much anything written by me lacks proof reading but ties together with everything else, but I do tend to leave stuff hanging. I figure by the time NorthStar shows up I'll have gotten my act together and wrapped things up :wink:

I've found that sometimes just doing comms chatter between ships in a battle group while playing a few rounds of sots can give plenty of inspiration for a narrative.

My advice is to just dive in, cause the water's lovely, and even if the metaphorical pool is empty and you end up with a face full of concrete, nobody will laugh, they'll just call some paramedics. :thumbsup: goodluck.
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:10 am

Part 2
Name: Benjamin Alaxander Baker
Rank/serial #: Gunnery Sergent/ K3E-417
Age/ time in Cryo: 50/ 19 years 2 months 14 days
Service Branch: Solforce Marine Corps
Last official posting: 403 Regiment, 23rd Battalion, Delta Pavalonis System
Previous Shipboard posting: SFS Arcadia Rose, destroyed 2445

"Doc do we have to do this?"
"Yes Sgt. Baker, we must. Your race is dying. It is important that you are remebered. You shall live on with the Hive, long after your death. Please describe as best you can the start of these troubles."

I was stationed onboard the Arcadia Rose, Task Group Three's medical ship. The The task group was sent to Tau Ceti to clear out a rebel base. The op didn't go well. Soon we were taking fire. The Rose opened a node tunnel and we were struck by a fusion torp. The sound of the hull yielding to the ball of energy was excruciating.

The alarm to abandon ship sounded. Part of our duties as Marines, was to help the crew get to their pods. Another torp hit and everything changed. Bulkheads breached, power failed, it was chaos. We all panicked, diving for the nearest escape pods. Myself, med-tech Dropov, and engineers Burke and Logan were in the sole pod to survive. We crash landed on a Tark colony. For some reason or another they didn't kill us, and we were absorbed into their community for two years.

In that time alot changed for us. We though we would never see another human for the rest of our lives, so we built new ones. I fell in love with the doctor who risked her life to save us. Dropov became a teacher. Burke was killed in a fire that took the lives of dozens. Logan never really shook his home sickness.

Last year we were 'recovered' by the SFS Avenger, a recon ship that entered the system. Just before we reached the node point, a zuul fleet jumped into the system, destroyed the colony, and everyone who had become a family to us.

When I returned to Solforce I was assigned to the 403 Regiment, 23rd battalion, ordered to hold the Delta Pavalonis system. We held the line, long enough to evacuate most of the civvies, but a terrible cost, I was one out the twenty men to survive that battle.

After that they sent me and what was left of the 403 here, along with every other army dog. So this is where I'm gonna die, cause I've sure as hell used up my luck by now.... I liked Delta Pavalonis better, there were more trees.

"Thank you Sergent, that is all for today."
"Ok doc, take care."

Name: Joseph Doeman, callsign 'Cool Hands'
Rank/serial #: Squadron Leader (provisional)/ B7C-260
Age/ time in Cryo: 35/ 3 weeks
Service Branch: Solforce Aviation Transport Wing
Last Official Posting: Eagle Squadron (Eagle 5) SFS Halifax, destroyed 2445
Previous assignment: Provisional support squadron operating from SFS Drake, destroyed 2448

"Where would you like me to start Doc?"
"As far back as can, to the start of the 'Troubled Times' please."

Rebels had set up a base on Tau Ceti, my squadron was to fly the GI's in and clear out the rebels. When we entered atmo, the shot down my craft, Eagle 5, our flight lead, and Eagle 2. Our craft was the only one to survive the crash, with one fatality. We were rescued and our fleet rallied at Vision to fight back a new enemy.

Myself, along with all the remaining fliers were unofficially reassigned to the Valley Forge, the fleet's unofficial flagship-

"I sense a trend in the command structure of your species, a trend th Queen would never allow in her Children"
"Well Doc, there wasn't a lot of time to fill out paperwork and what not, there was a war to fight."
"I am sorry, please continue."

We managed to slow down the enemy long enough for several colonies to evac most of their populations during those three years. Some how we made it out of that particular hell and now I'm here. The last flier, human or otherwise, my bird is full of holes, and we've only got enough fuel for a few more sorties.

I just hope I get shot down before my bird quits in us or we run out of gas, the thought of never returning to the skies sends a shiver down my spine. Then again I don't want anyone else to die on account of me, best hope that if it happens, it happens when I'm soloing on a recon run.

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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:57 am

Far away from the fortifications built around the Apex, in a dark cavern several souls were condemed to a fate far worse than hell. The unlucky few to survive a zuul raid were kept here and interogated. Blood pooled on the dusty ground, screams bounced across the walls and a sense of dread so thick that even the 'deaf' could sense, hung in the air.

"Echo....S-s-seven... Charlie... Five... Tuh...oo...Nine. Appleruth, Jason, Private First Class....Echo...Seven-"

"Enough! If you cannot make his will rend, stand aside!" A low growl echoed in the dark chamber.

A flash and PFC Appleruth was standing in his home, on Kepler. His wife and child were there as were all his friends and family. Then they were dead. Deap gouges and slashes covered their bodies. A blade was in his hand and blood soaked his clothing. The sensation of slowly taking the indivdual lives of eveyone he loved passed through his memory. Then the world faded away....

"So Child. Will you talk now? Why do you not end your pain?"
"Echo Seven Charlie... Five Two Nine, Appleruth, Jason, Private First Class"
"So be it."

Another flash, this time to a real memory. He was ten years old. He and his friend Adam were walking across a bridge when Adam fell and landed on the MagLev tracks just as one of the trains was passing. Adam was killed instantly. Jason had been traumatised. The memory was long burried and forgoten.

The memory replayed, this time slighty different. He wasn't just watching the memory he was reliving it! The cycle continued on and on. Every time he tried to save his friend he would fail and Adam would fall to his death. Every time slighty different and just as real as the original memory.

"Are we done playing games Child? Why do you continue to suffer? You cannot win. Let go and I will ease your passing."

"Repensum est Canicula! I'll see you in hell, you furball!"

The sharp bark of a shotgun cut off the zuul's retort. Blood and fur splattered Appleruth's face as his interigator slumped to the ground.

"Sit down Dirtbag!" a marine shouted.
"Easy trooper we got you, everything is gonna be okay."

Seven men, each weilding a shotgun, carried Appleruth out of the cavern. When the marines reached a safe distance away from the caves, a medic tended to Appleruth.

"How you feelin' trooper"
"Like hell.... you have know idea what you saved me from"
"What did they want from you anyway?"
Appleruth relaxed and told him. It felt good to let the weight off his chest and talk freely to another being.
The man's face blurred, rippled and changed into the face he had stared at for the last three weeks.

"No! You bastard! You-"
"Hmmmmph. I told you child, you cannot beat me at my own games. I gave you a chance to pass this world painlessly, but now.... Come Sisters! He is all yours."

Appleruth's screams were drowned in a sea of thunderous roars as a blur of blood stained fur leapt apon him. PFC Jason Appleruth died three weeks ago, only now was the shell of his physical form put to rest.
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:19 pm

grrr two spam bots :evil: ..... thought someone had posted a comment.....
This is very disapointing, I was gonna get me an ear too :twisted:
now I feel better.
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Re: The Appex

Post by Monkeyking » Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:23 am

Being Mind ripped by a Zuul the stuff Nightmares are made from. :thumbsup: Though I don't know if the Zuul can create allusions that seems more the Morrigi area of expertise.
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:04 pm

Yes well our poor friend PFC Appleruth spent three weeks having his mind viciously attacked, and he never actually left the last memory. The corruption and destruction of the memories seemed like a good way to abstract the ripping of the mind.

Glad you liked it :thumbsup:
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Re: The Appex

Post by U.E.D.C. » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:01 am

A marine slept with an old hat drooped over his eyes, leaning against a fallan pillar. In the door way a hiver stood, staring at his friend, indecision keeping him from moving.

"What do you need Jinx?"

"Oh, Maxwell, I did not mean to wake you..."

"What's the matter?"

"I just... I don't see why we are here. So much death. So much suffering. What have we accomplished?"

"Hehe, you mean aside from makin' those bastards real mad? I dunno. They took everything they had from us. Seems fair we do the same. This place has meaning to them. Thats why they havent glassed this world. No other reason. So long as we keep 'em off this pile of rocks, we've won. We've got 'em beat. Atleast here anyways. Now I don't know what the Crocs or the Fish, or your lot are doing here, this just seems to be Man's last stand. There isn't anything to gain. No tactical advantage. But maybe the higher-ups have some sorta plan. I don't care, and you shouldn't either, every day we live is to spit in the face of those rippers."

"Hmmm, I guess you are right."

"Yeah, and besides you've got bigger problems right now, keeping your distance from those Xenophobes they pulled outta cryo and shipped out here. Those guys were lost just after the burning of earth 30 odd years ago."

12 Hours Earlier....

A single dropship set down in the basecamp. The rest of the squadron and their carrier had been wiped out by the Zuul blockade. A platoon of young, raw marines piled out of the cargo bay and assembled on the tarmac. The flight crew was greeted by the only other two fliers, Joe 'Cool Hands' Doeman, and Anthony 'Rotor' Logan.

The new flight engineer offered his hand.

"Name's Oxide, this my driver, Whiplash"
"Cool Hands, this here's Rotor."

"Shame about the rest of our boys, must be pretty lonely flyin alone"

"Nah, the way Rotor talks it's like the whole Wing was on the comms net"


"Haha! Relax man you know I'm kidding."

"Oxide, there something wrong with your pilot? He hasn't said a word."

He's doesn't say much. Lost his family early in the war."

On the far side of the field a patrol stopped to watch the newcomers. A marine turned to the Tark standing next to her.

"Well look at the leftovers they pulled outta the freezer. How long you think they're gonna last?"

"I give 'em two weeks, max."

"Hey check out that emblem, they aren't like you."

"Yeah, your right Jinx. Hey Sergie, you recognize that emblem? Never seen a SFMC unit with that."

"They're not Solforce Marines, they're UEDC Lancers."



"Just before the first attack on Earth the UEDC was formed to covern the space travel and protect the colonies. After the burning of Earth they sent out commando transports to find the Hiver ships. These guys are tough and fanaticly xenophobic. Look at 'em the wrong way and they'd kill you. They would probably kill me too, since I was born on a colony, not Earth."

"Hey Sergie, where are you from anyway?"

"Delta Pavalonis.Total wasteland, even before the zuul. Nothing but ice for miles. Makes this place seem like paradise."
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