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Re: New race suggestions

Post by zanzibar196 » Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:57 pm

chemist in training wrote:seriosly now i am all for the space cats. Mecron what do you think.

Thundercats... Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's what I think) :bangdesk:


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Re: New race suggestions

Post by jp161 » Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:34 pm

Didn't someone (vague hint towards Teh Big Guy) mention that they already have the expansion races locked in? And it has been like that for.. Considerably long...

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Mecron » Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:49 pm

indeed :twisted:

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Lord Baal » Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:30 pm

Imagine your own funny quote here.

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by nighthaunt » Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:47 pm

Any new races in SOTS ]![ and its expansions will already have been written in - at least with 2 new races on an 8 slot map its going to be possible to not have to double up a race or 2 :roll:, and we will be kicking ourselves when we see what/who the new races are in the expansions - as no doubt looking back at the hints and evidence in SOTS prime and SOTS ][ it will be obvious :shock:
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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Lord Baal » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:02 pm

I suggest you to read the OP my friend :thumbsup:
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Re: New race suggestions

Post by mistervec » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:17 pm

I don't think the suggestions will actually matter (Kerberos has it well in hand, I am sure), but it's a fun exercise all the same. I'll assign them arbitrary names that amuse me because that is a fun thing to do.

1) Grelch - Grelch are two-meter tall creatures that exhibit radial symmetry and look something like an amalgamation of an anemone, a mushroom, and a terrible nightmare. Their body structure is fairly simple, consisting of a tough, fibrous trunk with a ring of tentacles on the top and the bottom. The tentacles on the top contain sensory organs at their bases (primitive eyes, highly-sensitive tactile and chemical receptors, etc) that ring their mouth. The tentacles at the bottom are thick, powerful things responsible for hauling its body around. Its nervous system is efficient, with the multiple nerve clusters that occupy its trunk serving the function of a brain. I can see them evolving on a world that has been geologically and climatically stable for a long time and being part of the ridiculously complex life-cycle of the world's primary species: one whose numerous life-stages occupy almost every single ecological niche available. The Grelch are responsible for tending to and ensuring the continued survival of their species. As their world slowly-changes, they struggle to adapt and, eventually, take to the stars to find new soil for their spores to root in.

2) Hazzi - Life need not be chemical in nature. As long as a system can consume, adapt, grow, and perpetuate, it might eventually evolve into something very much like life. The gas giant of Pepto-Bismol IX is orbited by a series of small, rocky moons. Powerful electromagnetic currents wash over these moons and, in those seething currents, the Hazzi have evolved. They are delicate beings, composed mostly of ionized particles and electromagnetic fields. Unbound from the need for gravity, atmosphere, and requiring only the sustaining magnetic fields of the gas giant to survive, they moved between the moons of their world. They grew more and more curious about the great black outside of their world and constructed crystalline vessels of silica, iron, copper, and gold to shield them from the utterly lethal radiation of space. Unfortunately, they seem to share the universe with wild, monstrous fields of randomized energy bound to complex and confusing organic chemistry reactions whose very presence is lethal to them. If a human were to get too close to a Hazzi, for instance, and there wasn't proper shielding involved, there would be something like a gigantic static discharge that would certainly kill the Hazzi and at least severely injure the human.

3) The Great Kalisian Mass - Bacteria are amazingly adaptable creatures. On our world, they eventually evolved into discrete organisms, but that's not the only way it could have gone. On Kalis, the bacterial communities evolved an entirely different way of going about their lives. The giant bacterial mats competed with each other fiercely for space and resources, and, over countless generations, developed an amazing set of tools for waging war on each other and adapting to their environment. See, bacteria can swap DNA between species and they can communicate with each other after a fashion. The Kalisian bacterial mats took full advantage of this, creating specialized bacterial masses to wage war on each other, complete with intrigues, alliances, and betrayals. As the complexity and inventiveness of these attacks increased, the ability to predict and observe became a priority. This constant pressure eventually lead to something very much like sapience among the largest and oldest of the mats. Eventually, the mats consolidated into one enormous mass of bacteria possessed of a vast and paranoid intellect. A research vessel visited not longer afterwards and the Great Mass responded in a very predictable fashion. The researchers were picked apart for new ideas, at first, then new DNA once they had run out of new ideas to give. Their ship was then reverse engineered, modified, and reproduced to serve the needs of the Great Mass. Kalis had run out of space long, long ago, but now the Mass has the means to spread itself to all the planets of the galaxy.

Eh. You get the idea.
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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Sabin Stargem » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:31 pm

Heh, I don't have an actual race in mind, but I do have an particularly stupid and implausible Drive in mind. :bangdesk:

Rather than sending vessels across the ocean of stars, the intent is to bring those stars closer to home. Upon being activated, this planet-based Singularity Drive would shut down all but one function of a planet, eliminating industry outright. In exchange, the space around this planet's solar system is compressed, which brings all nearby star systems many lightyears closer. Once the Singularity Drive's power is exhausted, the compressed space would revert to it's normal form. More advanced versions of this drive can alter space to expand, which is useful defensively, by forcing incoming opposition to take a couple turns longer to reach their destination.

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Mightypeon » Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:41 pm


Velans are perhaps most reminiscent of bipedal bovines or Satyrs, although they are omnivorous, and their internal physiology has absolutly nothing whats or ever to do with Terran Bovines.
Velans are born alive, and over first maturation period of 10-15 years reach a first "adult" stage. At this point, the Velan is around 1.30 large, and intellectually mature. There are 6-7 Velan Phenotypes, and the different Phenotyps can have traits such as Wings, extreme (up to 3 meters) size or significant psionic capacity. Differentiation into a Phenotype is initiated by a specific diet and a consious choice of the individual Velan and every Velan will choose a phenotype.
There is a strong cultural bias against children choosing the phenotype of their parents, partly due to inter-phenotype wars of the past.
Velans orignally had life spans of several hundred years, and recently managed to further increase those life spans with genetic treatments.
Repruduction is rare, as space is restricted and Velans tend to have a fatalistic/pessimistic outlook.

The Velans once posses interstellar spaceflight, yet their fledling interstellar Empire was destroyed by the "Kel`Vraag" (something roughly translateable as "End of all Choice/Hope") about 4000-2000 years ago.
During the conflict, the original Velan system went Supernova, it is not known wether this was due to the Kel`Vraags attack or a final gesture of Velan resistance at all costs. The Kel`Vraag apperantly survived, but was/were perhaps damaged.
The Kel`Vraag left a warning, akin to "reach of the stars again an your existence will end".
Velans survived on scattered worlds, being comparably cautious, they tried to prepare themselfs for the "Kel`Vraags" eventual return, but pursued a policy of not getting interstellar space flight before believing themselfs to be "ready".
The Velans have recordings of the Kel`Vraags attack, they have records of what their old Empire had available to fight it, and wish to significantly exceed their old empires technology before venturing forth into space again.
This plan obviously failed to take the new (or not new) spacefaring races into account.

Psychology/Social structure:
Velans place a very high empasis on given words/written contracts. In General, there are different tiers of contracts, and different legal punishments for breaking them. While the lowest tier is akin to a contract between humans, higher tier contracts have deep emotional/psychological meanings, and the punishment for breaking them are extended periods of indenture, equivalent to those for mind rape/murder.
In Archaic times, contracts were often written on or with bodily parts of the contract partners.
Velans have systems of submission, if a Velan surrenders to another Velan, he will serve this Velan faitfully for a certain amount of time, and will then be freed. After being freed, he will for an also negotiated time refrain from conduction hostilities against the Velan who captured him earlier. Unconditional Surrender is total anathema, as it potentially represents eternal servitude, and a Velan would rather kill himself (or mount a last charge to kill as many enemies as possible) than agree to a surrender that is not negiotated and finite in terms of resulting service.
Leadership is based on contracts, each Velan can make contracts to have another Velan represent him politically, these representers make contracts with higher tier politicians. Movement between political tiers is very fluid. Whoever has a simple majority of support is leader of Vela.

Velans believe is something akin to reincarnation, their psychic phenotypes occassionally do receive visions from the past which they believe to be echoes of velans reborn into psychic phenotypes.
Velans are heavily disinclined to follow any notions of absolute faith.

Of the other races, Velans would get along best with Tarkas and Morrigies, be comparably neutral towards Humans (any attempts of mission would be very unwelcome though), and hivers and have significant issues with Liir and Zuul.
All Velans can detect mind probes, and their instintive response to being mindprobed is to tell the mindprober to "probe somewhere else NOW", in a usually highly aggressive way. In General, they (in particular Warrior Phenotypes) tend to use severe anger/rage as an amplifier for psionic resistance, and while this does increase the odds of fighting off (or impressing) Zuul, a Liir would be shocked at the amount of "Blackness".

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Truemmertango » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:37 am

hmm lets see
Humans, Dragons, lizardmen, Werewolves, GiantSpiders and "Dolphins" - ok who brought the dolphins into this game?

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by Smight » Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:04 pm

hyper evolved space mollusk

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by FiberGlassHazard » Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:00 pm

I want Space-Cats... it's been done to death.. but it's been done to death for a reason! It rocks.

And Space-Spiders could be neat. I could totally seeing some long forgotten and cannibalistic Hiver cousins coming back into the picture and rocking the Galaxy.
And on that note... and idea for a similer, but different Gate tech! They start with casters, but in order to get to that system they need a special "Webship" to build a super string to one of thier systems connected to the homeworld. Thus it takes longer to establish a solid connection, but they are better at getting to unconnected worlds that are close enough... and perhaps they can build more than one superstring, thus having backup already in place, if they wish it.

And I'm not sure how the Morrigi are Dragons. They sure look like an Avian race. The fluff calls them Crows. I've never heard of them breathing fire. Must be some sort of Community thing... or fluff I haven't read.
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Re: New race suggestions

Post by usermist2 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:25 am

The Hiver Queens are the space spiders. And everybody knows that space cats aren't nearly silly enough for SotS! Especially not when we have lizard-monkeys, squid-dolphins, bird-dragons, Tasmanian Devils, and weasel-pedes. So, you need to make them much more interesting, and give them a scientifically-plausible-but-tactically-interesting-FTL-drive.

Likes so: :P
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The first alien encounter team didn't come back. Neither did the second one. For the third team, they allowed some SolForce marines to escort the team. What they found was several green cows peacefully chewing cud on an arboreal world, and an overabundance of tree-houses. There was no sign of the previous teams, or of any hostile creatures. Then they noticed that the bovine-looking creatures' cud was dripping out of their mouths. And it was RED.

What constitutes a sense of humor in a plant? How does a plant communicate? In the case of the Jumbwars, the answer is by digestion and perception of light. All communication is done by light, and the Jumbwars can see in a far greater range of frequencies than most other sentient species. So, when they first saw how the light of their homeworld hit the aliens, they found it hilarious. And since it is quite possible to "graze" on each other with little to no lasting damage, they quite "frequently chew on their neighbor's thoughts" quite literally. Unfortunately, this wasn't pleasant or remotely funny to their visitors. The Jumbwars, however, found it hilarious.

In a similar manner, they find war to be similar to a musical comedy. The beautiful lights of weapons, the sounds of explosions, and even the sight of a devastated forest is all done for the giggles. When you live for thousands of years, and your children WILL survive most weapons if buried into the soil deep enough, war ceases to have the effect it does on other less survivable species. It even becomes... funny.

FTL Drive and Research

Not surprisingly, the Cows (as the humans call them) use a form of light-based FTL travel. A Charge-drive ship collects solar energy from a nearby star and uses this to generate a field in which the normal laws of relativity do not apply, similar to the Tarkan Drive although it operates on different principles. The effect of this is that when within a short distance from any luminescent body, they can absorb enough energy to expand this field and therefore travel faster for a short period of time. For their basic Fission Drive, this translates to each ship having a "base" STL speed, which is increased by 1 light year per turn up to a maximum of 2 turns. Each turn spent traveling in space, their speed slowly "degrades" by 0.2 light years per turn.

Research-wise, they have a high affinity for laser and mass-driver weapons, but not defenses. They also are not adept at developing weapons that do a high amount of climate damage. As plant creatures, they are of course very likely to be able to survive in areas of high CO2 concentration with high humidity and heat as well. They are the only race other than the Liir that have basic colonizers that can terraform the planets they inhabit, although in the case of the Jumbwars, this is because their existence actually terraforms the planet instead of them bringing parts of their planets with them. Their populations grow relatively slowly, but they have a large number of colonists on their ships. (It's very easy to store seeds in small places compared to grown individuals).

Their ships are made mostly of artificially petrified organic components. In other words, the basic structure is first grown, then infused with metals to form the ship hulls / structural components.

And THAT is how you make a SotS suggestion race. Take something done in other sci-fi, in this case, intelligent plants, then turn the typical assumptions of such a race (peaceful, humorless) on its rear end, throw in a themed FTL drive (light-based), and some research likes and dislikes, and voila! Instant SotS race (or good enough for a few giggles, and one that the Devs MIGHT actually consider for SotS III: Enter the Veggies!!!!!).

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Re: New race suggestions

Post by The_Unificator » Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:46 pm

i will love to see the Wraith of Stargate Atlantis in :any: , it would be epic, ten of thousand of Wraith ships blasting their enemies with their deadly and cool ships ¿what you think?
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