The Choice

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The Choice

Post by LordD » Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:57 pm

Mankind faces extinction, only the Solforce battlefleets have ket the Tarka and Hiver at bay on the edge of Human civilisation, however there is the sight of peace the Tarka have become tired with an war against Humans as it detracts from their own Hiver War.
We face a difficult decision whether to trust them or attack them when their guard is down, though the takra don't know it we have a large scale armament of Node missiles. A thousand of these missiles are ready to be luanched at their body with a further four thousand and we have the money and resources to make hundreds of thousands of these weapons, but if the Tarka found out about this weapon they will forget about the hiver and try to wipe us out.
Or is there another option if we destroy the Hiver worlds then we gain the trust of the Takra and we may be allowed to expand peacefully into space.
"Sergeant, Node missile status, Now!"
"We have over a thousand missiles aiming at startegic targets on the Tarka front with four thousand to replace them and the same at the Hiver Front."
"Ship the spare four thousand to the hiver front, when they get there they are to luanch immediately"
"The targets sir"
"Aim for the planets ignore the fleets if a planet is destroyed they are to head down the next node line"
After the sergeant left the room to give the orders I opened a communication to the nearest Tarka World and asked to speak to their leader, I just hope to God Ihaven't made the wrong choice.

Lord D
The empire of Lord D has arisen run or be destroyed.


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