Spreading its tentacles across the black

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Spreading its tentacles across the black

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In January I created a second race for the unofficial fan race competition the Umlo. Unfortunately the thread kinda of died before I could have an sort of fun with them. So a couple months ago I started to write a story about the interaction between them the Sots races in my free time. Although I still have a hell of a lot editing and general refining to do I am done.

Spreading its tentacles across the black

Race : Umlo

The Umlo are invertebrates and have nine tentacles. The tentacles themselves are supported by cartilage that is far more flexible and stronger than anything found in Terran animals. On the bottom of each tentacle is setae used for griping. At the end of each tentacle are four what can be called sub-tentacles that serve the purpose of digits. The head consists of four large eyes that are located around the forehead and sharp powerful beak. Their eyes are extremely sensitive to variations of light being an nocturnal species and all. The head itself is protected by a skull of carbon fiber five centimeters thick. Despite their vague similarities to cephalopods the Umlo have a completely different physiology. They are physiologically more similar to amphibians. Though there are a few major differences between the average Umlo and salamander. Key among them is unlike most species that inhabit aquatic environments they are immune to the effect of waters anoxic waters. At least the males are.
In fact the Umlo need eutrophic water for proper development. Umlo breed in groups of two hundred to four thousand in what can only be described in human terms as orgies. During mating the male does not only deposits sperm but also spores from a fungus. Upon the union of sperm and eggs the fungi forms a protective individual barrier around each the of approximately fifteen zygotes. After about two weeks in the mothers womb she lays them in large eutrophic pools with thousands of other females. Once in the pool the fungi around the eggs will feed on the decaying bio-matter in the water while providing the zygote and later yulir ( newt/ tadpole like creature) with nutrients ,vitamins, and oxygen needed for development. The fungi is quite poisonous to every creature except the Umlo. Upon three months the gamko (protective fungi ) will start to grow exponentially and fuse together. Xenobiologist speculate the gamko fuses together in order breed with one another. Although the precise reason remains a mystery. By four months to six months all yulir will share the same gamko. Form then until eight months the yulir will start to develop the skin they need in order to breath and slowly loose their external gills. At eight months the fungi will release quad trillions upon quad trillions of spores that will embed themselves in the male reproductive system. Some spores will instead position themselves under the males skin allowing him to breath in anoxic water. The following month yulir will start to chew away at the Gamko membrane until they have made holes large enough to escape from. Once free it will take the newborn Umlo fourteen years to reach full maturity.
An adult Umlo tentacles are on average one and half meters long. The Umlo have two forms of terrestrial locomotion. They can either slither across the ground as a snake would. Or use each tentacle to lift their body off the ground and moved like insects or arthropods. The Umlo’s natural life span is about sixty years but with their advances in medical science they live much longer. It is not uncommon for an Umlo to live a hundred and twenty years.

History and Goverment
When trying to understand the history of the Umlo race it is imperative to understand the Moluo Federation. The Moluo Federation formed sometime around the early twentieth century from Rariaian city states (Raria southern continent). The Rariaian city states united to protect themselves form the Feliza Union's ( one of the three superpowers) expansion into Raria. After years of ferocious fighting the Moluo Federation pushed the Felizan forces out of Raria. But the Rariaians wanted more. They sought to return their would be colonial masters genocidal pillaging with one of their own.
The Moluo Federation launched a massive invasion of the Feliza Union. The seriously weakened Felizan forces proved no match for the more technologically advanced Federal armies. By the time the Moluo Federation attacked the Feliza Union the Federal military were fielding jet fighters, assault rifle, ballistic missile with a one thousand mile kilometer range, and most deadly of all chemical weapons like nerve gas. Dolfindia and Siki- Godwo ( the other two superpowers) alarmed by the Moluo Federation brutal rampage through Felizan heartland declared war. But that was of little hindrance to the Federation. By the time Sikian and Dolfinian forces arrived in sufficient numbers to aid the Felizan forces ninety percent of the Feliza Union was under firm Rariaian control. With in two years an exhausted Dolfinda fell to the Moluo federation. Siki-Godwo now alone pleaded for help form the other nation of the world. However that proved all but pointless. Horrified by how the Moluo Federation easily decimated two superpowers most nations feared the same would happened to them if they intervened. Nevertheless the Sikians fanatical resisted with everything they had. By nineteen-fourteen the hordes of Siki-Godwo finally crumbled under the shear mass of Moluo Federation. With the destruction of Siki- Godwo the last serious opposition to the Moluo federation was gone. Over the next twenty years the Moluo Ferdation slowly but surely expanded to encompass all of Xiodi (homeworld).
Despite its name the Moluo Federation wasn't a democracy. It was a totalitarian government controlled equally a few powerful individuals.( Any where from three to eight depending on the time period). Being a totalitarian authoritative government it demanded complete blind obedience from its' citizens, clergy, and corporations. The atrocities committed by any human genocide or tyranny would pale to those done in the name of Moluo Federation. Ninety-five percent of the population lived in conditions on the razors edge of habitability. Life for these citizens of the Federation was a gruesome cross between Stalinist Russia and the Belgian Congo. Any interesting fact to note is of those nine five percent twenty percent of them were Rariaian. It seems that the Moluo Federation treated all of it non-elite population with the same equal handed brutality. With the exception of the Felzians they were “purified from the Umlo genome”. Life for the upper echelons of the Federation wasn’t much better. Let just say this if a Zuul male was placed in that society he would be very familiar with its inner workings minus the religious fanaticism. With all it might at the Moluo Federation disposal it could never stamp out the global insurgency movement. The problem was further compounded by a member of Federal elite Ualui Xiuyt. He lead a fully scale rebellion in a deranged plot to become the first autocrat of the Federation. While the ruling class were tearing apart the lowers class were uniting against a common enemy. The second to last decade of the twenty century saw all of Xiodi devastated by a complex three way civil war. The decaying old Federal government was overthrown by the beginning of the nineteen nineties and at first replaced by a representative democracy. But by the beginning of the twenty first century that form of government was scrapped in favor of a direct democracy where all laws are drafted and passed through popular vote.
Around this time Umlo scientists started to make breakthroughs in their understanding of quantum mechanics and teleportation .Thought the Umlo didn’t know it at the time they took the first baby steps to interstellar travel. By the year 2289 after centuries of apathy the Jump drive was developed for interstellar exploration. The grand age of exploration began. During this sixty year period the Umlo colonized a dozen systems. This peaceful stellar expansion was not to last the Umlo were in for a rude realization about the universe. A long range exploration fleet found something disturbing. An anomalous planetary body the fleet was sent to investigate wasn't a planet at all it was some sort of resource hub for self replicating machines. The valiant scout fleet transmitted all the information they gathered on the Von Neumann machines before they were destroyed.
Panic set throughout all levels of the Federation government and Umlo society. Fortunately the Umlo had been keeping pace with defense technology and had ships that could easily outclass Von Neumann destroyers and fleets that matched VN Berserkers. However they were few in numbers and spread thin. The Moluo Federation worked frantically to bring up their numbers. They simply couldn't produce the ships they needed fast enough. The VNs were moving, harvesting resources, and glassing through Umlo territory with virtual impunity. After four years of build up the Umlo were able to mount an effective defense at Tidyra. With the nullification of the VN threat to Umlo worlds the Federation decided to go on the offensive. But first they would need the ships to attack the VN Homeworld without leaving there colonies vulnerable. For the next two years the Umlo tirelessly turn out warships. The Umlo simply overwhelmed the VNs in wave after wave of cruisers and destroyers. There was a problem though the cost of the sheer number of ships used to attack the VN Homeworld had ran up a significant debt. To compensate the Moluo Federation expanded and upgraded their trading routes and started a massive colonizing effort.
Thirty-five years later the Umlo expanded their borders to the fringes of Liirian territory. The first contact with the Liir was peaceful and soon a trading partnership blossomed. It wasn't long before Umlo scouts found human settlements nearby. The Molou Federation desired that particular sector for it high number of worlds within their CH range. The Umlo first used Singers to the Deaf as lesions to ask the Humans to cede the sector to them. Solforce rejected the proposal and dispatched reinforcement to the sector. The Umlo were one step ahead of them. They had sent cloaked fleets to the sector a year ago. When they pick up Solforce reinforcements inbound the Umlo launch an attack and overran the small garrisons guarding the relatively new human colonies. As soon the reinforcement arrived out of their Node points they were greeted with leap mines and missiles. Dozens of Solforce ships were torn to shreds. In response Solforce sent a massive task force to take back the sector. The Umlo knew they couldn't muster enough ship in time to hold the sector against Solforce. So they devised a different strategy. The Umlo would send three nearby fleets to the sector to keep up the appearance that they were intent on holding it. Once the task force arrived they would oppose them and then do a fighting retreat. If Solforce followed them they would continue to flee until they meet up with the rest of the Federated navy. Once with the rest of the fleet their ships would counterattack the now outnumbered Solforce task force. All the while cloaked biowar cruisers would slip behind enemy lines and attack populated human worlds. The plan went better than expected due to the fact the Tarka entered the war sensing Solforce's weakness. With the humans facing a two front war they cede the territory the Umlo wanted to deal with the Tarka.

Society and Culture
Umlo society is completely centered around popular vote. Every law is proposed and passed by the population. There are no representative bodies or executive branches. Although there is a legislative branch the sovereigns (judges) can only make a ruling if both they and the jury are in consensus. The Umlo usually debate issues and draft new laws at their local Hinj ( Town / City Hall).There are four drafting/debating hour long sessions three times a day midday, late afternoon, and early morning every day. Voting usually last for about a week and is scheduled a month ahead of time to give voters the flexibility to vote when they want. There is no law require every citizen to vote or have any involvement in governing. Though anyone who refused to do so would be a pariah in Umlo society.
Family life among the Umlo is very different from the other races. Umlo family groups consist of multiple husbands and/or wives. On average it about four wives and husbands per family group. When it comes to having children there is no attachment birth parents. Considering the circumstances of Umlo mating practices it is highly impractical to pair children with their biological parents. Instead the state pairs children with adopted parents right after birth. Each family group is given between six to as high as thirty of children to care for depending on the size and the family group. Those who do not raise children have higher taxes.
The Umlo have two major religious beliefs Carhi and Tuxisuis. Carhi is in many aspects similar to modern Hinduism. There are thousands of different gods in the Carhi pantheon and cults to match. Like Hindusim and Buddhism one is reincarnated until one gains the knowledge to escape the cycle. Unlike either Carhi teaches that one should not search for the knowledge. Rather your subconscious solves the answer form the information it has gathered in past lives. The other major religion Tuxisuisi can easily be mistaken for a philosophy by outsiders. It centers around the worship of the three "true" forces of nature order, chaos ,and eternity . All three forces of interconnected. Order leads to stagnation, stagnation leads to degeneration, chaos leads to order and eternity ensures the cycle never ends. Tuxisuisi Sanctums are located in places that embody any combination of the elements. They more the location embodies all three forces the more sacred it is. Now that the Umlo have reach the interstellar era Tuxisuis Sanctums have sprang up near places like Nebulas, White drafts , and Black holes .

Jump Drive
While the Hiver use their gates to teleport over long distance and the Liir use their StutterWarp teleport over short distance the Umlo have discovered a different method. They teleport over intermediate distances. This method of FTL is quite fast compared to the other races. Jump Drives in the fission and fusion era are just as fast as node drives of the corresponding era. And just like the node drive there is upgrade in the fission era. Unlike Human Node rings Umlo Jump drives have slim profiles. In the antimatter era the Jump drives are as fast as large Morrigi fleet with Grav Synergy. The Jump drive dose not double as a STL the Umlo vent reactor plasma to achieve thrust. The primary draw back with the Jump Drive is that it is under armored and armed. Though its major weakness is the lack of armor. On average Umlo engine section are twenty- five percent weaker than other races. Each drive upgrade mitigates this problem. Late game Umlo Jump drives are decently armed but somewhat under armored. The Leap drive( AM era Jump Drive) offers a powerful tactical option it allows Umlo ships to teleport 1000 m in a battle. That ability takes anywhere form four to six minutes to recharge depending on the gravitational forces

Military structure
The Federated military reflects the people it vows to protect. It has a decentralized democratic power structure. The military is run by ten Chief Architects each acting as commander and chief of his or hers designated sector. When a major decision has to be made each of the Chief Architects votes for what they believe would be the best course of action. From there on majority rules.

Here are the Federated Naval ranks
1 Chief Architect
2 Architect is the equivalent of an Admiral
3Planner equivalent to a Vice Admiral
4Superivisor equivalent to a Solforce Commodore
5Overseer captain of the ships
6 Foreman Executive officer
7 Luuoa they are the technicians responsible for the ships upkeep and damage control. Weather that would be repairing the life support systems, stopping reactor leakage in the heat of battle or just cleaning the floors .
7 Uzetioa they are the officers in charge of operating and maintaining a ships communication/ sensors systems.

Umlo command section are average weapon mount, armored, and cost wise. Their mission section is by far their strongest section. Although at first their weapon mounts seem average around the cruiser era they sport more medium and light mount than other races. When it comes to the amount of structural reinforcing on Umlo mission section they are on par with the Hivers. The Umlo's excellent mission section come at a price thought. The construction cost is little bit above the norm and the financial costs are approximately the same as a Morrigi mission section. Aesthetically speaking Umlo command section are cone or triangular shaped depending on purpose. Their mission section is oval shaped .The Umlo engine looks like a fully extended fan it fact Umlo spacers refer to the engine section as a fans. All Umlo ships have luminescent markings that resemble the paths made by radioactive particles in cloud chambers. Excluding vessels with cloaking devices for the sake of stealth. The colors and the patterns of the marking vary widely. No two ships have the same patterns. The coloration of the rest of the hull is a tarnished silver.

Startegic overview
When it comes to colonization the Umlo are quite picky few worlds are with in their CH range. That would because the Umlo are more susceptible to the to the effect of ultraviolet radiation than any other race. Thus they require a thick ozone layer four times denser than the one Earth has. However they do have a super high population growth. Easily rivaling the Hivers and Zuul reproductive rates. Those two factors combined can lead to a extremely desperate and violent race if they are cornered or feel they about to be cornered. The Umlo are very strong in the fields ballistic weapons, mines, warheads, biotechnology ,and shields. While they tend to be weaker in the areas of armor, energy weapons(especially plasma weapons), and torpedoes. With the exclusion of beam weapons, and direct fire torpedoes both of which they have excellent comprehension of.
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