The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

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The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:03 am

Thiva. The shining gem of a planet was easily the most cultured spot in the entire Provence of Akilleos, the literal heart of the Confederation for a hundred lightyears. No place was as diverse and full of life than the sprawling cities and gardens that decorated the world; each building painstakingly arranged so that when viewed from the heavens dazzling patterns of light and color painted the continents. Glorious spectacles of art and engineering, everything they did was a combination of aesthetics and function that no other race has yet to truly achieve. Such was the way of the Travelers.

Peace and art were not the topics of discussion for the day however.

The Thesmia’s palace normally played host to important diplomats, traders, and other political business in addition to the usual luxuries such a building provides. The entire megaron was filled with the smells of fine incense and expensive tobacco, a smell that would likely cling to the dozens upon dozens of tapestries and fine draperies that shrouded the hall. The typical traders, dancers, singers, and politicians had been cast aside in favor of two males who had the pleasure of gracing Sopheia the Decadent, the ruling De Meter of Thiva. Her seating area alone was enough for dozens of males, her sheer size and bulk dwarfed the fleet Morrigi to an embarrassing degree. It was easy to see why she earned her title; her entire megaron was filled with exotic works of art, she herself was adorned with the finest crafted jewelry one could find in the Confederation. Her pristine white and gold plumage was carefully washed and tended to; all those finely groomed feathers seemed to cover dozens of square meters of her … impressive body. Years of sampling the food of the worlds in her domain has left her in a significantly swollen condition, though no one would say that to her majesty’s face.

Even with her normal entertainment gone for the moment, she kept a pair of lonesome Morrigi to keep her bulk cool with long feathered fans as she lay sprawled out along several massive cushions. She shifted her mass over closer as she tried to reassess the older male’s choice, fondling with the hookah pipe in her blue talons as she did. The younger one beside him held up his youthful appearance with his posture and colors. His counterpart was significantly more exhausted and pale; the youthful glow had long since passed from his plumage. He hadn’t bothered to try to hide his appearance, as his past experience with the Thesmia had shown that she could see through his glamour with ease.

“Themystoclli. You have served our people well, and I am sure you have many years ahead of you. This is not simply a bid for immortality from you I would assume...” The comparatively tiny serpent suddenly became more alert as she spoke up.

“My lady this is not merely a bid to preserve my own life. If we are to have any hope of truly defeating the Horde we will need the finest minds leading your warriors. I urge you…beg you, Thesmia, do not let my mind go to waste.”

“Fear not, Zo’q’uaan. I am not about to judge you or suggest you are less important than you were…still are. You served the Confederation valiantly at the battle of Delphi, and you personally lead the mission to break the siege of Spica.” She leaned back, coiling her body slightly in the process. “With all that skill behind your wing, I simply hesitated to sign the paperwork that would effectively kill you.”

“Honorable Thesmia, I am aware of what the copying process entails. But I beg of you to allow me this honor to serve you…as long as my knowledge and experience survives.” The younger blue-plumed male stepped forward.

“With all due respect, Thesmia. The Zuul are amassing an armada. Intelligence reports that they will be ready for an attack in less than five years. Themystoclli the Great of Xhalkida may simply not be fit enough to see it by then. He has had a long and fruitful life but all things are fleeting.” She waved a dismissive hand.

“Xhodysseos, I am more than aware of the threat. Infact I have already started preparations with Muinxhan the Bold of Thiva in hopes of formulating a defense. However…to restate myself…Themystoclii, I hesitate to see you dead. I am more than willing however to take whatever means are necessary to protect my people. You will see soon that my sisters have already started their preparations for the transfer. You may go now; I will have someone escort you there personally.” The old serpent lit up and saluted to the De Meter.

“Thank you my lady. I assure you that you will look back on this day with pride and joy.”

“Themystoclli, I will personally see to it that a great Tholos is erected in your honor.” Both men bowed again before turning to leave, however Sopheia raised a hand, beckoning to them.

“Xhodysseos. Remain here.” She turned to her servants. “You two. Leave us.” Silently the old commander left through the front of her megaron, and the two fan holders vanished deep into the back rooms of her palace.

“I should have known you wouldn’t want to start your third Descent so suddenly. Of course you didn’t come down here just for me.” With a sadistic smile she waved Xhodysseos closer, and he complied willingly.

“I did come here with you in mind, Sopheia, my love.”

“Perhaps, though your focus was trying to get Themystoclli his engram procedure. Hmph. To think…your own mentor would be the one to die testing it. I find it hard to believe that you would do such a thing to him.” The male had since closed to arm’s length with his wife.

“It is his wish.” Lightly he started to trace a small circle in her side with a talon. “Personally I would not have wanted to see him reduced to a mere piece of equipment. But I promised I would help him achieve his final wish, and I did that.”

“If you say so.” The male looked up at his towering counterpart.

“Now since you brought up Descent…” He buried his face in her side, Sopheia turned her beak up.

“Oh but I was so suuuuure you came here on business.” She mocked him as he leaned in and tried to wrap his arms around her. “Worry about that for later this evening. Now go give the old man his last rites.” Xhodysseos snapped back and saluted the Thesmia.

“Of course my lady.”
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:04 am

///Five Years Later///

The location had been determined. The Horde was going to breach Confederation space at Melos Prime, a relatively insignificant mining and trading colony was the only thing of note in the system. However it was the only place in twenty lightyears that was completely free of Dorian’s Rift, a massive swath of nebula that cut across the entire border region. It was the cleanest entry point, and allowed unhindered access to the worlds beyond. And so that tiny little star and that tiny little rock would be the site of the first battle of what could possibly be the last war.

The highly decorated Muinxhan the Bold of Thiva was preparing himself for what could possibly be the last review of the war plans before the Horde arrived. Muinxhan was already dressed in the Morrigi standard ascension armor, dozens of brightly painted armored plates covering a skin hugging underlay which provided impeccable defense, even in a vacuum. Every movement was matched with a light clinking of the mechanics and powered armor underneath the tribal markings. An outsider would have sworn that this serpent was merely a machine. The officers always donned the own ascension armor for briefings and meetings between different commanders in the fleet, creating briefings full of heavily armored serpents that would surely scare the pants off some Tarkas. He was more than ready for the Zuul.

Muinxhan proceeded to the war room with a mix of anticipation and frustration. The long, steely purple hallways and bulkheads were cold and uninviting. Though this was a military ship. And it was his. Or he saw it as his. He would not truly be leading the offensive like he had originally envisioned. His ship, Thiva’s Dream, played host to a damn computer that was supposed to outdo him. A damn ghost of all things. He was sure to level his head before finally proceeding through the blast doors.

A handful of his own ship officers were present among a squad of heavily armored ship commanders from his own fleet, and his counterpart fleet. The room was arranged not too unlike the theaters of old, the attending Morrigi sat in a semicircle around a large holographic tank that took up most of the room, bathing it in an eerie blue light. One Morrigi stood out however, the shimmering blue ghost of Themystoclli. Or that is what Muinxhan’s own crew has affectionately named the engram. It was the spitting image of the grand war hero, fully clad in his own shimmering ascension armor and his own shimmering holographic medals and honors adorning it. The women who designed his avatar were also nice enough to shave one hundred and fifty years off his age, finally doing his old plumage some justice.

Muinxhan’s own officers saluted him, the Zo’qu’aan had arrived. He silently proceed to the front of the assembly. His counterpart, Xhodysseos the Cunning of Thiva, had already arrived, and spent his time quietly conversing with the ghost before Muinxhan arrived. Even they were silent as he approached. A younger officer readied the hologram tank as their commanders started the briefing. The red plumed admiral stepped forward as the lights dimmed.

“Warriors. The time of reckoning is nearly upon us. We will be the front line for this first battle, and the fate of the Confederation rests on our shoulders. We have assembled the finest force that Akilleos has ever known. We will stop the Horde. Here is how we will be victorious.” He nodded towards the younger officer and the star system appeared before them, perspective rapidly changing to where the fleets were stationed. Muinxhan brought out a long pointer rod to drive home his presentation.

“Our intelligence officers have worked painstakingly for the past six months to determine what course these Zuul will be taking into our system. Careful analysis of the gravity pulses shows that the enemy will breach real space within 50,000 kilometers of this point here.” A green sphere appeared on the edge of the star system, red holographic Zuul ships emerging from it almost immediately. A fleet of some fifty purple cruisers and dreadnaughts moved in from the opposite side.

“The Thiva’s Dream will lead the primary assault group, the dreadnaughts Cecrops, Draco, and Mydea, along with the armored cruisers will advance into position once the Zuul ships appear in real space.” The dreadnaughts opened fire, small pixilated pieces of debris started erupting from the Zuul cruisers. A squadron of Morrigi cruisers suddenly swooped in from the sides of the Zuul formation, opening up with closer ranged weapons causing several pixilated explosions. The first wave of dreadnaughts moved away, along with the cruiser squadron as a second group formed up at a much farther range.

“Xhodysseos onboard the flagship, Tzemeteos, will lead the secondary defense fleet. His forces, the dreadnaughts Tzemeteos, Bacab, and the carrier Dirae will deploy drones and battlecruisers while attacking with long range heavy beams.” The new wave of Zuul emerging into the scuffle were quickly vaporized from the new attacks.

“With any luck their attack will be totally routed. Regardless, the grand Themystoclli himself will be taking charge of the battle group.” With a tinge of hesitation he stepped aside, allowing the rest of the briefing to take a good look at the old warrior. The ghost was completely indifferent. As far as Muinxhan was concerned, a grand leader died to make that…thing. It shouldn’t even get that kind of attention.

“Warriors.” It spoke, the voice streaming out of the speakers around the room. “You are the finest we have, lead by the finest we have, armed with the finest weapons the Confederation has to offer. Sopheia the Decadent of Thiva herself has blessed this fleet. That should be enough to bolster your confidence. The Zuul, however, are not a race that should be underestimated. They are aggressive, belligerent, but wily. Stay alert, they are creatures of speed and they may change at a moment’s notice. However they lack our resolve or technology. Now go and prepare your ships, the Horde will arrive in less than a week.”

It was a good ten minutes before the briefing had completely dispersed. Themystoclli stood statically until Xhodysseos approached him. Somewhere in the computer core a camera spotted the old friend and the hologram turned towards him in a fashion that a living thing should.

“You did fine today sir.”

“I merely did what I would have done.” The ghost tracked him around the room, Xhodysseos pacing with his upper arms folded behind his back.

“Is it wise, leaving you in Muinxhan’s hands? He is dreadfully brash.”

“You only ask because you are still worried about Themystoclli?” It was weird to hear him say that.

“It may not make much sense to you, but I will always consider you Themystoclli.”

“This is a copy.”

“I know that. Forgive me…I suppose I was getting a bit sentimental about this. It will be ages before I get used to seeing you like this.” The admiral shook his head as he tried to actually get his thoughts straight. Muinxhan returned from the crowd in the corridor as Xhodysseos paced and pondered what to even call this ghost. Muinxhan walked into the couple proudly, disrupting the hologram as he went.

“Xhodysseos, that went well wouldn’t you say?”

“It won’t matter if we can’t hold the fleet together. If the Horde emerges from a spot different from what we predicted it might be too late to prevent them from jumping again.”

“Well that is why the two of us are here to stop them.” Xhodysseos turned to the ghost; again his old mentor was completely indifferent.

“Yes. And we will.”
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:04 am

///Six Days Later///

The scanners lay silent and dark for one hundred and thirty nine hours. Then all hell broke loose.

“Confirmed, a graviton pulse has been detected.”

“Action stations. Standby for contact.”

“Bring primary reactor up to full power, engage auxiliaries-”

“Energize defense fields.”

“Sealing pressure doors, standby damage control fo-”

“Sensor readings have been confirmed by the Tzemeteos and the Dirae, fleet wide-”

“-iton readings suggest incoming mass in excess of 90 million tons of identifiable alloys and-”

Yaziid turned away from his control pillar, making eye contact with the Zo’qu’aan. Muinxhan and Themystoclli stood watch over the bridge and the void just outside. All around them the rest of Muinxhan’s fleet could be seen taking up their final positions from behind the bridge’s command screens. The officers quickly scrambled, double checking the readings before the final alarm was announced and klaxons started blaring throughout the fleet. It was the Zuul. No doubts existed now. Muinxhan stepped forward proudly with his chest puffed up inside his ascension armor.

“Yaziid, what is the estimated time of contact with the graviton pulses?”

“If it remains on the current vector, two hundred and eighty seconds.” The red Morrigi nodded and the hologram stepped forward.

“Assume defensive posture. Helmsman, take us to the contact point, all ahead slow order the armored flights into flanking positions around the node line. Xhodysseos, standby for fire support. Have the Dirae prepare her battle cruisers for launch.”

Dark indigo engine streaks lit up the black of space. All around the Thiva’s Dream smaller pointed cruisers and massive arrow-head shaped dreadnaughts silently slid past one another, gently falling into formation around the contact area. Twas the flock of vultures, awaiting their corpses.

Muinxhan’s vision of the battle at least.

“Contact, repeat contact is materializing in real space.” Yaziid at tactical brought the main display up, but the instruments were not needed to see what was happening. Before the fleet a miniscule red speck appeared. Violently it expanded out, thrashing energy tendrils ripping and cracking the very fabric of space. UV screens were lowered on the bridges with enough time to spare as a single ship emerged in a blinding red pulse of light.

An ugly and haphazardly constructed amalgamation of a ship was attached to a massing, spinning and grinding drill that shredded space itself as the ship moved. The warping gravity from the bow wave made the starlight behind the vessel dance with each turn.

As the abomination came hurtling towards the ships, Themystoclli uttered one order:

“Destroy it.”

Underneath their feet the thuds of the mass drivers could be felt as the turrets opened up. The three leading dreadnaughts unloaded their cannons onto the cruiser, causing it to twist and pinwheel in protest as each round ripped clean through the hull. The entire ship suddenly vaporized itself as it spiraled off away from the formation, the reactor breached sending chunks of the hulk off into deep space. Muinxhan kept his eyes fixated on the flickering red speck in the distance.

“What is the status on the graviton pulses?”

“Gone, Zo’qu’aan. Apparently they were generated by the rending bore.”

“Scan the rupture.”

“Null readings. No size or position can be determined; however the level of tachyons in this sector of space has increased significantly since the breach.”

“What of the ships themselves?”

“Their mass is here from what we can determine; they must have been using that rending bore as a scout as well.”

“Move us to the opposite side of the rupture.” The hologram turned towards the admiral and gave him a curious stare.

“Muinxhan, this is not according to plan. Do not break formation.”

“Then order the formation to follow the Thiva’s Dream. This is our chance; the Zuul can only immerge from that rupture facing the same orientation the rending bore was facing. We will have the perfect firing position.” Muinxhan gave his helmsman, Khulpeos, the order to accelerate. The engram ran the situation in his head. It would work, possibly more effectively than the original plan so long as stray shots did not go into the opposing fleet.

“Muinxhan, your plan has merit. However you are breaking with the predetermined doctrine of-” A very angry Zo’qu’aan suddenly burst onto the comms.

Thiva’s Dream this is the Tzemeteos. Return your fleet to position immediately.”

“Xhodysseos once my fleet is on the other side of the rupture we will have the Zuul in a pincer move that they will not be able to survive. More your ships up into position now.” Not only was this breaking doctrine, but Muinxhan’s armored cruisers were made for the front line, not shooting Zuul in the ass. Xhodysseos knew his ships would not survive nearly as long if drawn into a melee. And Muinxhan wanted him to be the first thing the Zuul saw when arriving.

“Damnit, Muinxhan, what about the battle plan? You cannot simply m-” A bright flash of light quickly cut off the male as one of Muinxhan’s armored cruisers suddenly vaporized in a brilliant blast of light.

“What was that? Report!”

“Antimatter explosion, a strong graviton pulse was recorded just bef-” A huge red glare blotted out the entire view of space as a Zuul dreadnaught materialized in front of the Cecrops and almost instantly collided with it. The entire dreadnaught was wracked and thrown to through a cruiser formation as the Zuul ship bounced off in the other direction. Muinxhan’s bewilderment quickly became horror as more and more Zuul ships emerged into real space inside his formation. The disabled Cecrops spun on her axis as a trio of Zuul cruisers appeared and flew into her hull, one going straight threw engineering.

“E-Evasive action! Khulpeos, twenty degrees down angle, hard starboard. Bridge to gunnary crews, open fire immediately…Fire now, FIRE!” Frantically the Morrigi tried to seize control of the Thiva’s Dream as the hulk of the Cecrops spun into her escorting cruiser flight as they attempted to clear the node line. Four cruisers were utterly smashed and another nine were caught in the explosion of the dreadnaught’s reactor breach. Huge hunks of metal shrapnel smashed into the side of the Thiva’s Dream as she pulled away, causing the entire deck to shudder underneath their feet as an ungodly screeching of metal on metal filled the corridors. Even as all this was happening, dozens upon dozens of Zuul ships continued to emerge into real space where the Thiva’s Dream once stood. Kilometers away he knew his counterpart was cursing him as cruiser after cruiser poured out into real space. Those Morrigi ships that were not immediately destroyed in the collisions soon found themselves caught in a point blank firefight. Completely surrounded, the Draco yielded quickly to the endless volleys of missiles and armor piercers and soon exploded, taking out nearly half a dozen support cruisers in the process.

The secondary fleet was immediately thrown into action in a desperate attempt to save Muinxhan’s doomed forces. Dozens upon dozens of drones erupted from the dreadnaughts and quickly swarmed over the battle fleet in the distance, golden phaser blasts lighting up the Zuul cruisers and dreadnaughts. Even now the amount of Zuul seemed to multiply endlessly as they continued to pour out the rupture in space. Dozens of pointy, misshapen cruisers and their dreadnaught counterparts kept materializing around the Thiva’s Dream and her support fleet. Xhodysseos knew that this couldn’t end well, but he had to salvage what he could. From his own bridge he saw the pin wheeling Morrigi dreadnaughts in the distance and the hulks of his own cruisers starting to pile up. The Zo’qu’aan ordered his fleet into cutting beam range as the Thiva’s Dream drifted farther away from the furball… Muinxhan was at least out of immediate danger. So was Themystoclli. His cruisers opened up with their heavy beams, lighting up the debris field and making more in the process. Zuul ships impacted effectively melted, some were torn asunder, one half going off into space as the engineering section continued to feebly advance.

It was not enough. Xhodysseos’ ships could only do so much as fire support. The drones and the beams were cutting the Zuul to ribbons from range… but that would only last so long. They were the targets now.
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:05 am

Muinxhan tried his best to stay upright as another shudder shot through the entire hull as somewhere underneath them a section of the ship exploded. The corridors themselves warped and bent from the concussive forces, crew members were thrown from their feet all along the decks before the inertial systems could compensate for what happened. An aftershock blasted through the superstructure as the lights went out, knocking Muinxhan off his feet along with most of the bridge crew. Wounded and dazed the warriors hurried back to their posts as quickly as they could move. Two bridge members lay unconscious from when they impacted their shipmate’s command consoles and columns.

“Report!” The Morrigi struggled to pull himself back up with the railing as the ship moved away underneath him. The hologram somehow managed to stay mostly intact, backed up by its own redundant systems.

“Muinxhan we must move the ship out of the battle.”

“I know you damned computer…report, engineering respond!” The comms were full of high pitched squealing static as Muinxhan shouted curse after curse.

“Engineering to bridge. The entire auxiliary fusion reactor 2 assembly is gone, we are venting atmosphere through breaches in blocks 6 through 9. There-”

“Zo’qu’aan! The Zuul cruisers are launching boarding pods, they are heading towards the Mydea and our ship!”

“Close all security doors immediately.” Just now he took note of a stream of crimson blood leaking through his head feathers. “Damnit…”

“Engineering to bridge, the radiation screens are failing and we must get the crew out now bef-”

“No it’s too late, where are my interception missiles? Fire, gods damnit fire now!” Thuds started echoing through the entire ship as objects started to slam into the hull. “Where are my missiles?!”

“LADAR coordination systems have failed.” The engram butted in. “The missiles have lost the ability to track incoming objects.”

“How damned astute of you, Themystoclli.”

Deep in the bowels of the Thiva’s Dream there was a horrible grinding and grating sound. It was different from the constant pounding of mass drivers and the horrid sound of their collisions. This was mechanical. And close. Getting closer. A ring of slag and sparks appeared in the corridor of some remote section of the internal workings, grinding drills and saws made of superheated filaments simply melted the metal away underneath them. Then it exploded into the hall, filling the corridor with smoke and noxious gas. From the dark hole in the side of the Thiva’s Dream emerged the rippers. Two massive females, as tall as they were wide and all muscle and hate led the way into the alien ship. The beasts were completely covered in a thick mat of fur and hair; wearing rudimentary armor as their only protection…they didn’t even need it. The first of them went right for the bulkhead door and pulled it from its frame with a single jerk.

Grendel would be proud.

More monsters emerged from the breach; nearly ten of these beasts filled the cramped halls. Finally a comparatively tiny male emerged from the pod, fully clad in war armor; even his massive head was fully protected. How he was able to stand up straight was beyond knowledge, being so top heavy.

One Morrigi warrior was on the other side of the bulkhead when the beast tore it apart, and valiantly he tried to stop the Zuul. The first shot from his sidearm hit the lead female, unfazed, the invader charged him. His ascension armor offered little protection as a pair of punch-claws tore into his torso. Still impaled and badly bleeding, the Morrigi was thrown into the opposing wall where he was battered and smashed until the shards of hard material in his bloody pulp could not be identified as bone or armor fragments.

Then she proceeded to eat what soupy material had emerged from the fragmented armor, only pausing to come to attention as the male wandered by with the rest of his coterie. She tossed him aside and stormed down the hall after her superior.

Themystoclli saw all of this through his sensors and cameras. The Zuul were quickly cutting a path of destruction through the ship, killing everything they came across as the groups made their way to the bridge. The engram quickly tried to slow them down with more doors and the internal defense mechanisms. In the end it seemed that all that would stop them was the massive blast doors leading to the bridge.

“Muinxhan. The Zuul are boarding party is approaching the bridge. I have taken defensive measures, however they have proven ineffective.” Worried crew members glanced up at the monitors that showed the progress of the Zuul through the inner workings of the ship. Muinxhan was shaking in rage. His ship was floundering, virtually without control the dreadnaught had been drifting through the maw of the battle, batteries still valiantly blazing as she moved unpowered. His fleet lay wasted among the fields of death. All he could do was watch the external camera to his bridge as the Zuul approached.

The Zuul were outside. It was the male that approached the door first, rather than the females who had destroyed the other bulkheads. He must have known that this was the most re-enforced door on the entire dreadnaught. His females surrounded him, standing guard as he calmly sat down.

“What is it doing?” Mused Themystoclli as he analyzed the footage. This was not something the Zuul were known to do…sitting down mid boarding and just stopping. Damned peculiar. Muinxhan stared at the bastard through the monitors.

The noise around him seemed to die out. A nearly silent scratching filling the void where the alarms and panicking crew members had been. His anger returned, infinitely more intense than before… how could this have happened…so many dead…so much lost…he was trusted to do this…Muinxhan the Bold was not one to lose…not to the Zuul…not to anyone…Xhodysseos…this was his fault. He had to follow his instructions! If it was not for him the fleets would have been in position…and…that…damned ghost. He made it, that useless machine, it was all his fault. Xhodysseos.



The scratching in his head grew to an unholy screaming as Muinxhan sleepwalked across the bridge to an arms locker. His eyes grew wider as he started to visibly shake with rage.



Xhodysseos. Xhodysseos. Xhodysseos. Xhodysseos. Xhodysseos. Xhodysseos.
Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos Xhodysseos

Muinxhan let out an otherworldly scream as he swung his freshly acquired battle staff across Khulpeos’ skull, killing the helmsman instantly. With his eyes still open the body dropped from the command pillar leaving a trail of blood and chaos as it impacted controls on the way down. The dead Morrigi fell near the feet of Yaziid, who immediately tried to flee his aggressor, but to no avail. Several feet off the ground the Zo’qu’aan caught his tail and pulled him to the floor. Screaming again Muinxhan stomped down hard on his head. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

The engram could only watch, quickly piecing together what was happening, he did his best to lock out the systems of the ship as the beast quickly tore into the remaining bridge crew with an unholy fury. The Zuul sat outside, indifferent to the mayhem on the other side of the door. The bridge was reduced to a graveyard in mere moments, not a single Morrigi had suspected that their Zo’qu’aan would tear into them so furiously. The bodies lay mutilated and oozing crimson blood that shimmered in the emergency lighting. Skulls were smashed, wings torn off, beaks cracked and bodies bent and broken.

Howling and screaming the psychotic Morrigi ran to the hologram and started taking swings at the thing, each passing through without slowing down. The hologram ignored the maddening admiral and turned to the opening door. The hologram turned to the new visitors, the Zuul coterie. Still squawking and screeching the Morrigi didn’t take note of the visitors. The male looked up at the Morrigi warrior, bloodstained, broken, and exhausted. With one thought the Zuul ended his rampage and Muinxhan fell to the ground shivering and then he just fainted. The Zuul looked at the only remaining Morrigi.


“So what is this thing?” It growled at the ghost, stepping around it as his females took to the controls of the Thiva’s Dream.

“I will not entertain conversation with hostile forces.”

“Quaint. This thing has some grit. I was unaware that the Morrigi cared so much for their…machines…to bother with such programming.” The Zuul turned up its nose as it made another orbit of the engram’s avatar.

“You have lost, slave.” The avatar didn’t flinch. The frustrated conqueror tried to claw at it, grabbing only air.
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:05 am

“Xhodysseos, we have lost contact with the Thiva’s Dream. Last report stated that boarding pods had breached the outer hull.”

“Zo’qu’aan, the Bacab is requesting to pull back, citing heavy damage to her void cutter.”

Dirae reports that she has lost a battlecruiser, and cites heavy damage to her command section from Zuul IOBMs.”

“-orts of overheats in PDG bank 4, helm bring the undamaged PD systems to the front.”

“Drone squadrons down to 40% strength! Pull them back at once before we lose m-”

“Another dreadnaught has emerged from the node fracture, looks like this one is-”

All around Xhodysseos his own fleet bled, but lived on. Some cruisers were gone, vanished under swarms of rockets, but for the most part the heavy beams and turreted particle guns were enough to keep the Zuul cruisers at bay as the fleet tried to outmaneuver the invaders. But the Zuul had given chase. The Morrigi would not survive another melee and Xhodysseos knew that this was it. He had to give the order to retreat. It was a much needed bit of relief to his fleet, but the disappointment was all consuming. They had failed the entire Confederation here. His mind did go back to his old teacher… had the engram been destroyed? There was no way of knowing, not with the communications breakdown on the Thiva’s Dream. There was nothing he could do now… he had to warn Thiva.

It was dusk back at the Thesmia’s palace, and the entire megaron was alive with activity. A wandering tribe of dancers and musicians had graced the city tonight, and the very best were in the palace of Sopheia the Decadent. She blasted out a huge laugh as one of the dancers somehow managed to land interlocked with another that rolled underneath him. The small splattering of wine that landed on her chest was quickly mopped up by her servants who also refilled her chalice.

“By the gods, what skill! Fantastic!” The rest of her court followed suit, praising the men for their coordination. Save for one female who wasn’t so interested in the festivities. This messenger stormed out of the back of the palace and right up to the Thesmia and whispered a message in her ear.

“Oh ho! A message from the front and my loooovely Xhodysseos. Put it through here!”

“B-but my lady…”

“Just do it…and bring me more wine!” The messenger signaled the woman in charge of the palace communications through her commband. Hesitating, she finally sent the signal to the megaron. Two massive rods descended from the ceiling and an energy field appeared between them, forming a massive hologram projector screen. Xhodysseos appeared before them.

“Ah haha…my love, how goes your battle?” She drank down the rest of her wine, yelling back for more again. The image of Xhodysseos shuddered and he grabbed hold of the railing in front of him as his ship rocked underfoot.

“Sopheia! My lady we must retreat immediately! Muinxhan’s fleet has been destroyed utterly, my own fo-” A crewmate cut in from off screen.

“Zo’qu’aan! The Bacab has been destroyed! The Zuul ships have broken through the line, we mus-” Another shockwave threw the Xhodysseos to the side has his ship lurched under foot.

“Sopheia we must withdraw at once or else no one will survive!” There was a final flash of light on the screen and then just static.

The megaron was deathly silent. The dancers stood fixed to the ground, the wine barer had let her flask fall from her hands, and the Thesmia dribbled her wine from her mouth. It felt like someone just stopped her heart. Stopped everyone’s hearts.

She swallowed hard and stared at the static.
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by The_Unificator » Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:53 am

i just found this great story, and i love it, ¿you will write more?
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by Mr.Weasel » Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:53 pm

I am surprised to hear that anyone has read this actually, it was so long ago I practically forgot about it.
I may end up writing more in the future for sure, I have a few ideas still laying around in relation to this, just not have been too motivated to work on them for a while for some reason.

But thank you for the comment :D
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by marshb » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:04 pm

We read them. Were just spoiled. Good read. :thumbsup:
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by The_Unificator » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:01 pm

Mr.Weasel wrote:I am surprised to hear that anyone has read this actually, it was so long ago I practically forgot about it.
I may end up writing more in the future for sure, I have a few ideas still laying around in relation to this, just not have been too motivated to work on them for a while for some reason.

But thank you for the comment :D

thank for let me now that :) , i am very interested inte adventures of those brave Morrigi, and in his fate at the hands of the Zuul
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Re: The Akilleos Saga: The Battle of Melos Prime

Post by argentus » Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:21 am

I also am looking forward to the next enstallment, very well written and detailed. I love the homage to the Liir milkshakes you put in there :P

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