Wander the Stars

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Wander the Stars

Post by Ciurrioc » Sat May 31, 2014 2:00 am

In time cycles and cycles ago I watched scaled ships clad in crimson streak across black, they did fight with white specters who sang to the black and ailed in agony when broken. I watched ringed ships fade effortlessly into the black between stars to a place that hurts when I look upon the cracks they enter, they crossed with lethal exchange against massive lumbering hulks who peeled from shimmering gates into the abyss of the black. For a time there was blood, blue, green, and red.

Know such is the way of things in those who walk stars.

Then came those who sulked in shadow, and they did prowl, stalk and snatch the unwary of all shapes and size, they perverse the means the ringed ships did preform the flow across stars, indeed they dug and they burrowed the absurdity come truth, and in this truth there was pain that reflected onto me when I did witness.

Know retribution will come.

More blood followed, and horrors anew the four divided became the four united and did the fifth come to terms with the answers of those who's children were taken, none more so than the white specters who sang to the black and ailed in agony when broken. heed not the spoken truth united, bitter sensations still laced the tongues of the four, but unity tempered by the blood of the children which cloaked their skin.

Know for a time there was a future.

Then from everywhere they came, scores and scores those who's wings bat against the curtains of the black in rhythm like waves crashing against the emerald sea. They were many and they were displeased, for the stones and suns of their forefathers and grandmothers lay upon the laps of those who were young and impudent, the ships clad in crimson streaked across the black, the white specters who sang to the black and ailed in agony when broken, the ringed ships who flow effortlessly into the black between stars, the Massive lumbering hulks who peeled from shimmering gates into the abyss of the black, and the absurdity of those who did sulk, stalk and prowl, all met with the wrath of they who bat against the curtains of the black in rhythm like waves crashing against the emeralds sea.

Know the young knew war and old warred longer, but none were prepared for the elder who did not do war, they simply undid. :any:
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Re: Wander the Stars

Post by Mecron » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:44 pm

well done!

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Re: Wander the Stars

Post by Ciurrioc » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:36 am

Thank you Mecron :)


I can't take this, I can't take this anymore, whispers on the cusp off my conscious speaking inane words they make no sense but I find myself screaming out locations, Beta III, New Europa, Sekkar, these names escape my lips but no one in the room to hear. A heavy darkness coats the room interrupted by accents of red lights, its hot...and the smell, the smell of death and hum of something.I reach out and my hands touch metal, I move my hands and barely get more than an arms length in any direction, though in front of me is slanted..

Where am I? what is this place, faintly by one of the lights I see etching of tallies, eighteen in total desperately engraved into metal, by them the syllables A.F......A.F... Aiden Farrow...Aiden Farrow.....me? I am Aiden Farrow....scenes of distant memories flash upon the back of my eyes, first Sun, the roar of engines, the black of space, then red, alarms, screaming fire, explosions death, blood Aaagh!'

It hurts to think, a piercing tone echos in my ears,my breath labored in stifling air. clutching my head incites a stinging sensation, moist yet sticky...this is not sweat....I am bleeding and I don't know why. suddenly the screeching of metal accompanies the room getting brighter but not by much, I look behind me the silhouette of a hulking thing with heavy breath and teal eyes...teal..my favorite color...and I am filled with terror.....you don't forget this....Zuul.

"Bring him" a disembodied voice uttered , Re-actively I scrunch back in terror as the beast reaches down for me, promptly angering it, its roar was so pronounced I could feel it in my skin along with its putrid hot breath lapsing across my face with the occasional drool and flecks of....meat. I immediately comply and it grabs my shoulder, its claws dig into my skin and my cheek against its "Punch claw" as they say....this one must be one of the females...

She drags me out of my compartment and grunts as she pushes me forward, the lighting is still somewhat dim, a hall lined with red lights pipes, and wires. we walk for sometime, I can hear weeping, screaming, ailing souls some don't sound human, over seen by cackling beasts. we come into a more open room, dozens of them...teal eyed terrors. some sit surrounded by cowering individuals in tattered rags screaming, begging for mercy while he just sits like he enjoys their cries. anger fills me, but quickly fades as I notice the big hulking females in the background keeping vigil.

If anyone were to make a move they would be promptly slaughtered..but I don't think its the females that's keeping all of these souls subdued.....am I to join them? this... pleasure cruise of suffering? no I am taken further into another room with a view into space, the light of a red dwarf shines into the rectangular view port some ways above us, though somehow darkness still bathes much of the room...we're in space...

I'm shoved inside and the metal door sounds behind me a deep thud. I look around to get a gauge of where I am, the headache hasn't gotten any better and I'm just now noticing the pain my my side. "Help....me" I hear in my mind accompanied by the pained sounds of a...Liir? I look around squinting as best I can, the shaded figure of a Liir lays upon the ground near my, it is bound in metal clamps that reflect faintly the Dwarf outside, I go over to it.

Who are you? what happened to you? where are we? it struggles in its reply "Aiden, its me...Yushumi, please remember me this time...you must get away from.." a great piercing ring shatters all thought with such force the pain shoots down my spine and into the corners of my body bringing me to the ground, Yushumi strains and squeals in agony.

"ah ah ah, come now meat what was my instruction before? the trade of words is not allowed among slaves hm hm hm" the haunting chuckle tapers off in my head, the voice from before....I look up my heart sinking as I see a number of teal specks looking down upon us. "you've been most sporting the both of you, don't ruin my joy by attempting to plot once more, I'm running out of space to lock inhibitors on the heretic" I don't think..as much as it hurts too..that I've ever been as confused in the entirety of my existence as I am now, I can't stand, fatigue racks my bones and the ache of hunger bleeds through the spectrum of pain that already lines me.

steadily another humming accompanies the background hum getting louder and louder Yushumi begins to struggle and squeal much more pronounced than before, there is a muffled screech resonating off the everything around us, a shift and a deep crimson light far deeper and more rich than anything I've ever witnessed just envelopes everything.....it was a jarring sensation, but nothing would prepare me for what I saw when I turned around the stuff of nightmares pure and unabated.

Before me the blackness of space aside a red dwarf was replaced with....something I could only describe as withering undiscovered shapes each with their own tone, horrifying tones crescendo with a haunting howl with echo's of what I can only describe as screaming children, and I can not look away, my jaw aches, my implants fizzle, the back of my eyes were on fire and I could not look away. when it seemed as if my threshold had been reached in "soaking up" this experience, I collapse and all I could do was scream, I screamed, and I screamed. my lungs were already on fire but it compared to nothing that barraged through the metaphysical effigy of my minds expanse.

I tried to open my eyes, through tears I see Yushumi just....flailing..pitifully, eyes rolled back and frothing...I didn't even know Liir could froth at the mouth & blow hole...and in all our chaos, there they where...in absolute tranquility. serenity you could only hope to feel once in a life time, there they were...immersed in our agony....these things are demons personified...

I am deafened by the entire experience, my head feels like static against a waterfall of fire flowing in all directions. the sensation...the feeling, the emotion I am expressing right now could never be felt by any human being unless they were on this very ship, and it is right here, right now that I wish I was dead, but the beating of my heart tells me this isn't to be.

I feel my consciousness fading, then an image of teal specks the darkness moving towards me...I see though my eyes are closed. I stand though I am on the floor, the specks come every closer with a slight tap of claws against a stone surface the familiar reach of terror chokes me once more. "hmmmm seems the heretic didn't break free and beat you to a pulp this time....and neither did you go berserk in all your hairless ape glory. a pity such was fascinating entertainment" the eyes encircle "me" standing in darkness, no pain...no sensations...I'm not even breathing.

"who are you! where am I!" I cried I can hear him smile as we replied "A Prisonship for you, and a pleasure cruise for me hm hmhm" images of what I had witnessed earlier replaced the blackness around us...but it was different...comforting... "I strive to replicate the means to the extent the crying verse instills upon the likes of you, weak fragile minds...where you are overcome, we find joy and truth...." the comfort gives way to the all too familiar sensation slowly building up inside me, but fades as I am returned to "reality".

I feel my self sliding across the ground under a firm grip, dazed, my heads on fire and I have no sense, rhyme or reason of anything at the moment, I see a motionless liir being callously picked up by another beast, I never saw what happened next. I am taken down a hall across a space filled with the muffled suffering, wailing souls and tossed down a compartment.... I look seeing faint lines etched into the metal. I dig away compulsively beside them.


"Sleeeeeep" a voice echos in my head, I feel myself fading...to dream of nightmares...
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Re: Wander the Stars

Post by Ciurrioc » Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:14 am

Immersed in Chorus greater than the very waters enveloping its mighty visage, descending into darkness while the young sing in tandem. Its very being rings and ripples with the tones of reverence, joy and sorrow of its charges. Curiously it falls with still breath as long willing to absorb the hymns, soon the deep will grow so great even songs of choir will reach it, not because of distance but of mind and essence of isolation that comes with its fall. Like countless before it drifts below in solace as the tones of the young grow faint, there is a cold that runs deeper than any length of all the oceans. Death, suffocation, solitude.

“It is so, I am to die”
Why” a second voice echoes from the black above and beyond, it reaches into the dying's very heart.
Why must you die?
The fading is silent, weary, as if to contemplate the very intricacy of the question, it replies “it is so, my time in the sun is at an end” There is a pause, the fading feeling it satisfied the inquirer.

There are many suns here, in the black warm and gold, blue, red, of all sizes and beauty, why die where no stars lie, cold and alone” The Fading replies “It sounds beautiful, I will be apart of it all in my passing”

You won’t” the voice from the black replies, it chills the fading further “Why die and become nothing, when you can live and experience everything

Fade pauses once more, from solace to restless it rebukes “ I am apart of everything, with all who swim these waters, and will continue to be as I return from where I came” a sharp recoil streaks through “You will die a corpse in the cold, dark, deep, you will be a memory, and even memories fade

Fade’s restlessness turns to agitation to the chastising voice, it replies as if to sense the displacement it stirs in fade
Yes that is your eventuality, you are alone, they leave you to die alone than be at your side

Fade remains silent.

A memory to be no more, this is your end if you accept it

Fade stirs once more “If I accept it...” a cascade of bubbles flurry from its spiracle. ”I cannot on my own….” Fade weakens further.

Bring them to you

“Help me” Fade calls out faintly.
They do hear

“please brethren” Fade calls out more

They don’t care

“Help me, dear children please hear me”

They will not come

“I don’t wish to die” Fade rumbles intently with an audible bellow
They would let you die, meaningless symphonies to a silent end


to leave you alone, hate them

“don’t leave me alone”

Bring them

“….They do not hear”

They do, they just don’t care
Because you are a memory
“I will not be just a memory!”
To them you are
“No…they love me, we all love each other”
Not a memory
“I am not a Memory!”
To them you are, to fade into darkness
Hate them
Hate them, make them come to you, if they love you as much as you say they will have no ill will to coming to you whether they wish to or not
You will die
Come where the suns are countless, your time in the sun can be endless, if they love you it is what they would want
Make them come
A great stirring of psionic resonance pulses with an intensity that easily dwarfs that off the strongest Glacier shattering calls, the pained calls of countless begin to fill the darkness around the fading.
Make them come and rise you to the stars
“I will not die”
You will be forever
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