The Thoughts of a Gunner, PtI

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The Thoughts of a Gunner, PtI

Post by KradenX » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:31 am

These are the thoughts of Sargeant Gillian Kravolev en route to Acrulai on the SFS Omnipotus. Srgt Gillian was noted to have Attention Deficit Disorder, however, he rejected medication on the basis that it limited his gunnery skills. Doctors concluded his argument may have had some merit, and therefore allowed him to refrain from medication. Srgt Gillian has also been noted by some to be manic, or slightly suicidal. These statements have not been evaluated by the SFMDA.

"Exiting Node Space in 25 minutes," droned the monotone voice.

This was the first ship he'd ever served on that actually told you how long you had until safety was ripped from all sides of you in an instant.

There were alot of things about this ship that were different...

Gillian had served on several others during his time with SolForce... the SFS Cairo, a heavily armed battle cruiser, the SFS Defiance, an even more heavily armed cruiser designed for "Ripper ripping", and many others. Most recently however, before his current assignment, he served on the SFS Atlantia, Command Dreadnought of the Third Fleet. A beautiful command ship bristling with even more beautiful guns; it was the crown jewel of an array of treasure.

An array of treasure that was turned into molten slag last week.

And that's why he was about to exit Node Space in the middle of Hell itself.

Not that it bothered him. Hell was what made life exciting to Gillian. As long as he didn't have to die to get there, he didn't mind Hell. It was where he was at his best.

Gillian, ever since he could remember, had been a marksman. His father, an old Marine, had taught him to shoot young, and as such, grew up aspiring to be a marine sniper himself. But when the call went out that SolForce needed more men, and some of those men were to be gunners, Gillian said what the heck. The bigger the gun the bigger the fun. On his very first assignment he amazed his superiors. Only in control of the "Ass" turrent in a small ER destroyer, he managed to pick off 14 swarmers with nothing more than green standard laser cannon.

"Exiting Node Space in 20 minutes."

"ADD is a bitch," he whispered to himself. "I guess that's why I'm only good at shooting things."

What was he thinking about? Oh yes...this ship. This was the assignment he had been dreaming of. No other ship in the fleet had armor comparable to that of the Hivers, shields comparable to those of the Liir, an agressive weapon configuration comparable to those of the Tarka, or drones that were comparable to those the Morrigi. No ship anywhere could match this one, head to head.

This was the SFS Omnipotus, the flagship of all SolForce ships, and a symbol of power among all sentients. It had one purpose, and one purpose alone: to lead the charge in exterminating all Zuul, everywhere.

What was he doing? He looked down at the arrival timer... 17 minutes.

"DAMMIT, quit daydreaming Gil!"

He looked around his gunnery seat at the vast amounts of electronics and circuitry.

"All this mess, just to help me shoot better. HAH! Well, I better do a systems check anyways. All the accuracy in the world won't help if the gun doesn't work eh?"

He didn't need help shooting. There weren't many things he was good at BESIDES shooting. But what good would it do if his gun wouldn't shoot? After going through his checklist, he was confident the gun would work quite well.

The gun. What a gun it was. He had only ever fired one in the simulators. They were deemed "Too dangerous for live testing." Some crackpot had probably launched a frieghter into some Admiral Asshole's command station.

"Exiting Node Space in 15 minutes."

The Atlantia. He had had many friends on that ship. Even a lover or two, not that he was very good at relationships.

The fame helped.

"This is Admiral Deravik. As you all know, we will be entering the Acrulai system in a few minutes, and as you also know, the Atlantia was lost here last week. What you may not know, is that her entire task force went with her."

Entire Atlantia task force. What? Over 100 ships? Three of them Dreadnoughts? Had the Zuul really become so powerful? He had figured at least 20 or 30 of the ships escaped. At least some of the rear guard support ships. But all of them? What?

"We have come here for vengeance. This ship was commissioned for war, and you are among SolForce's best warriors. Avenge our losses. Soul for soul, double, triple their losses to ours. Ready yourselves. For too long, these Zuul have populated our nightmares and stolen our friends. It is time for them to see their own blood. All hands, battle stations."

He could almost feel "Hell yeah!" feeling reverberate throughout the ship. He loved it, even it's admiral.

"Exiting Node Space in 5 minutes. Pre-exit scans indicate numerous objects near arrival point. Objects appear to be of sentient and hostile configuration."

He began to calm down, getting into his "groove." It was almost time. He was going to Hell, yet he was bringing a lot more with him. Anything that crossed into his sights had better pray to their god real fast.

"Exiting Node Space in 30 seconds..."

The sweat was flowing. This was the epitome of his life to this point.

"...25 seconds."

Every shot. Every hit. Every miss. Every kill.

"...20 seconds."

This was for the Atlantia. For his friends killed by Rippers.

"...15 seconds."

For his mom and dad at Avalon.

"...10, 9, 8,"

For Earth, beer, women, and all things good.

...7, 6, 5,"

For the right of all the have freedom.

...4, 3, 2, 1,"

But for right now, it was about having fun.

"Exiting Node Space now."

Part II is ready, unless this sucked too bad.
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Re: The Thoughts of a Gunner, PtI

Post by Coyote27 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 4:52 am

Bring it!

I don't stop by the fiction section very much so I can't compare it to other stuff here, but this seems to work pretty well. Nice job drawing the reader in.
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Re: The Thoughts of a Gunner, PtI

Post by Homercleese » Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:55 pm

Part 2, PART II!

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