Rights of Salvage

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Rights of Salvage

Post by Psymon » Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:18 pm

Well, here we go, my first attempt at a fic, so don't expect a masterpiece. I'll keep posting updates as I right them, I'll probably have a bit more done over the weekend, depending on schoolwork and such.

No prizes for guessing what they're going to find on the ship though :wink: .

The destroyer cruised through the black, her engines dormant after the last burn that had pushed them in system. Old battle scars, patches and rivets covered her hull, except for the new salvaging equipment that took up most of the space between the bridge and the battered ring of the node drive. Captain Tobias Reeve stood on the bridge, watching the system's planets and asteroids pass slowly by. It had been easy enough for him to pick up the Dauntless after she'd been decommissioned and placed on the civilian market, nobody had wanted the mothballed old fission destroyer, not now that even basic pleasure craft were using fusion drives. But where others saw junk, Reeve saw opportunity and the chance to make a quick buck on a shoestring budget. Stripping off the armoured underside and adding a cargo bay and grapples for salvaging had actually cost more than the ship herself, now renamed Boundless Curiosity. During her military days, she'd had a crew of thirty, the refits had left her fairly cramped so the crew now consisted of seven people. It was enough to run the ship, in a pinch she could run with two, a pilot and an engineer.

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