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Apologies for the long wait for that chapter. I've had some trouble finding proof readers and been forgeting it myself...
Anyways, that should be the last of the constant recaps of the same little bits of information... Next up comes a little action...
I should have the whole story rounded up within a chapter or two.
Then I'll see if I can get around to makeing a story about that lovable little psychotic killing machine, Limiru...

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Post by Slasher » Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:20 pm

Chapter VII

Kala Hanaru Spaceport, Imperial Navy Administration building
30th Hour, 75th Day of the year 325, of the 5th Imperial dynasty.

The metal door to Tzrata's cell was opened as Ripper, Daiko and 3 soldiers, all in full combat gear and armed with rifles and swords entered.
"Prince Tzrata." Daiko addressed him in a stern commanding voice. "You are to come with us. No questions asked".
She didn't have the smell of sweat and fear over her the way she did when he first met her. She was far more confident in bossing him around, now that she was armed, armored and had 3 soldiers with her.
Tzrata tried to adopt a slooping posture a Tarkan would recognise as "subservient". Where are you taking me then?"
"NO QUESTIONS!" Ripper shouted with the practiced aggression only a drill instructor could command. "Down the hall to your left and into the elevator. Now MOVE!"
Tzrata walked to the door with all the Tarkans behind him, slooped over as the roof was too low for him to stand fully upright.

When he got to the elevator Tzrata heard a slight buzz in his ear. It was his implant getting a signal from the ship in orbit.
"Mandible control here. I have an update from orbit. A navy patrol has surrounded the station and theres currently 2 destroyers pointing guns at us. Chazak-rek Rizotok is confident we can handle them untill your return. Izatak's Hex is in position outside the building you're in. Rapac's Hex is dropping as I speak. They'll break landing vector and pic you up once Izatak has secured you.
Don't worry Prince, you'll be back up here in no time."
The Tarkan Soldiers filed into the elevator after Tzrata. Once they where all in, Daiko entered a small electronic card into a slot and pushed a button with a symbol Tzrata didn't recognize.
The delicate humm of the elevators engine could be heard over the uncomftable silence. Tzrata pondered what could have shaken Tarkans since there where in such a hurry to get him out of there, and why they where in full combat gear. Something was up. For a second he wondered if they where preparing to "dispose of him" before the police arrived, or just moving him to a place where they could lock him away in the bottom of a moldy bunker complex where he'd never be found again.
The elevator made an audiable "pling" as it stopped and the doors opened. Outside an large armored vehicle of some kind, properbly an APC of some sort was parked. Tzrata could feel a jab from behind as Ripper poked him with his sword. "MOVE!"
Tzrata faked a pained responce. The sword had barely even scratched his thorax's chitin and caused no real pain, but so long as they didn't know that they would do something that actualy hurt to make him move...
Tzrata crouched infront of the armored vehicle, it was barely even tall enough for the Tarkan Soldier who was waiting inside it to stand upright. A faint breeze carried a familiar scent to Tzrata. A scent warning used by hiver soldiers.
Tzrata stopped and looked back at Tarkan soldiers behind him."Im afraid thats far too small. I can't fit in there."
"Just crawl, now get in there!" Daiko shouted.
One of the Tarkan soldiers sniffed the air. "Hey, Daiko, something smells funny." All the soldiers drew their guns and looked around them, their paranoia was apparent. Out of the corner of his eye, Tzrata noticed a small shape move in a shadow, from a door behind the soldier, unnoticed by the soldiers outside the vehicle.
"I don't like this Daiko." Ripper commented. Tzrata could smell his fear through his armor.
"Get in there, NOW!" Daiko shouted at Tzrata again, pointing her rifle at Tzrata. Tzrata rose to his full height in the narrow carpark, looming tall over the Tarkans who where all watching him now. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see more shapes moving in the shadows around him.
Suddently a blinding flash of white light errupted from all sides. A series of sharp explotions and screams followed mixed with a fail of gunfire.
Then darkness.

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