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Post by Alvarus » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:44 pm

Okay, I'm not a writer, but I was watching Turner Classic Movies or AMC and playing too much SOTS:

"Six months.", he said, casually tossing a report on the desk.

The president considered the report in front of him and pushed it back across his desk, "Six months? That can't be right."

"I'm afraid it is. If we lose two more colonies our economy will collapse. And that's if we're lucky. The Liir have three unstoppable fleets on the loose. You saw what they did to Spica."

The president stammered, "Wha--What about Omega fleet?"

"We haven't heard from them since they engaged the Liir at the battle of Spengler. That was our most advanced battle fleet. Three Armageddon class dreadnoughts, 20 support cruisers, anti-matter mines, jamming and deep scan destroyers. I'm afraid that our situation is hopeless."

The president sized up the minister. He glanced at the scale model of the Daedalus Mk 1 class destroyer on his desk. For a brief moment he considered hurling it at the minister, but thought the better of it. Instead he took a breath and said, "You're not here to tell me that things are hopeless. You're on this cabinet to come up with solutions to these problems."

"I'm on this cabinet to tell it how it is and not pull any punches. The Liir have crushed every counter-attack we've thrown at them since 2459. They've glassed ten of our colonies and they're in striking distance of the remaining four. Our borders have been pushed back to where they were 100 years ago. Where is the silver lining in this situation?"

The president looked at the model on his desk again. Without so much as a stray glance at the minister he said, "Get out."


"I said get out. Convene the entire cabinet in one hour."

He rose and walked to the door, "As you say."

He didn't slam the door to the president's surprise.

Of course he's right, he thought. The Liir are unstoppable. They must have triple the production and research capacity we do now. More ships. Better tech.

And they stopped talking to us years ago.

Ever since the Hiver ambassador let on that we drove the cetaceans on our home planet to extinction. God damn bugs.

They got theirs, though. They shouldn't have boiled those Liirians on Wuuna. After every engagement the Liir broadcast the message, "How many of you do we have to kill before you leave us alone?"

For the Hivers it turned out to be all of them.

"Sir? Your cabinet is here."

"Send them in."

"Okay, let's hear the sit-rep from all departments. Admiral Miller, fleet status."

"Lambda fleet: destroyed, Mu fleet: 15% effective, Nu, Omicron, and Pi are combining after suffering heavy losses. Another battle like that and all we'll have left is the four Daedalus Mk1 class fission destroyers orbiting the two original colonies."

"Dr. Xuan, research status."

"The Liir have adapted their defenses to counter our ballistic weapons. They're largely ineffective. Same with our antimatter warheads; we can't penetrate their point defense.

We've been working on perfecting directed energy weapons, but we're at least 20 years behind the Liir."

"Dr. Johnson, what about the homefront?"

"Things have been relatively quiet since you declared marshall law, sir. There hasn't been any shortage of recruits for the fleet. But we have had a number of problems on Terra: terrorist attack on the Amsterdam metro, food shortages across the planet, and riots in Nova Oklahoma."

"The farmer and the cowmen should be friends.", quipped Admiral Miller. No one got it.

The president was clearly annoyed, "What?"

Miller blushed, "What? Oh, sorry. It's just - Oklahoma. It was my mom's favorite vid from the pre-FTL era. You'd probably hate it; it's a musical."

A grim faced aide entered the room. "Spengler's gone. What's left of our fleet there indicates that the enemy force is on a heading to Terra. E.T.A. four years."

The last of the president's restraint gone, he smashed the model on his desk, "Options!"

Miller brushed a piece of model debris from his lap, "Mu fleet and the newly reformed Pi fleet are on the way back home. We can still outrun the bastards here at least.

Another Armageddon class dreadnought should be online in two weeks. We might be able to build one more before the Liir arrive, but we'll have to strip half the planet to do it."

"We should at least try to talk to them again.", said Dr. Mendez, the resident xeno linguist.

The president rolled his eyes, "They won't listen, you know it. They haven't talked to us in 20 years."

The interior Minister buried his head in his hands, "Christ, Mendez, why do you even bother showing up anymore?"

Mendez nearly jumped out of his seat. He thought about walking out of the meeting right then. Fine, let them burn. But then he thought of his wife and two children and sat back down, "I'm here to save the human race, Minister Johnson. Now, what if we've been going about this the wrong way? I've reviewed every transmission we've sent since first contact. They're all spoken word and text."

Johnson didn't look up, "So?"

"So, the Liir sing to each other. Their messages to us have been songs. The last message they sent to us was translated as 'Land monkeys, you who have killed our cousins and brothers alike. You who haven't a song in your hearts shall be cleansed from Black Sea by the Black Swimmers.'

Johnson walked away, "Yeah, and it's the worst song I've ever heard."

Mendez shifted in his seat, " probably rhymes in their language. But that's not the point, what I'm saying..."

..."is that the Humans and the Swimmers should be friends?", interrupted Admirial Miller.

"Well, at least not enemies. We can show them we have something in common. Maybe they'll think twice about eradicating our species if they know that we sing, too."

"A little late with this revelation aren't you, Mendez? Why didn't you come up with this 20 years ago?", asked the President.

His eyes narrowed, "Don't try to pin this on me, Bill. You only wanted to start talking after they beat back three invasion fleets and glassed two of our colonies. You were perfectly content to use their peace-songs as the background music to your conquest of Liirian space.

This is our best shot. We're clearly outmatched."

"Fine, what's your plan?"

The Humans broadcast every song in the archives on every Liirian frequency for the next four years. And they waited. And hoped.

"Sir, the expeditionary force sent to investigate the alien signals reached the source but was destroyed soon afterwards."

The Kan'dai pounded his desk with his fist, "I had hoped for a new ally against those damnable water mammals. Now the aliens will have to burn as well. Rally our forces at Ko'Hathra."

The aide bowed his head lower, careful not to make eye contact, "Kan'dai, the planet was colonized by the water mammals. Apparently the aliens fell to them before we arrived."

He turned to the window behind him, "Pity, they sang such lovely songs."
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Post by DervMan » Sun May 20, 2007 3:25 pm

Okay so I've just discovered this part of the forum - but I like this.

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Post by Athlon27 » Sun May 20, 2007 4:55 pm

WOW Amazing for a new writer, Keep at it dude :)
(Advise)- try and have us and the Hiver return to aide the Tarkans before the end, Cause we(humans) should still have some colonies, and the hivers are like a rodent infestation, you just can't stop it by destroying it's source.

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