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Post by Galacticus » Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:18 am

OH NOES!!!!! Fruit!! LOL good job slasher. This story is incredibly interesting.
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Post by Slasher » Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:48 pm

Part 10
Location: 2nd planet Izokot System, Palace of princess Icewing.
Time: 2.7 ZST, 1215 GMT

Tzrata tried to focus. His mandibles still hurt, but Tzrata was more afraid of how the rest of him would soon hurt. He kicked himself for having walked into Icewings trap like that. The metaly kicked himself for calling Jade Razor what he did when the pain was still fresh from that horrible fruit. Jade Razor had challenged him on the spot and Icewing let him. It was what she wanted the whole time. Tzrata's head on a platter (litteraly).
"...And he called me things I dare not name before your personage." Tzrata could hear Jade Razor doing the official bit that made a duel between princes right and proper. Recounting the wrongs and only a fight to the death or at least severe maining would rectify. He remember how Jade Razor had been all the way back in the hatchery. He had been one of the worst of them. He had been so full of himself then. How he would go on to do this and that. And he was the one that began the whole "stumps" thing. The only thing about this mess was finaly to be able to lay into the selfrighteous prick.
"Tzrata! Gleaming Blade of the queens own brood! You have been called to answer for your words."
That was Tzrata's que to enter. He shot a last glance at Limiru hoping in vain for some kind of covert assistance.
"It simply wouldn't be proper for a PET to do that." Chirped Limiru's voice in Tzrata's mind, filled with false innocence and sympathy.
Tzrata stepped through the ornamented doors to the throne room. Waiting inside the doors where 2 guards who followed on either side of Tzrata as Tzrata walked towards Jade Razor who stood defiently at the base of the throne. Around Jade Razor stood a circle of guards with only a small gap in it. Tzrata walked up to the gap and stepped into the circle. The guards who where following him closed the circle behind him.
"I have come to stand by my word!" Tzrata spoke in a loud defiant voice as he followed the customs of the duel.
"Then by the name of the God Queen!" (refered to normaly simply as the Goddess in normaly circumstances) Jade Razor raised his voice as he looked at Icewing who was sitting atop the throne. "I demand blood to repay the damage to my honour!"
"For the queen of the queens, I will show my words true or false in blood." Tzrata replied in an equaly raised tone.
The two princes faced eachother. Tzrata drew his metal blades, while Jade Razor prepared his swordarms. All that was left was the princesses word.
"Let it be done." Icewing calmly said.
As one the two princes move towards one another. Tzrata knew that Jade Razor had been without a peer in the mock fights in the hatchery. Jade darted foreward and stabbed with his left sword. Tzrata barely managed to dodge in time. Jade Razor circled slowly.
"I have been waiting to do this for a long time." Jade snarled as he leapt foreward and made a wide slash with his right arm. Tzrata held his right sword to block and pushed towards Jades blow. Barely had the blades met before Jade's left sword stabbed at where Tzrata had been a fraction of a second earlier. Tzrata didn't have room to swing his left sword as he pressed against Jades right arm. He could hear a supprised scream cut short. No doubt Jade Razor had hit one of he guards when he missed Tzrata. As Jade Razor pulled his sword from the unfortunate guards head Tzrata hit him with the handle of his left sword just bellow the shoulder, pushing Razor Wing off balance and sending him careerin into th guards.
Tzrata quickly backed away as Jade Razor leapt to his feet and stepped back into the ring.
"Im going to make you bleed for that." Jade snarled as he readied himself. "Me or the guards?" Spat Tzrata back. The two princes slowly circled eachother. Tzrata had clearly demonstrated that he was better than Jade expected, and Tzrata knew Jade wasn't going to make the mistake of underestimating him again.
Tzrata noticed a slight gimp in jades right swordarm. He tried to judge Jade franticly. Had he hurt his shoulder when he fell into the guards, or was it just a feint? Tzrata wasn't sure. He took a chance and leapt foreward. Tzrata brought both his swords down on Jade from the left, one in head height, as a feint, and another in knee height. Jade parrayed the high one with his right arm, and stabbed down on the low one knocking it from Tzrata's hand. Tzrata realised it was a ruse and tried to dodge back, but was too slow. Jades right sword caught Tzrata's leg and he fell. Jade moved foreward in a blur of motion and stabbed at Tzrata. Tzrata barely managed to roll aside before Jades blade shattered the crystal floor tile where his head had been. Tzrata threw himself realised he had dropped the second sword when he fell. He threw himself towards the blades behind Jades feet. Jade tried to block him but the force of Tzrata knocked Jades legs out from under him and he fell face first into the shattered floor tile.
Tzrata quickly grapped one of his swords and leapt to his feet.
"Falling on your face like that hurts, don't it? You should be more careful." Tzrata's voice teased Jade with the same words Jade Razor had used in the hatchery. Jade Razor spun to his feet with a roar of anger.
"Your death will be legendary for its cruelty." He snarled as he threw himself at Tzrata. Tzrata dodged to the side and caught Jades left leg with his sword as he passed Jade. Jade gave a short agonised scream as he fell. A gasp could be heart from the guards. It was clear who they thought the favourite was.
Tzrata spun around and leapt at Jade. Jade stabbed blindly upwards to deflect his advesary. Tzrata felt a stab of searing pain in his left leg as he came down Jade, but his blade didn't miss its mark, and hit Jade Razor square in the chest with a crunch as it peirced his chitin. Tzrata stumpled on the ground tried to pull Jade Razor's left sword from his thigh. He heard the guards close in around him, before he blacked out from the pain.

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Post by Slasher » Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:21 am

Part 11
Location: 2nd planet Izokot System, Palace of princess Icewing.
Time: 2.8 ZST, 1225 GMT

"He's coming around." Tzrata heard a voice from the stranger standing over him. His head hurt and his mind was foggy. It felt like someone had tried to pull his leg in half. He tried to sit up but the stranger held him down.
"The damage isn't too bad in the soft tissues. It was a clean cut." Tzrata hearda second voice, he couldn't see from where. "The stab whent clean through the bone though, it'll be about a month before its fully healed." Tzrata felt a stab of searing pain from his leg and screamed. Or at least he tried, but is voice refused. "Stay down prince, don't try to struggle." The stranger held Tzrata down. The pain in Tzrata's leg began to subside, replaced by a soothing warth that spread throughout his intire leg. Soon he couldn't feel the pain at all.
Tzrata shook his head to clear his mind of the fog of tranquilisers and looked around him. He was still in Icewings throne room. The stranger over him was a medic. Behind the medic Tzrata could see Icewing still sitting on her throne calmly watching. Tzrata tried to struggle to his feet, but the medic tried to hold him down. "You must relax. We're trying to help you."
Tzrata pushed the medic aside and sat up and looked around. A second medic was busy treating Tzrata's leg. He was laying bandages over a wet silvery cloth on the wound on Tzrata's leg. It was nodoubt filled with nanomachines for healing Tzrata's wound.
Tzrata tried to force his voice. Reluctantly it yeilded. "So... Icewing... Shall we drop the formalities?" His voice was raspy and dry. Tzrata asumed it was a side effect from the tranquilisers.
"Yes. Lets." The reply came in a cold, annoyed voice. Icewing measured Tzrata. "It seems Jade Razor was more talk than action. A pity. He was a useful pawn." Icewing's voice betrayed only the slightest hint of anything but dissatisfaction. "What was the favour you wanted then?"
"I need to trace a ship. Not far from hiver space." Tzrata forced his voice. It was getting easier to speak, but it was still laboured for him.
"Im sure you would only come under the direst circumstances. What do you offer in return?" Icewing's voice a slimmer of suprise that was quickly consealed. She obviously thought he had come to ask for someting else.
"Anything." Tzrata replied.
"Anything?" Icewing lifted an anttenae in satisfaction and her mandibles betrayed an evil smile.
"Anything, but that." Tzrata hurridly added. Icewings smile disapeared, replaced by annoyance.
"Fine. But you owe me for this. And I WILL collect what Im owed..." Icewing snarled. "I'll sent someone to assist you."
Icewing waved Tzrata off, clearly agitated that her scheme hadn't worked.

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Post by Slasher » Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:38 pm

Part 12
Location: 2nd planet Izokot System, 10.000km from clan Deathrattle teleportation gate, the ship Tight Grip
Time: 5.80 ZST, 2025 GMT

"ETA to the gate, 7 minutes." The warrior at the ships helm reported.
"Theyre passing a pair of destroyer class merchants in the gate, should be done when we arrive." Reported the warrior on the communications.
Tzrata sat in the padded command chair on the Tight Grips bridge.
Chazak-Rek (hiver equalent of captain on a cruiser) Cheztet Kaktat the 5 times born (translated to roughly Unyilding/Unending/Eternal Faith/Loyalty) who normaly commanded the Tight Grip was an imposing warrior, totaling 80 cm tall (imposing by the standart of the kneecapper type wariors), his black chitin pot marked by scars from old battles. He was greatly feared and respected among the warriors under his command. He stood warrior operating sensors looking over his shoulder.
"Theyre still following us." He said in his deep booming voice (by kneecapper standarts, it would sound shrill to a human).
"Of course." Replied Tzrata. Tzrata shifted uncomftably in the command chair. His legs mechanic brace (a brace designed to take load off a leg by a stiff metalic exoskeleton, with motoriced joints to allow it to bend least possible stress to the leg).
"Icewing won't let me go so easily." Her objective was doubtlesly the same it always had been, thought Tzrata following his reply. To rebirth him into a loyal soldier. She properbly hoped he'd have asked for soldiers or a warship when he came to her palace. That would have allowed her to place a spy close to him. She wasn't so crude as to try to kill him herself. But she was growing more presistent, as Jade Razor prooved. She no longer had reservation about placing him in a life threatening sitiuation, to get his head.
"What do we know about the ship thats following us?" Tzrata inquired. He settled in a less uncomftable position.
"Destroyer size, has much better sensors than we do. Theyre hidding at the limit or our scan range." Cheztet Kaktat said, as he was downloading the info into a datapad. When he was done he handed the pad to Tzrata.
"This is all we have one them. Just what we've been able to get without knowning the ships name or entry in the armada registry." (the armada registry is a database created to help the queen keep track of the ships of the different hiver clans) Cheztet turned back to the sensors console.
"Should we waste 'em?" Limiru's voice entered Tzrata's mind.
"No." Tzrata cut off the Liir. "We're dependant on Icewing to track the slavers. Let them follow us for now. We can loose them at the gate." Tzrata explained.
"I need to talk to the gates operators, brother." Tzrata said, trying to find another comftable position.
"On it." The comms warrior replied.

After a few second a screen next to Tzrata flickered on. It showed a serious looking warrior.
"How can I help you prince?" He asked in a direct tone.
"We suspect that another ship is trying to follow us. I'd like for you to waylay them a bit." Tzrata tried his diplomatic tone.
"I cannot do that. Gate operators are bound by the word of our mother and faith in the queen to assist all other clans." The warrior began a long explanation.
"Not even if it where to cause clan Icewing a great deal of trouble if that one ship was sent in the wrong way?" Tzrata asked with a devious smile.
"Clan Deathrattle is no friend of clan Icewing, but it would be a breach of our most sacred vows." The warrior quickly said, though he didn't sound intirely convinced when he said the last bit. "But accidents do happen." He followed whispering in a low voice. The connection was cut and Tzrata leaned back.

Tzrata watched as the cruiser arrived at the gate and slowly moved to jump.
"They have confirmed payment and are powering the gate. ETA to jump 20 seconds." The comm warrior reported. A low barely audiable humm began to ring out from the walls and floor. A result of the powerfull electromagnetic forces involved in creating the gate, creating a sympathetic resonance in the ship being transported.
And in a bright flash they jumped.

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Post by Slasher » Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:41 pm

That should round up the part of the story with most of the intriuge. I expect to be able to end the story within the next 3-5 parts...
I've been planning on making some bio's and background stuff, that should clear up some of whats been happening. Just not sure if I should make it before or after the ending.
Anyone got a preference?

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Post by Nspace » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:26 pm

I'd vote for after the ending. Keeps the flow of the story intact and can kind of act as an appendix. :)
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Post by Sevain » Thu Feb 08, 2007 5:38 pm

Yes, finish the story first, then explain what happened.

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Post by Slasher » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:21 pm

Part 13
Location: Rizketep, Deepspace, The Mandible
Time: 5.104 ZST, 0625 GMT

"I don't care about some stupid slavers." Mezek-rek Razaket the twice hatched, sounded agitated. "I have a monkey pack imbound, it will arrive within a week."
"I understand Brother." Tzrata tried diplomaticly. "Thats just another reason to help me hunt down the slavers. You wouldn't want them at your back when the humans arrive." Tzrata did his best to sound convincing. "And I will assist you with the humans if you help me." Tzrata hoped his diplomatic tone would help convince the garrisons commander. And and whispered a silent prayer to the goddess he'd be back in Corvus before the humans arrived.
"Sorry brother, but I don't have the time to spare. But I will take you up on your promise." Razaket got a devious gleam in his compound eyes. "You will be levied when the humans arrive. All loyal sons fight for the queen." Razaket's face resumed its seriousness. "If theres nothing else I can help you with, I have many duties to attend." Razaktet forced a smile.
"No theres not. " Replied Tzrata and cut the connection.
"Whats the plan then, prince?" Cheztet was waiting on another screen.
"We start searching the hard way. The sooner we get out of here the better." Tzrata replied, his nervousness at the news about the human fleet had been hard to hide.

Tzrata knew the Mandible was little match for the new antimatter powered cruisers the humans had begun to field. He knew his crew would insist on aiding the garrision though. Their princess, Summer Rain, had been killed in the war and now they took any chance to fight the humans personal.

"Artemis, begin plotting the most likely places for a covert base for the slavers in the system." Tzrata stared at a chart at the system, trying to will the slavers to come out of hidding.
"Im uploading the most likely places now." Artemis's cold voice reported, as several highlights began apearing on the chart.
"An internal base within one of the larger asteriods would be ideal for the slavers..." Artemis began to explain as Tzrata cut him off. "Send the coordinates to the Tight Grip." Tzrata looked over a datapad with technical specifications for known hiver ships. An old report, but one that Tzrata had been able to aquire through old contacts in the covert branch of the queens armada.
"I want passive scanners and low power profiles while we search. I don't wan't them to see us comming."

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Post by Slasher » Fri Feb 09, 2007 4:58 pm

Part 14
Location: Rizketep, Deepspace, 5000km from slaver rally point, The Mandible
Time: 1.18 ZST, 1600 GMT

"2nd watch the second one!" The warrior on the sensors shouted.
"I see it. He's trying to push past us." Tzrata stood over the sensor screen shouting orders. "Cheztet, cut him off and hit his engine. I don't want him to get away." Tzrata tried to control his voice. Cheztet would know how dangerous it is to engage a slaver cruiser with a salvage ship, Tzrata didn't want to give Cheztet more to worry about.
"1st one is comming about!" The sesnors warrior reported.
Before Tzrata could reply a succession of loud explosions shook the Mandible. Tzrata was thrown off his feet by the impact as the intire room seemed to be instantly move a meter.
"Impact on center hull. Pressure drop on decks 3 and 4. Compensating for atmospheric loss, damage control team 6 and 8 dispatched." Artemis calmly read out, as the bridge crew struggled back on their feet.
"Focus fire on their bridge!" Tzrata shouted at the warrior manning firecontrols.
A second series of deafingly loud twangs rung out and the whole ship shook. Tzrata held on to the sensor consol with all his strength and barely remained standing.
"Impact on nose section. 78% deflection, no pressure drop." Reported Artemis, without a trace or worry. Tzrata thanked the goddess for the Mandibles Polycarbonate armor.
"Full reverse burn!" Tzrata shouted at the pilot, as he was he was climbing back into the pilot seat. The pilot pulled the throttle control back hard. The loud booms of the engines firing could be heard a fraction of a second before their sudden deceleration send a jolt through the ship.
"Neutron beam firing!" The fire control warrior shouted, cut off by the whistling noise of neutron beam. "Clean Impact on their nose, theyre vac'ing!" He reported, barely heard over the whine of the beam cannon.
Tzrata shot a quick glance to the main monitor, displaying the slaver cruiser. A green neutron beam cutting clean through the cruisers front section illuminated the ship. A large plume of fire erupted where the beam hit, the air being ignited through friction with the beam for the breifest of seconds before it disperesed so much in the vacum it couldn't burn. Tzrata thought he could see the crew of the ship being sucked out with the air, but prefered not to think about it.
"Bring us about and chase the second one!" Tzrata shouted at the pilot.
Tzrata heard the fusion cannons firing, no doubt leaving glowing craters in the slaver cruisers armor, but his priorty was preventing the second cruiser from escaping.
A series of loud pop's could be heard as the Mandibles manuvering thrusters, fired, followed by a jolt in the ship as it began turning.
"Tight reports severe engine damage, their main engines is down." Reported Artemis calmly.
A bright flash from the man screen caught Tzrata's attention. A 100 meter long gout of flaming gas blasted out from a hole in the side of the 1st slaver ship.
"Their reactor is hit!" Cried the firecontrol warrior jubilantly. Tzrata watch the gout die out as a large section of the ship opposite of the gout exploded outward in a shower of debris, as their reactor pushed forced its way out the far side with the force of its contents being vented.
"They are venting their last air. They can't fight back anymore." Artemis announced. Tzrata could hear a cheer arise from the whole crew of the Mandible in responce.
"Theres still one left, focus!" Tzrata cut the cheers of the bridge crew off.
Tzrata noticed the main screen switching of a view of the Tight Grip, with a gaping wound across its engine, lying behind the second slaver cruiser, which was potmarked with glowing holes across its full lenght from return fire.
A series of fusion cannon blasts streaked from the nose of the Tight grip and impacted the slaver ships engines, tearing the rear half of the ship appart in a huge shower of debris. A fraction of a second latter a huge explosion tore through the debris, not 100 meters from the ships side.
"Armor penetrating detonations, not much left of their engine." Artemis surmised. "Their saucer section is intact. Im still reading life signs on the monitor. She's on that saucer." Artemis followed.
"Have the Tight Grip manuver to the saucer with its manuvering thrustsers. I'll transfer over there and lead the boarding myself."
Tzrata hurridly walked off the bridge towards his quarters.

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Post by Slasher » Sat Feb 10, 2007 3:32 am

Part 15
Location: Rizketep, Deepspace, 6000km from slaver rally point, The Tight Grip
Time: 1.22 ZST, 1723 GMT

Tzrata twitched subconciously in his leg. The powerarmor, speacily built for him when he entered the queens queens armada as leader of a black ops team. That was over a hundred years ago. He still remembers the pride he felt that day. The suits controls had been hotwired to supporting Tzrata's injured leg, but where otherwise the same as they had been that dat. It was and old reliable hydrolic's opearted suit. Noisy, not very agile or fast. But its thick polycarbonate plates provided more protection than more modern myomer suits did. Even if they where faster, more agile and accurate.

"Almost done!" The warrior at point was kneeling as his lasercutter tore a long gash through the hull of the slaver saucer.
"Has it been so long since you've done this last?" Limiru's melodic voice inquired. It was full of anticipation of the comming fight. Limiru lived for these fights. He had for many years.
"Its only 5 monts since I was that firefight in Ke'Grappa." Tzrata said, trying to deflect the infered meaning of Limiru's words.
"Hopefully they won't have that kind of tanks." Limiru said, in a playfull tone. "But that when is the last time you actualy used a gun in a firefight?" Limiru teased.
"Does hand-grenade thing in Corvus last year count? I did shoot it." Tzrata said, slightly selfcontious.
"I won't call that shooting, so much as a botched attempt at blowing yourself up..." Said Limiru, trying to sound like he had to dig the memory up. "30 years then. Back when I was still working for the queen." Replied Tzrata.
"You should do this more then. The rush of a close quarters fight reminds you you're alive." Limiru's voice trailed off as he remembered a sensation.
"Charges set!" The warrior working on the saucers bulkhead, shouted and he began to run down the boarding crane towards the rest of the warriors waiting.
"We're set to go, just give the word prince." Reported Ru-Rek Stalward.
"Lets get this party started then." Limiru chirped.

Tzrata checked his gaussrifle one last time. The battery was at 95%, 10 flechette bundles in the magazine and all 5 spare clips ready. The gaussrifle was a big unsubtle weapon. The design was originaly designed for a big warrior to carry, with mechanical gyroscope harnis to help take the recoil, for use against lightly armored vehicles. It was hopelessly outdated compared to the GSMG's (Gyrojet SubMachineGun) the kneecapper style warriors around them where armed with. But it was still much more powerfull than most antipersonel weapons. He also carried a sawed off gyrojet rifle, with short effective range but a rifles stopping power, as a side arm on his right hip.
Tzrata had checked all his guns and felt nothing more could prepare him. It was time to unleash the pre fight tension.

"Word is go for assault!" Tzrata said, forcing his voice to sound unstressed.
With a loud bang a could of smoke engulfed the visible side of the saucer in smoke. The warriors, all 72 moving as one, rushed down the halway of the boarding crane into the smoke. Limiru followed behind the warriors with well rehearsed movements. Tzrata ran after them, making loud clangs with each footstep.
A loud firefight immedietly erupted inside the smoke. Shots ringing out left and right with warriors and otherthings screaming and yelling. The command channel on the intercom flared with activity as the hex leaders shouted orders.
"5 on the left!" "Nade launcher dead ahead!" "Fragging left!" "Stairs up on the right!" A loud bang rang out on the left as Tzrata reached the smoke from the breaching. He switched his visor to thermal overlay. "Nade launcher is kill, moving dead ahead, Hex 5 and 6 with me." Limiru's refined voice stood in stark contrast to the rest of the com chatter.
Inside the smoke Tzrata could see the twisted sides of the bulkhead next to the entrypoint. Just inside the hole Tzrata could see a corridor, barel 2.5 meters tall but 3 meters wide. Slavers always build their ships with big roomy corridors for cramming extra slaves into. It was empty except for a large chunk of the bulkhead that had been thrown in when it was blown open. Behind the plate a foot was visible. Some poor fool had been standing there, properbly listening for the where the boarding point would be. At least he found it, Tzrata told himself.
"We got a strongpoint 30 meters after the turn on the left!" The hex leader of hex 2 shouted. Automatic fire could be heard behind him over the com.
"Hang in there, Im comming." Tzrata replied over the com, as he switched the safety off on the gaussrifle.
"I've reached the main chamber on deck 3, only 10 bogies here. No sign of the target." Limiru chirped on the com. "I'll take Hex 5 and 6 down from here."
Tzrata ran as fast as he could down the corridor on the left towards a bend. 8 warriors where sitting behind the corner, 2 lay in the open outside the corner wall, both bleeding from multiple wounds.
"How many bogies?" Tzrata asked. The hex leader from hex 2, Fearless Valour, turned to Tzrata.
"5, all behind hard cover. They have a highcaliber machinegun. 20 meters down the hall." Fearless reported.
"Let me try." Tzrata stepped towards the corner. The warrior nearest the corner stepped back to make room. Tzrata got as close as he could to the corner, and followed the old motions he had practiced since he was little more than a grub. In one clean economic movement he swung the railgun and his head around the corner, just enough to aim. The whole motion whent like a blur. He squeesed the trigger 3 times while he was still bringing the gun around, sending a cloud of metalic needles down the corridor. As he fired the 3rd shot, Tzrata had a clearly seen the intire hallway and all 5 slavers. They where hunched behind an improvised series of sheet metal plates. Properbly torn straight from a wall panel in a hurry. Roughly in the middle of the barricade a tridop with a machinegun was sitting, with only a small opening in the barricade. One of the slavers was already lying down behind the barricade. Tzrata snapped his last 2 shots at the machinegun and began to pull his head back. The machinegun returned in kind with a quick salvo of fire at Tzrata's corner. Tzrata heard several of the gyrojets impact his armor across the arms. To his satisfaction Tzrata noted the machineguns operator began to collapse before Tzrata was back behind the corner.
"2 Down" Tzrata said to the other warriors. "On my word, hex 3 smokes and rush them, I'll lay cover fire." Tzrata pulled a magazine from his left thigh and clapped it into the gaussrifle hard.
"Ready?" Tzrata looked at the small warriors.
"Ready!" They replied as one.
Tzrata spun around the corner as he shouted the order.

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Post by Slasher » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:24 pm

Part 16
Location: Rizketep, Deepspace, 6000km from slaver rally point, Slaver planetary assault saucer.
Time: 1.23 ZST, 1746GMT

"Sweep of deck 4 complete." Ru-Rek Stalward's voice failed a meassure of the pride he took in successfull operation. "34 hostiles counted, all dead. No sign of the target."
"Do a second sweep, if nothing new head back down to the boarding point on deck 3." Tzrata tried to wipe the worst of the blood off his armors reinforced swordarms before it dried. "Hows deck 2 comming?" Tzrata glanced around him at the dead slavers. Their matted fur was torn and bloodied in multiple places, compliments of Tzrata's gaussrifle.
"All clear on deck 2." Limiru's voice chirped. "58 hostiles, no survivors." Limiru emphasised the last bit.
"And the target?" Tzrata asked.
"No sign. Must be on deck one." Limiru replied. "I'll go check."
"Who's on deck 1?" Tzrata asked and looked around for a ladder leading down. "I have Hexes 1, 4 and 7 through 9 here." Hex leader Izatak the Twice Hatched (hidden/shadowed sword) Responded. "We have a group wholed up in the main bay here." Gunfire could be heard in background on the coms. "Civies too, or not very bright. They fortified their position, but we took out the lights down here. Must have spooked them good. Theyre just firing down the hallways from their position at random." Izatak's voice was drowned by a series of explosions. "Bloody waste of ammo." He grumbled.
"We're just waiting for them to run out of ammo before we take them. They shouldn't have an open escape route." He said casualy. In the background a single shot rang out. "Got one!" someone shouted in the distance. "Shouldn't be more than 10 or so left of them." Izatak said.
"I'll head down and join you there." Tzrata walked over to a staircase that led down. "Everyone not on deck one secure your current decks. Stalward, you got command while I handle deck one."
"Very well my prince." Stalward responded, before he began assigning orders.

The stairs where as wide as the corridors that led around the outer edge of the saucer. Properbly used as a cheap and fast way to heard slaves between the saucers decks, while corridors around the outer edge where peppered with airlocks at regular intervals, used by the slavers during planetary assaults to deploy their troops, figured Tzrata.
The stairs led all the way down to bottom of the saucer. Tzrata noted the inky darkness that veiled the bottom of the stairs as he walked down.
As he decented into the darkness his armors lowlight amplification automaticaly engaged, overlaying on his visor.
Tzrata saw mutilated slavers covering the floor at the bottom of the stair. at least 8. Properbly caught in crossfire stairs and someone down one of the corridors that led off from the base of the stair. The corpses where unusual in that they looked smaller than most of the other slavers Tzrata had seen, and didn't wear the patchwork armors that the others did either.
This could only be expected. Those slavers who had survived where making their last stand here, Tzrata thought. Not one warrior left among them. Just he oldest and the youngest ones left, hellbendt on fighting to the last no doubt. Slavers aren't the smartest things around...

Tzrata noticed Limiru standing near a corner 10 to 20 meters down one of the corridors.
"Such fear..." Limiru's voice whispered in the back of Tzrata's mind. "Wan't me to show you?" He asked teasingly.
"I'd rather be free." Tzrata replied dryly. "You know their language?"
"I only know a little of what the locals in Corvus use. These are from a wholy different clan. They might aswell be speaking Tarkan." Limiru song dismisively. Tzrata twiched in supprise. He had only heard Limiru sing on 3 other occations.
Tzrata noticed that the shooting had stopped in the distance.
"Looks like theyre out." Izatak said. "Shall we move in prince?" He asked, from the tone in his voice clearly expecting an affirmative.
"Hold on for a second, brother." Tzrata said quickly. "You got any warriors with you who can speak these slavers language?" Tzrata asked.
"I know a few words. Why? Wanna parlay with them?" Izatak replied. "Their clan isn't particularly well known for its diplomatic attitude, my prince." Izatak sounded like even talking about the slavers brought a bad taste to his mandibles.
"No chance of them surrendering?" Tzrata asked.
"Not in my opinion. Their diehards for personal honor or somesuch." Izatak replied. His voice betrayed a slight hint of annoyance.
"Then go ahead, take them down." Said Tzrata. While he didn't fear getting dirty, ordering a pointless slaughter always bothered Tzrata. He liked to think he was better than the queen. That he didn't share her complete disregard for others. But, told Tzrata himself, sometimes it was necesary. He hoped he could bellive it this time.
In the distance a muffled scream was cut short. Then silence.

"We have the target here!" Izatak's voice on the coms broke the silence. "All hostiles dead in here."
"Good work brother. Secure the area, I'm comming in." Tzrata breathed a sigh of releif.
"Lets go meet the princess then." Limiru chirped.
As Tzrata walked down the corridor to the central chamber of the Saucer, a bright light erupted infront of him. For a second all he could see was static on his lowlight visor before it cut out. He held up an armored hand to block out the light from the flare.
"She's alive and unhurt. They had just tied her down and gagged her." Izatak's voice rang out from behind the flare's glare as he shouted. After a few seconds the flares intencity dimmed slightly and Tzrata could make out the forms of several warriors crawling over a makeshift barricade.

The huge outline of a hiver princess could be made out as she slowly arose. She turned towards Tzrata as she pulled the gag from her mouth.
"Who is the brave prince who would risk his life for mine?" Her voice was clear like spring water, yet had a deep rumbling character that bellied her size. She was slightly larger than most princesses, her chittin bright yellow with a blood red set of crown antennae.
Tzrata reached up and released the preasure seal on his helmet.
"Princess Blood Crest."
Tzrata spoke in the clearest authorative voice he could muster. Tzrata pulled the restraining bolt under the preassure seal that held the helmet's face plate in place and let the plate drop to the floor.
"You?" The princesses suprise overwhelmed her.
"The queen sends her regards, princess." Replied Tzrata.

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Post by Slasher » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:25 pm

Just the epilouge left, where im supposed to spell the plot out.
If anyone wants to make wild guesses at the true plot, now would be the time...

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Post by Jandor » Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:16 am

No idea :wink: .
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Part 17
Location: Rizketep. Deepspace, 50.000km from clan Deathrattle Gateship, Mandible.
Time: 1.23 ZST, 1746GMT

"We had to leave the Tight Grip. We can't risk Blood Crest to become a pawn of the humans again." Tzrata explained. Chazak-Rek Cheztet looked dissatisfied with the explanation. It was understandable. Any captain ordered to leave his ship behind would have reservations about why.
"We didn't have time to assess the damage. We may have been able to repair it!" He complained. His voice was barely controled. His anger was plain to see.
"I won't take that risk. There is too much at stake." Tzrata cut off Cheztet before he began a rant about the honour of running from the humans. Cheztet glared spitefully at Tzrata across the bridge of the Mandible.
"What are the monkies gonna do with her anyway? They still have Morningcloud, theres no reason they'd do this much just to get another princess." Ru-Rek Stalward asked, while Cheztet tried to calm down.
Tzrata took a deep sigh. He always hated digging up his past as an agent of the queen. "Youre all better off not knowing, brothers." Tzrata said, trying to look away from his officers.
"Don't give us that crap!" Shouted Cheztet as his anger got the better of him. "I sent my brothers to their deaths for this! I demand to know what their sacrifice was for!" Cheztet was seething with fury.
"She's a queen." Tzrata snapped bluntly.
Every hiver on the intire bridge stopped at Tzrata's words.
The silence was ackward as all eyes where turned on the prince.
"What! How?" Stalward was the first to talk.
"200 years ago, their colony was discovered. Noone knows how or when they left, must have been before Queen Everglow, our queen, became queen. But their colony was quickly overrun by a group of the queens elite warriors, working in secret. They captured the rouge queen and glazed the colony from orbit to hide any evidence." Tzrata hated the feeling, as all on the bridge hung on his everyword. "Queen Everglow had the rouge queen killed and gave her jewels to a young princess. Blood Crest. If the queen was ever lost, Blood Crest was to take her place. A safeguard for the continued survival of all of hiverhood if the worst where to happen."
Tzrata's voice narrowed to a snarl. "The queen maybe vain and selfserving, but she's not stupid."
Most hivers would have balked at Tzrata's remark, but the ones present where of the Summer Rain clan, and blamed the queen for her death.
"The queen feared that Blood Crest might try to usurp her place as queen. So Blood Crest was hidden away and kept secret by those most loyal to the queen.
1 month ago, prince Amberwing, a trusted servant of the queen and my superior when I worked for Amarda Intelligence. Blood Crest had disapeared, kidnaped in a violent attack on the isolated hive she was kept in. The attacked had happened as an old SolForce spy happenned to be visiting on buisness." Tzrata stopped for a few seconds to let the information sink in.
"Nwabudike Whatson." Chirped Limiru with what only a Liir would have recognised as a devious smirk, so it was sadly lost on everyone present.
"Why would they tell you this? You haven't worked for the queen for years." Cheztet sounded suspicious.
"I was working for the queen. I had been kicked from the queens court and sent to the middle of nowhere to keep watch on human traders passing through Corvus." Tzrata said bitterly.
"Why would Nwabudike hand Blood Crest over to the slavers? That makes no sense..." Stalward looked confused.
"Because these Slavers where working for SolForce. Simple bribery works on anyone. Its just a matter of price." Limiru chuckeled.
"SolForce was planning on setting up Blood Crest as a queen to challenge queen Everglow." Tzrata explained.
"To weaken the hivers in the war, by starting a civil war among the clans." Limiru cut in. "Do you all think its a coincidence that theres a human fleet headed here just now?"
There was an uncomfortable silence as the implication of Limiru's words sunk in.
"I still don't like leaving the Tight Grip behind." Objected Cheztet his voice worried.
"Neither do I. But if theres a human fleet headed here, they must be comming to help the Slavers. And we can't afford to stay any longer than necesary."
Cheztet grudgingly kept silent.
"Unless there's other objections I say we get to Zytokot and unload Blood Crest. Let the queen deal with her." Tzrata tried to sound diplomatic. The rest grudgingly agreed.

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nice ending :D .
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