Operation: Black Wind.

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Operation: Black Wind.

Post by Athlon2736 » Sat May 07, 2011 6:56 am

This will be a story... which is the first I've done in a long time

Chapter One.

A Captain stood on the bridge of his ship, the SFS Eisenhower, a cruiser with the role of an armor class ship, a Thor class at that. Arthur looked at his comm panel and read out his assignment. Escort for the 12th Marine Regiments to the Zuul held world of Altiar Prime. The Planet had fell three years ago and the current fleet had been built to retake it.
It had now been six months and no victory seemed to being coming any time soon. Every Solforce force that had been sent there had taken heavy causalities. Even with the Sons of Winter Grace, and the fleets of Tuathal of the Jade Wing, the operation was going poorly. In the last two weeks alone, Solforce had lost 8 destroyers, a dreadnought and 6 Cruisers.
Six cruisers. That tugged at the back of Arthur's mind.
The Morrigi fleets had suffered just as much, as they had lost more ships then Solforce. The Hivers though had lost three cruiser class gate ships at that, and if it wasn't for them having a few in reserve in system, they wouldn't be in the fight any longer. And Solforce had kept track of five major loses. The loses of life; as it had cost them at least three small fleets in ships, and around 6 million Imperial Marines and civilians, and the lose of four Dreadnoughts. One of which was to become the flagship of the entire Solforce Naval forces. The SFS Enterprise. She had been destoryed by two Zuul cruisers ramming it, forcing it to crash into the planet below. The others were the one lost last week, and the other two were lost taking on a fleet of Zuul forces, which allowed teh fleets to organize and take fight them effectively. The Morrigi who saw this honored the ship's by writing their names and crew manifests on a plaque that was placed on the ships of the fleet.
Arthur sighed. The war with the Zuul had now dragged on for eighteen years, and had cost tens of billions of lives. It had started four years after he was born. And it came to his home-world of Asgard six years later. The Colony was "saved"... but only because a fleet of cruisers and destroyers had scarificed themselves to slow the Zuul. The city he had lived in was destroyed, he and only a few thousand survived its annihilation. His family had been killed by the torpedo's and lances, and other weapons that fell upon them from the sky.
He only survived because he was found by a platoon of marines. He swore to enlist and have vengeance, by what ever means.
Now, 12 years later, he was standing on the bridge of his first command, and the first chance for revenge. He looked around, watching his officer hurry about and get ready for the up coming battle, scurrying about like Hiver workers making a star ship. The screen flicked for a moment and an older man, maybe in his forty's looked into the bridge.
"This is Commodore Lucas French, to all Solforce vessels of Taskforce Orpheus. I am addressing you about the upcoming situation, and it will take us a week to reach our intended target. I will not lie to you, as many of you will be shot at, and a high possibility of being destroyed. Many of you will never see your families or your friends again. For those of you who are being deployed for the first time, you will see the true face of war, and understand what it does to men. But I know, in my experiance and heart, that you will fight to the last and take no quarter and will give no quarter," he said, in a tone of a near growl and demeaning tone to his voice, "Our mission is a very simple one, but a vital one to the war effort on the surface. We will be jumping to the planet in five minutes so make your final preparations." The screen cut out, turning to the image of a fleet of Solforce ships, lining up to the nodeline entry point. Arthur smiled, and tapped his pilot on the shoulder.
"Get us a nice seat in the fleet will you helmsmen?" he teased, receiving a gentle laugh from the bridge crew. The ship lumbered genlty to a near by destroyer, a transport ship carrying marines. The Eisenhower was general issue Cruiser, a standard command structure, with anitmatter engines, the latest designed of sub-pathing tech. One the ship was large mounts was a heavy Mass Driver while the body mounted one was a was a heavy fusion cannon. The bridge mounted turrets were Point defense lasers and a fusion cannon, while the body had four x-ray laser turrets, a point defense system, and four missile tubes. She was a mence for her size, but as she had taken 7 months to build, she was now going to have to prove that she was worth the expense.
Around the ship, the convoy formed a line, with one cruiser and five destroyer freighters carrying the new men and supplies to the planet, as well as two refinery class cruisers and a single repair cruiser in among the line. Around five other Thor class Cruisers formed up, all of varying marks, as well as two point defense cruisers; Marksmen Classes, as well as two Herald Classes; War cruisers. In and among the destroyers of all shapes and sizes, including four armored Kidd Classes, two missile jamming Harper Class, and four spinal ships, being two of each torpedo and spinal mounted guns. At the lead of the procession was three cruisers, the strikeforce command ship and two blazer-type cruisers, painted a faint grey and red.However, hidden from view by one the those cruisers was a small jamming vessel with enhanced sensors crammed onto the bridge section. The Loki Class destroyer Nightshade was the only chance of this resupply being successful, as the Zuul could intercept a Solforce fleet at any moment in Node Space. They were hoping to be able to avoid that.
Arthur ran his fingers through his near white hair. He turned around and walked to his seat, taking the peaked cap that sat there waiting for him. He placed it on, taking his seat, and punching in a code for the ship wide comm.
"All crew make ready for entry into Node space. After which, do a systems check on all primary and secondary systems. This ship is just out of the dry docks and even though its gone through its pacing, I don't trust her yet. I don't want anything cutting out in the middle of a fight. That is all," he said cutting off the comm. He leaned forward and looked all the bridge crew carefully. Four officers sat at there stations while another walked onto the bridge. They were in command of the other 64 crew on board this vessel, and with out them the ship would fall apart.
"Captain?" A female officer spoke up looking over her shoulder at him, "We have the green light to jump, and we are syncing with the rest of the fleet for the jump."
"Understood, Lieutenant Forbes, continue as you see fit. Just... keep me informed," he said leaning back, thinking about what the mission could go like. From the worst to the best. Zuul Dreadnoughts attacking as they arrived or stealth destroyers attacking the fleet from the entry point, cloaking and decloaking. Or it could go off with out a hitch, or they could all be destroyed by a Zuul interception fleet.
"Entering Node space in 30. God be with us..." the helmsmen said, jarring Arthur from his train of thought.
"Give me a ship wide ten second count," Arthur replied, the helmsmen nodding, opening a ship wide line. About ten seconds passed before the lieutenant started counting.
"10... 9... 8..." he said, reading it off.
"Our father who art in heaven," Arthur started crossing himself, dying down to a whisper.
"... 3, 2, 1... Engaging Node drive." The ship catipulted forward, being pulled by a mysterious force into the Node space.
"For thy is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever... Amen." Arthur said, crossing himself again. The other bridge officers did so too, knowing this was only the first test on their journey.
They were now going to war.
The meaning of victory is not ot merely to defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnent of his endeavours, to crush his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existance. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of Victory.

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Re: Operation: Black Wind.

Post by Athlon2736 » Tue May 10, 2011 5:28 am

Chapter Two
Fleet Alert Red

"Sir we'll be dropping out of the jump in twenty minutes. The fleet is ready and we have raised our alarm," Lieutenant Jak called out, the bridge lights dimmed down to a red hew. The ship's ahead of them were preparing for combat and a haevy fight. Report had come in that Zuul had counter attacked and were trying to break through.
"Understood Helmsmen," Arthur said nodding, rolling his shoulders. He wasn't dressed in he's clean captains uniform or dress uniform, "We'll be ready for any fight, make sure the crew is ready."
The ship shuddered slightly as she rolled with a wave of node space. The misty emptiness was so strange. So foreign, so different from the pure emptiness of space, with the black background with the faint white dots of stars. Arthur was glad he decide he'd serve, as now he took his first flight into deep space, it was mystifying.
"Captain Message coming in from the SFS Grimsly," Lieutenant Markus stated, holding the line close for the moment.
"Patch them through to my personal panel," he ordered, looking at the screen on the arm of his captains chair. The screen flickers for a moment before showing the captain of the SFS Grimsly, Captain Michelle, a young red head girl who was top of her class, with Arthur only a few places below her. The details on her face were obscrened by the red hue of light, just like how the Arthur's bridge was.
"Captain. What do you need?" he asked, politely as possible. He tensed, staring at her eyes, terrified of what she could possibly say.
"Just checkin' in on ya. I'm starting to feel the jitters," she said looking around her bridge, "Everyone is. What about you ship?"
"The crew is nervous, but of course they are. I bet the crews of the Idaho and Folsom II are feeling some fear or are very tense... and they are the veterans," he said looking out i ahead of them. The floating blue clouds twisted the veiw of the lead ships, almost faint and lost in space. He knew not even veterans could shake that feeling of despair of going into a battle.
"Ya... your right..." she said eyes closing slightly.
"Don't worry we'll be fine. Nothing can go wrong," he lied. Everything could go wrong. It always good to try and encourage others in anyway he could. He was terrified of death, as was anyone, but it had to be done. The only way he knew.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The first ships plowed headlong into a exit point from nodespace, With Arthur watching them, he had forty seconds, at most, before he would come out right afterwards.
"Stand by all weapons, be ready to fire," he said over the intercom. The bridge was a buzz, with men moving about quickly and dropping reports. It seemed almost like a fantasy, as the fire reports, the com chatter and the the bridge gun crews getting up into their turrets. The call for general stations rang out loudly, blazing every few seconds. He looked up at the main view to space, and looked a head. Something didn't seem right, not at all. He looked at his range officer and smiled, praying internally for the possibility of nothing going wrong.
Twenty seconds.
Arthur and all the bridge crew braced for exit.
Real space appeared, stretched for the moment as they came out. The stars, nearly complete lines as they came back to the real time and life. Arthur felt the crushing deceleration, his body far heavier then ever, until they slowed down to combat speed.
"WRECKAGE AT 3 O'CLOCK!!! Solforce Node Engines, Serra Class. They belong to a cruiser!" the officer called. The Rumble of engines came to power, as they started to turn. Ahead of the the SFS Eisenhower the cruiser SFS Dakota listed, venting atmosphere and crew. The side of the ship was burned away. Rescue lines flared, as screams of ships crews and the static filled the com lines.
"targets at mark 15-43. Redirect fire to there. No I said there!"
"Fires on decks three and four. We can't contain it!"
"We have only fourteen percent of our systems. No back-up systems coming on. We have no starboard guns.."
All the voice just started to blur together. Two Zuul ships, a large cruiser, and a destroyer, were in the midst of them. The SFS Idaho was beside them, burning wreckage it was, escape pods launching. The SFS Folsom II turned firing its lances into the side of the cruiser. The commodore's ship SFS Maxwell, was a burn, rolling to its left. Its shields, barely flickering to life, before dying again. Arthur was horrified, and unbuckled himself standing up.
"All guns fire on nearest Zuul vessels, aim for the bridge and weapons. Don't let them get away," he called, a neutron beam cutting into space at the near Zuul cruiser. The beam itself torn through what looked like several weapons and several decks.
"Hit confirmed! Or... we think," the com link chattered. The ship started to turn, almost looking at the Eisenhower and bearing at it.
"This is the SFS Grimsly clear the way. We're bringing the rain," a familiar voice called, as three Positron Beams cut into the Zuul ship, detonating several compartments and fire erupted. She began to list as started to turn away, running for the safety of the moon. The destroyer ran at the nearest ship, a small transport, before being cut down by the Folsom II, breaking apart and its debris falling away. The fleet arrived, as Morrigi drones whipped past the bridge, chasing the Zuul cruiser as it limped away. Two destroyers flew past, launching two other drones to chase after them. The fleet began to reform, several ships begin towed by other ships. The transports broke off and headed for the planet. Several ships were missing, including the refinery ship, SFS Regina, but jugding by the wreckage of the engines and its description, it was probably gone, all hands lost with its detonation, from both the fuel and the power plant in its main hull section.
Arthur rolled his shoulders and looked at the strike-force command cruiser. She was damaged, but able. The Command Networking Control bridge was burnt clean through. Its shields were up, finally stabilized and strong, and its didn't seem to have any lose of power, which was always good for a command vessel. The fleet was significantly less now. But the mission was done...
Arthurs eyes looked around the bridge, as they all seemed lost in their duties. The smell of blood was in the air, and the crew was now hungry for the next battle, remaining alert at all times. He sat down and took off his peaked cap, wiping his brow. The battle had lasted twenty five minutes, but felt more like 25 seconds. Everything happened so fast, far faster then simulations had shown, or even taught at. He guess that was the baptizing by blood and fire. His ship took no damage, which was surprising to him.
Arthur twitched suddenly, flexing his hand quickly, and loosening up just as fast. His nerves were calming down finally, but he didn't feel safe yet. He leaned back, cool sweat on his back making his undershirt stick to him. He just sighed, "Whats the reports on the SFS Idaho?" he asked the crew, receiving a long line of statements, including one stating the bridge crew had been killed and she was barely salvageable. If at all.
Arthur sighed, leaning forward, 'We came out of nodespace to see a massacre, what happened? Why did it happen. The Jammer should have kept us all hidden. And were was all the Zuul vessels? There is no way they could have appeared and disappeared like a phantom, much as the Specter fleets of Savonarola or how the Liir and Morrigi black op ships seem to be designed for. But how?' He thought to himself.
The Armada of ships in orbit was massive, with three Dozens fo cruisers for the Solforce and Hiver fleets sitting in low orbit, with other surround a Lancelot class Dreadnought, large beam banks all around the main body of the vessel with at least four more on the command section of the ship. How ever she was dead in the water, with her engine section be jarred open with a hull of a Zuul cruiser.
Arthur now knew why they had been rushed here at least, to help pick up the slack of the damaged Dreadnought.
Or at least that what he hoped.
The meaning of victory is not ot merely to defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnent of his endeavours, to crush his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existance. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of Victory.

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Re: Operation: Black Wind.

Post by Athlon2736 » Sun May 15, 2011 12:57 am

Chapter 3

The Strike-force, which had apparently be named Psi Fleet, was now without a commodore. He had been killed when his ship took an rail-gun shot to his command bridge. As well as the other sixteen members who had been killed, from the shell that just seemed to cut through the deck like it was butter.
Arthur sighed, as the fleet had also lost three destroyers and two cruisers. It was still whole, with the few damaged ships, and was operational, but was being re-assigned. Arthur looked at his assignment, a squadron of the armada called Forbes Finest. Commander Forbes was a young man, maybe thirty or thirty five, and he commanded a random assortment of ships. Arthur scrolled down the page, seeing there were four destroyers and 6 cruisers being assigned to him. One of the cruisers was the SFS Grimsly, which made Arthur smiled as his close friend would be there. The squadron was of twenty ships already, not including the new ships, of fourteen destroyers, and six cruisers. This was a large Squadron, making it odd, but most squadron's in this armada were rag tag groups, scrambled together under commanders and fleet officers, all from bis-banded squadrons.
The force was in deep orbit, acting as reserves for the fleet. The squadron was quiet, much of them following behind a shield class command cruiser. The SFS Eseld Merryn was a very well done cruiser, its hull enhanced and almost as strong as a standard armor dreadnought. Her enhanced hull was painted with beautifully art, depicting a maiden of beauty and power, holding the Sol Force flag. It was in the honor to Colonel Eseld Merryn Forbes, the commander older sister. She had died two years prior, and the Solforce Marine Corps felt the lose of the very strong and influential commander. Six ships of the squadron surrounded the ship on either side, four destroyers and two impactor cruisers, were painted up as well, but most were more or less decorative are then memorial paintings. THE rest of the squadron, all rag tag ships, had nothing special about them, minus a few scaring to the ships metal and minor damage. They were all recent antimatter ships, making the faint glow of the purple energy form the engines giving the node Pathing rings. They floated, gracefully, but menacingly, as the squadron moved to their assigned coordinates.
The bridge suddenly chirped to life with the beeping of an incoming message. Arthur jumped, then waved it to be patched through. On the screen appeared the 9 other Captains, as well as their new commander, Commander Andrew Rajnish Forbes. His face was soft, but his dirty blonde hair and tattoo on his face didn't seem regulation for a commander. His tanned flesh, a complement to his home-world of Galifrey, seemed to glow with power and respect. He his eyes were jumping at all that faces, quite easily told as they bounced on the screen quite rapidly. They stopped after a few seconds, then he sat back in his chair, revealing him to be under dressed, only a dirty work shirt and loss fatigues on. His tags, glistening in the light of the bridge, seemed to dangle about him, almost a mind of their own.
"Hello Captains... and Lieutenant. You've all been assigned to my Squadron, and I expect you to follow my command to the T. If you do not, well... court-marshal and execution await you at the next friendly world we visit," he said before smiling, "Well.. that is if I report it... I don't mind insubordination, unless its extreme. And if it comes to that, I'll just shot you myself. I am though, extending a formal invitation to the captains of the squadron to my vessel for a dinner, so that we may get to know each other. 1900 Hrs, formal dress and one rule: play nice with the other captains." The screen cut out to a black void. Arthur sat quiet, kinda dumbfounded, and almost stupefied by what his new commander was like. The bridge crew turned, staring at him, just as surprised, lost in thought, or unsure what to say; and for once, no one spoke, and the bridge was silent. Arthur looked at his second hand, his officer of arms, Lieutenant Chan. She gulped gently and turned around.
"Um... systems normal captain... that... wasn't a joke..." she said, going over the communication, "And it wasn't pre-recorded either." The bridge again became quite.
"Um.. Helmsmen Jak... get us... well.. in formation," Arthur said, "Lieutenant Chan has the bridge... I have to get to the Commanders ship for dinner.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4 hours later

Arthur waited at the airlock while the small shuttle docked. His clean white officers uniform was trimmed with gold threading, as well as two black markers, one signifying a captains position on a Solforce vessel and another telling the other officers that he had completed arms training with the S-82 assault rifle. He didn't have any medals, or any significant objects for a his service. The Solforce badge sown into his jacket over his heart and peaked cap, was embroidered in with the same gold lacing. The visor of his hat was jet black, and the band was just as black. The crown, the Solforce insignia, was beautifully placed atop a red fabric, that ran around the hat, however its top was white, like the uniform. His hands, covered in white gloves as well, seemed to clench at every sound of the connection the shuttle made as it connected to the ship.
Arthur's brow was soaked in sweat, and he pulled out a a handkerchief and patted it, soaking up some. His mind raced as the final seals were made. The door opened to reveal a small built man, who saluted. Arthur followed suit and saluted back.
"Welcome aboard Captain," the man said stepping aside, which Arthur stepped aboard, quietly following the man to a small room, filled with 12 Captains, uniforms almost identical to Arthur's, other then some medals, alternative hats and some badge differences. One man, a tall dark skin man wore a turban instead of a peaked cap, and had a scimitar on his lap. He was far older then Arthur, maybe late thirties to early forties, and its showed on his chest, pinned with several decorative medals. Another wore a deep green beret and deep green uniform. She had few medals, but medals none the less, as well as her rank clearly showing that she was a Marine captain, a great feat for her to command a Solforce vessel, let alone to gain the commission.
He sat down near the marine captain, sighing. There was another captain to be picked up, while another shuttle picked up all the other commanding officers of the fellow ships. He rolled his hands and waited. Next to him, a black skinned Captain, who's uniform bore a large number of medals, wow seemed just as nervous. The Shuttle disconnected and Zero Gravity took effect, objects not tied down floating up. The captain looked at him and smiled.
"Arthur Tiberius Smith. Your pretty nervous for twelfth in your class," he said.
"Ya... first time to a formal dinner..." he said, to receive a laugh from all in the room, expect the Arabic captain. He sat there, staring at Arthur.
"Well... it is understandable for you to be nervous..." one stated, chuckling alittle.
"Ya... our commander has been know for kicking people out from his command based on his appearance and attitude," another joked. Arthur gulped, not just nervous anymore but terrified of this man. He seemed so nice....
The shuttle suddenly rocked violently, making Arthur jump, making several men laugh, as the shuttle connected to that last ship. THe gravity returned as the shuttle connected slowly, until the boarding door opened up to let the final Captain in. She was taller then most and her eyes could beam through a dreadnoughts hull and keep going. HE was stern looked with a long braided black hair, making Arthur shudder at the thought of serving with here. She sat towards the front, locking herself in, making everyone silent for a moment, before resuming their previous conversation with the other captains.
Arthus nudged the man next to him, "Who she?" he asked, alittle lost.
"Captain Jasmina Savalas, captain of the SFS Kraken," he stated. The ships name alone sounded dangerous. She was tough, stern and quite terrifying. And she hadn't even said anything yet.
Arthur sat uneasily looking at the man, "By the way, what is your name?" he asked, to see a smiled of pearly white appear on the mans face.
"Captain Jamie Price, pleasure to meet you captain," he said offering his large burly hand to Arthur, who promptly shook it, "Captain of the SFS Maid Marian" Arthur knew that the Maid Marian was the squadron's refinery ship, making him smile.
The had launched and there was a few minutes before they came to the commanders ship, making him uneasy.
Hopefully the dinner would go by really well and with out indecent.
The meaning of victory is not ot merely to defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnent of his endeavours, to crush his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existance. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of Victory.

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