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Re: Gliese 581c (or on proto-liir development theory)

Post by Gakl » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:52 pm

So, this is a ridonkulously old topic, but I was thinking about life on planets around M class stars the other day and I thought I would spew this blather into the ether.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that this sort of world might be the ideal sort that life might actually be able to develop, provided the presence liquid water. It would most certainly be a liir-favoring world with a very thick atmosphere and likely planet-wide water ocean.

Why would this be more likely for life to develop? Well, a couple reasons. A larger planet, means it's denser and more likely that there will be a substantial metal core--especially if this is class II population star, like the sun (ie. relatively high metal content, common to disk-stars). It is a large planet around a relatively low-mass star which is ultimately why it is possible for us to detect this planet (a planet like earth around a solar mass star with a long orbital period is probably outside the scope of our detection abilities for at least a few decades).

Now for the important issue. Class M stars (aka red dwarfs) are known to be far less life-friendly for 2 reasons. 1) Very very small habitable zone (arguably this is counter balanced by the enormous length of such a sun's life--several magnitudes longer than the universe's current age) 2) extreme variability.

M-class stars are frequently flare stars, or at the very least vary far more as a percentage of its normal brightness than say a star like our sun. Our sun varies by a fraction of it's overall output. M-stars can exceed their regular output by several magnitudes (+7000% has been observed). Naturally, this would have disastrous effects on most life...

However, if that life was within a deep ocean...even if the planet were tidally locked to its star (or perhaps because of it), it would have a far better chance of survival. Any eccentricity in the orbit could also help to create tidal stress to keep the core warm, this would produce energy gradients on two sides (crust->surface / Surface/sun) creating potential to exploit energy differences in multiple ways--this would also possibly create an active dynamo within the core, helping to provide a shielding electromagnetic field such as the earth's which shields us from powerful solar storms.
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Post by Vengashii » Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:48 am

Ace wrote:
Coyote27 wrote:If our first contact is with a race like the Liir, we should have a brighter outlook.

Everyone assumes that space-dolphins are going to be bright, cheery, people. What if they're bloodthirsty enslaving meanies?

Three year old quote, but, CREEPY.

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Re: Gliese 581c

Post by mrelegos » Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:15 am

Yeah, have you looked up real dolphins? Bunch of raping psychopaths
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