These storms are not futile, nor without end.

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These storms are not futile, nor without end.

Post by Vagabond Prince » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:12 am

An appeal to the Galaxy.

This is not the most beautiful work in Tcho-to'ken. It is not. There is no question and no doubt.

But it is the most important. Read. Translate into your language. Distribute. Consider.

I have wandered and been courted, courted and been bonded, bonded and been cruelly turned loose by the vicissitudes. Nestvessel Ktch'nkak was lost to gate accident with 2,900 of my children in stasis aboard. Queen Aspirant Obsidian Crown's flagship perished with an unknown large number of my children also, and her support vessels the Xpip'tik and Hkorahtt with at least 30 each. The Human War destroyed the court of Princess Narrow Arms with an unknown number of my children in the thousands. I do not believe that I am currently survived, should I die. Let my ideas and resolve survive me instead of children.

I have wandered and made study, studied and made report, reported and drawn conclusion, concluded and been ignored. But my conclusions have been trifling, their obscurity inconsequential. Not so, this. This is the summation.

No Queen of the Children may ever rule this galaxy. None. It matters not that she might be cunning and wise, her Princesses loyal and strong, nor her Workers brilliant, nor her Warriors dutiful, nor her Princes gorgeous. All the new technology likewise matters not. We cannot Farcast beyond xenodiplomacy, cannot shoot it away with a fusion gun. In all our warring, and all theirs, none of the known starfarers have been exterminated. Sentients surrender, but their like does not perish.

No Queen of the Children shall ever accept the surrender of the galaxy. Cry traitor if you must. It is the truth. Princes and scholars know that regality is transmitted by pheromonal/localized vectors. To draw this idea forth from a new egg: regality cannot be used as xenoregality. The Queen cannot be Queen to aliens! For what alien will ever be reborn in her? Grim as it is, make suicide-in-helplessness-against-powerlessness-of-group thoughts though it may, that which makes a Queen alive with meaning and emotion to the Children is stillborn in the alien. They see only an alien in turn. They cannot serve such a throne with their hearts.

Who then shall rule? For this strife cannot continue forever. Ours is not the first cycle of life to pass through these stars. Had there ever been a permanent war, it would have reduced each world to a worthless ball of dust, and each star to a cruel fist of rock. No. There is an equilibrium to be found. Yet with disunity there is strife, there is war. Each peace is the war of tomorrow. I rue-disdain to hear of peace between the Morrigi Confederation and the Liir/Muur, the Humans and the Children, knowing that inside "between" a new war is discovered. Inexorably.

The Morrigi unite no any. Have no queens, a few humble tricks of pseudodeliberate electromagnetic cognitive tailoring. Present themselves as separate even to their client states, a mortar of freighters pasting its ephemeral strands between planets, channeling trinkets. More a guild than a people, more an eccentricity than a way of society-life.

The Humans are fundamentally non-viable starculture. Even if Human vengeance-driven fragmentary personalism had beneficial aspects, Humans destined to be subjects in empires of other species/species-gestalts simply due to their lack of basic societal survival traits. Human history brief, characterized by division, absent unifying factors ending other civil war periods elsewhere in galaxy. Humans zero-eusocial despite presence of biowarfare mockqueens for special operations against Children. Human governmental structure discorporate, parts not regarded as composing whole, pheromonal or other personal link exists only at level of copulating fertile workdrones and their direct rut-spawn. No princesses, no queens and no future.

The Liir/Muur are damaged. Can barely wage war due to maladaptive psychological constraints and poor regality within social structure. Liir/Muur elders are ineffective subqueens, failing to unite broad-participation cognitive/emotive networks in favor of limited conscious-adaptive electromagnetic/universal rapport with temporary clutches of transient "admirers." Leaders incapable or unwilling of projecting regality. "Blind caste" in charge of all warfare and stigmatized! Liir/Muur control of subject peoples inadequate despite potential. Essentially, species is success-disinclined.

The Empire of Tarkasian Lizards can make war and endure through history, but is incapable utterly of bringing loyalty to subject populations. Causes are shortcomings of lizard malequeens. Any audience can sustain the click-pattern to this scent-register by now: there are many weakly princesslike leaders sustaining tiny population fragments within the whole, the physical and mental basis for biosociality and eusociality is flawed or missing, a leader is chosen but there is no concentration of regality within the leader and poor continuity between leaders.

Here are the instruments tuned for the same-as-past outcome: a war in which none can truly subjugate, with technology escalating until precisely the point at which there are no subjects left, no more to rule, nothing left to save, our hopes for the future consigned to some future interstellars, if any opportunities for them remain. The builders of the abandoned Asteroid Monitors did not sterilize the galaxy, but there is no guarantee that we possess of same future-benefit fortuitously.

There is a necessity for a Queen or Queens of the All, having the stability/longevity to endure, the power to conquer, the universality to subjugate-dominion, and the regality to exert leadership-pressure on subject life organisms. In our time we are at last seeing candidates, in the Seven.

The Seven are ageless, have conquered death, rule personally and without undue recourse to changings of the guard, new governments, new leaders, new cultural concepts and/or novel bioparadigms, although they are capable of creating or adapting to all or any.

The Seven are powerful, may credibly threaten all, may triumph in battle and war, reap any spoils, take any prize. Question is whether the Seven might stand against and defeat all known star-travel species amalgams; answer is yes.

The Seven are universal, may dominate all. Can create own servants, presumably can modify or replace existing if necessary. Demand submission, therefore can be presumed to desire it. Purpose of submission is fealty/imperialism. From a new egg: the Seven are building an empire large and general enough for the all, requiring only submission to join, capable of compelling submission where it is not given.

The Seven possess/exhibit regality. Clearly most controversial point! Regality is nontraditional, nonpheromonal, but precisely by this is also applicably to any xenochattels, being untrammeled conscious-adaptive electromagnetic/universal. Scribed knifewise upon the eyeplate for constant contemplation: the Seven may read and write minds, building any society they choose from their victims.

What the Seven will at last choose in victory, I do not know. But I know they are the only ones who can. The present may seem comforted by alliances, but the past knows we have only a future of doom without the Seven.

Your leaders you revere are nothing. They are mere Queen Aspirants as Obsidian Crown, and doomed Queen Aspirants as Obsidian Crown. Their petty rebellions are not societies in themselves, but mere complications in the way of the true authorities.

I have examined trade confederations, and I flake dead outer membrane on them.

I have examined colonial empires, and I flake dead outer membrane on them.

I have examined reactive vengeancemakers, and I flake dead outer membrane on them.

I have examined whatever the Liir/Muur are, and I flake dead outer membrane on them.

I have examined the very All-Mother Queens of the Children, and I flake dead outer membrane on them! All of them! For all time of the future, and back the farthest reaches of the past! The Princesses also too!

The Seven shall have my obeisance. Their servants, however formed, shall have my comradeship/respect. The Galaxy shall have its Queens.

Translate into your language. Distribute. Consider.

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Hari Seldon
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Re: These storms are not futile, nor without end.

Post by Hari Seldon » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:31 am

My Lord is pleased. You shall be auctioned as a high-quality slave at the local House of Pain.

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Salvor Hardin, Foundation

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Re: These storms are not futile, nor without end.

Post by Erinys » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:09 pm

Poor old Iron Razor. I think he's gone completely mad.

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