The Return of the Bugs

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The Return of the Bugs

Post by Athlon27 » Mon May 21, 2007 10:23 pm

Chapter 1

Above Athkep:
"So we've finally come to a agreement for who colonize the planet right," said a Solforce communications officer on board a Cruiser. Three human, Tarkan and Liir dreadnoughts where in orbit with at least fifteen cruisers gaurding the flanks. Debris was every where, Hiver, Human, Tarkan and Liir ships that where destroyed were either being salvaged or left for useless material. The Hiver empire once controlled the space above this planet with a small colony below. In the past 78 hours, that had change to The Republic's space and future colony. Human colonization of this planet was nearly impossible and too expensive for a massive move of citizens to a hydrogen rich air environment. That ruled them out easily and that left the Tarkan and Liir.
The Tarkans spoke first, "The planet should go the Liir council for its bravery and honor in this recant battle. If it where not for its supplement of strong ships and battle harden crews, this battle would have been a disaster, causing massive life loss and bloodshed to both the Tarkan Beta fleet and the Human Gamma Fleet." It seemed they really wanted the Liir to have this planet.
"I agree," said the human admiral, "The lLiir do dissever this planet for both of those reasons and more but it must be their willing to expect the planet."
The Liir stated one thing," We expect his generous offer, but we will need many months of labor assistance form your Councils. But thank you."

Several days had past and the Fleets orders had come in. They where to disembark to their home worlds and where to be relived of duty for one month of vacation. Though most soldiers came form large planets like Excalibur and Raz-tan, the fleet asked an all crew question. 'Do you wish to help construction of the Liir Colony.' Only one eighteenth of the entire fleet said no. Small destroyer fleets began to show up to help with construction, when very little was required to be done. Large human Tarkan and Liir construction crews were already building shelters and buildings to make the world more suitable. When the Liir colonists, they were overjoyed and gave thanks to the fleets.
The Fleet crews began to load back on to their ships when an order came through. Evacuate the colony.
"Evacuate!! Evacuate, this is preposterous the colonies infrastructure has began to boom and we're told to evacuate the colony now," the Tarkan Admiral rudely said.
"I agree the Grand council has made some ILL advised motions in the past but to say that it is ill thought of is a bad move Admiral Ti-thal," The Human Admiral said calmly.
" It is a bad thought move Admiral Caris, their making us evacuate for no apparent reason. Its a bad move is all I have to say," Admiral Ti-thal said.
"Admiral Ti-thal and Admiral Caris, don't start another Tarkan/Human War remember the last one," The Liir Admiral said. That last Tarkan/Human War was a high cost one too. So high that conscriptions was happening on both fronts. The Admiral spoke again," I don't want to be a janitor if that happens again. the total death total was 45000000 for Humans and 45500000 for the Tarkan Imperial right. Neither of your fleets can go to war again your civilizations are still recovering. Ther-"
" Admiral Tall Fin," Admiral Caris said politely,"Please stop."
"Yes," said Admiral Ti-than. Captain Floris over heard the entire conversation from his Cruiser's com station. The Brigade was a standard command with a crew of 358(excluding the medical crew). An average armored mission section and a Focused Fission engine. Four missile launchers on the mission section with a neutron beam cannon and several UV lasers cannons. The Brigade was defend by a missile launcher and two UV laser cannons. With a phaser and a mass driver on the engine to defend it, the ship was a top of the line. SFS Excalibur II was well battle experienced and battle hardened. The conversation was going to start again when the captain turned of the Comm channel.
He signed very heavily. "These admirals don't get anything do they," HE said. He sat in his captains chair and looked out into space. 'The Hivers have finally been remove form this system. Their finally gone' he thought.
"Captain, we've got something on sensors sir," an ensign yelled panicked, "Bearing 00-04-Charlie-89. And its a large group of them. Can't tell what they are, hang on, I'll clear up the interference." The Captain sat froward and pointed to the comm's officer.
" Be ready with that comm, Lieutenant. We may have a situation on our hands," The captain said out loud. The Lieutenant was a greenhorn and had brought up the admirals, who was still in deep ( and i mean deep) talking with the other admirals.
"Yes Captain," The Admiral asked in patently.
"Sir We may have a problem," Captain Floris,"We don't know what but we'll inform you when we know something, sir."
"Sir, you don't have to wait any longer... Sir," The ensign stuttered.
"15 Dreadnoughts, 400 Cruisers, 1250 Destroyers. Sir, their back and ready for one hell of a fight. And i've got Multiple groups of this size and bigger heading for Messa, Tan-tarrak, The moon Helio, and 13 other planets. Sir, one of the fleets is heading this way making the total planets in danger 17. We have only fleets of 50 to 60 ships at each planet for each race making it a total 180 ships in front of those conquest fleets," The Ensign said.
"Oh my god," was all the Captain said, "Admiral we don't have situation anymore..."
"Good, but what wa-"the Admiral was Cut off by the Captain.
"We've got a crisis on our hands."

My first Conquest story, so don't be to hard on my writing alright.

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Post by DervMan » Tue May 22, 2007 3:36 pm

Hmmm okay, not too hard then.

Concept wise, yes, it works. It sets the scene for perhaps a climatic last stand battle. Or what I seem to end up playing in my own SOTS, a *cough* "strategic withdrawal." Or running away from half of the bugs.

Now I am being picky... but this would read much better if you cleaned up the spelling (words out of context, such as "their" when it should be "they're," type thing). Sorry to be fussy! :oops:

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Post by Athlon27 » Tue May 22, 2007 10:46 pm

Its okay i can understand the computer i used to right this is not picky on grammer and Spellin either

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Post by DervMan » Wed May 23, 2007 4:39 pm

You know I feel terrible for writing such things, when I have produced nothing for the forum... :?

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Post by Mysterius » Mon May 28, 2007 8:28 am

DervMan wrote:You know I feel terrible for writing such things, when I have produced nothing for the forum... :?

Nonsense; you're producing feedback, aren't you? :)

I feel the same, sometimes, when I read and critique stuff on writing forums. I feel guilty for not writing an epic about my own cool idea(s), but I don't feel that anything I'd write would be even in the same league. :(

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Post by DervMan » Mon May 28, 2007 8:36 am

I have been feeling inspired of late having read some of the material in here... 8)

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Post by Athlon27 » Wed May 30, 2007 1:11 am

Chapter 2

Above Athkep:
"All ships prepare for battle, repeat, all ships prepare for battle," the Admiral ordered every ship in the fleet. The Admirals Ti-Than and Tall Fin were doing the same. The Liir fleet was deloying in a Circliur formation while the Tarkan Fleet deployed in a Battle line formation waiting for the order ot charge the enemy. The Human fleet was speratic and disorganized with ships in small groups or on their own. Out of all fleets, the Human fleet was the most vonderable. On the Excalibur II the crew was stationed and ready for combat. The greenhorns were looking for action, while the experinced stayed calm and collected.
"Admiral, we must redeploy to prevant massive causilties in our fleet. Delpoy in a cresant moon formation or a battle line like the tarkans, justs rede-" Captian Floris yelled in the comm before being interupted by an explosion. 'Thats impossible, we're not even in range to fire yet and their just missing us. How.'
"Sir ships decloaking," Ensign Carlson said.
"Where," Leutenant Amthine
"Every where," Ensign Carlson said. Hiver Cruisers and Destoryers decloaked and fired on the nearest ships, weather they where bigger or smaller. But the odd thing was that this was happening in the human fleet only.
"Fire on the nearest ship and destroy it," Captian Floris ordered, a blast of laster shots came form the Port side as they fired on the Hiver cruiser. A broadside battle began between these ships, while others were left helpless. The Hiver fleet continued its aproach.
"Admiral Caris and Admiral Tall Fin, pull back and retreat to a different system and hold there. That's all I ask of you, we Tarkans will deal with these scum bags for your races at this planet," Admiral Ti-than said. His ships suddenly lurked forward into combat with the massive Hiver fleet. Captian Floris heard this and was not surpirsed.'Tarkans will do anything for glory' he thought.
"Sir the Hiver Cruisers is going down but massive damage to the port side, we may have to pull back. Orders, sir?" asked Ensign Carlson.
"No retreat gentlemen we move out he next one and destroy it, too," Captian Floris said calmly.
"Admiral Ti-Than, your crazy to take on the entire Hiver Fleet like that," Admiral Caris, yelled over the comm systems.
"He's right Admiral Ti-Than, so my fleet will join yours. Admiral Caris," Admiral Tall Fin said,"you will have to send a fleet to Earth, Muur and Ta-Tha-Riech to inform the Councils of the events here. They must be warned. Admiral Ti-Than leave some for us."
"But what-Oh forget it, Captian Floris, are your still alive and well," Admiral Caris asked
"Yes sir but not by much. What are your orders., sir," asked Captian Floris.
"Your Orders are to run like hell Captian. Make for Muur, than Earth, and than Ta-Tha-Riech. Your ship is a fast ship and should reach earth in less than a month. Good luck Captain."
"Sir, what about escorts," the Captian asked?
"You will be escorted by the SFS Vonbran, SFS Alice and the SFS Bloodraven," The Admiral responded. Every ship in the fleet expect the ships he named, Lurked forward and drove to sudden death. Admiral Caris's Dreadnought was at the front of the fleet. By than the Liir fleet had reached the engagement. Ships were being lost left right and center up in the frontline.
"Ensign turn us about and run to the nearest Node entry, tell the others to prepare to jump by the time we reach the the entry point," Captain Floris ordered, "Also bring the 3rd battle squadron on screen." The Ensign did as ordered and put the squadron on screen. 3 Cruisers and a single dreadnought was the Squadron. SFS Lexington, the SFS Michealanglo and the SFS Orion where the cruisers and the dreadnought SFS Rich and Pure. They where headed to a Hiver Dreadnought and were about to engage when five hiver Cruisers flanked the SFS Rich and Pure and Barraged it. The SFS Rich and Pure was a flying junk heap when the Cruisers were through with it, while the Cruisers engaged the dreadnought were also being torn apart and left for junk. Screams and crys of despair and pain ran throught the Comm system. The hiver cruisers ran through the Crusiers and destoryed the 3rd squadron with one final blow. The same Hiver dreadnought was engaged several seconds later by the Tarkan Cruisers TIS (Tarkan Imperail Ship) Loving Hero, Blood Blade and the Boiled Blood. THe HIver Dreanought fired but to no avail. The three Tarkan cruisers had Taken massive damage from the Hiver ships and crashed into the the Dreadnought, causing a massive explosion from the three points of impack. THe Hiver Dreadnought lissed away from the Battle as it raged on. A Liir Cruiser Chased it to point of no return and it imploded to cause massive damge on the surronding ships.
"Turn it off," was what the Captian said. The Ensign did as he was told. The entire crew lost old freinds and comrades in arms. Even though some of them fought with one another, they felt like they lost a good freind. The Captian sat down in his chair to hear a alarm go off.
"Hiver Gateship decloaking off to starboard," the ensign yelled out loud. He was right the Cruiser was a battle ready ship going off to depoy its massive Gate wings.
"Destroy it, now," Yelled the Luetenant.
"Aye,sir, Fire missile banks and tear the ship to Bloody sheards," said the Ensign on battle control. The Missiles fired from the tubes and rederected towards the Hiver Gateship. The other ships fired their missile tubes at the Cruiser and destroyed it in one fatal swoop.
"SIR MISSILES IN BOUND," someone yelle don the Comm.
"ENTER NOW DAMNIT, Before we're all dead," the Ship lurked as the ship entered node space. THe SFS Excalibur and the SFS Vonbran was all that made the jump.
"Damnit, we lost many good man and woman here today. I'll post all the causlities on the board when we reach Mayfly," Captian Floris said to the brigde crew. He and the brigde crew knew that it was at least 20 pages long, For every race... Plus the other planets too. Brothers sisters, fathers and mothers were all killed that day and the bugs weren't going to stop unless they were stoped by force. But that was nearly impossible.
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Post by Athlon27 » Sun Jun 03, 2007 6:39 pm

Any pne going to repond to my story
I don't accept Cowardice, for its why strong men die as the weak hide.

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Post by Slasher » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:37 pm

Before I answer I'd like to ask a simple question. Do you want brutal cold opionion (with no regards to codling your ego) or do you wan't me to say something nice?

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Post by Athlon27 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:31 am

either or but not to brutul k??

HAs it inspered you, Chapter 3 on the way fo rthe loyal readers ...
I don't accept Cowardice, for its why strong men die as the weak hide.

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Post by Athlon27 » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:43 am

Entering Earths Orbit

Day 19 of Defensive Campaign of Outer Planets.

The ship lurked for it decelerating out of node drive. The SFS Vonbran right beside the SFS Excalibur.
"Open a comm. line to the United Earth Council and Solforce. We have grave news for them," Captain Floris said calmly. Ensign Carlson reach to a switch and flicked on the comm. Grand Admiral Helio or John, as the fleet knew him came on to the screen.

"Captain Floris, do you know what time it is here in Oklahoma," the Admiral asked still half asleep.
"2:00 hours sir, but grave news for the citizens of the Commonwealth. Athzep has fallen with only the Colonist fleet of the Liir and a few other ships survived the battle. 16 other planets fell, possible by the Hivers like us. Admiral, will you get the War council and the United Earth Council ready for a speech sir," Captain Floris said. He seemed more tense than usual, even in battle he wasn't this tense.
"Captain I take it that you will be doing the speech?"
"Yes sir."
"The SFS Callingwood will dock with you and a shuttle will transport you down," Admiral Helio said still a little dazed, "Captain, is swear that you will be a great Admiral some day. John out."
The SFS Callingwood, a Destroyer class shuttle Carrier, pulled up a long side the Excalibur and Docked.
"Captain your flight just docked," an Ensign said. the Captain chuckled and through on his rain coat it was raining in Oklahoma state. HE left his captain quarters ad walked to the airlock two decks below him. As he walked he could see repair crews still repairing badly damaged areas of the ship. They stopped to solute him every time he a walk through the mess hall to see the entire crew eating lunch.
"Captain on deck," yelled an ensign
"As you were," Captain Floris said. He started his walk across the mess hall to where he was to leave the ship. The crew was still in despair over the massive lose they just toke. A third of the crew dead in those 20 minutes. 174 other ships lost it the battle who would never see the loved ones again. Those massive Hiver fleets where the ones to blame for the massive lose of life in those battles. He came to the far side of the mess hall and stopped.
"I give you men shore leave until I return to the Excalibur. This may be two to three days," Captain Floris said, "enjoy your stay at our home world, Earth." A massive cheer went up . The Captain smiled and cheered with them. But as quickly as it started, it end abruptly. Friends and crew mates left the mess hall to go to their quarters and get their shore leave things, a pack of clothes, money and/or their cellphones. They felt happy for seeing earth unscaved by the war. But they all knew that it would not last as long as the Hiver fleets remained on their rampage. Captain Floris turned around and step out of the mess hall. His blood boiled with hatred and the will to avenge those who were killed. He walked on to the Callingwood and went directly to a ladder and bordered the shuttle.

The Ride down to Oklahoma was rougher than usual, maybe cause of the storm but the Captain Floris didn't care. When they landed a team of soldier of the Mobile Infantry walked him to his escort truck. It poured down hard. It was even hurting Captain Floris. He stepped into the truck and saw Grand Admiral Helio and General Markanson.
"Hello, Captain," the General said. He looked quite tried.
"Captain," John said.
"Grand Admiral, General," Captain Floris said calmly. HE sat down and looked at the General sternly. A blood feud had always been between the Earth navy and the Earth Army, mainly because they blamed each other for loses in battles, or for the causalities of a battle. Big shots like General Markanson Were the reasons to blame for the causalities of the Army and indirectly grand Admiral Helio was blamed for the causalities for the Fleet. IT could be both of their faults for any battles, lose or causalities rating. But others trusted these men to be great and noble leaders of the Earth Forces.
"Sir?" The Captain asked.
"Yes, Johnny, may i know whats troubling you," Admiral John responded.
"Have you heard the phrase,' Even the sky weeps for the dead,'" Johnny asked politely. The General Understood right away, and understood why Captain Floris asked that question. The Admiral sighed heavily.
"Yes, I have heard it before," He said calmly," Its a phrase the Pilots use to describe the the weather with the lose of good friends or comrades."
"Well the sky should be crying here and every where for the loses of the battles."
"It was once said that single lift was a tragedy and that millions of deaths were a statistic, I beleive that is a lie," General Markanson said looking down.
"I agree,"
The Truck door opened to the Council building of the United Earth Council. The members of both the Solforce War Council and the United Earth Council Members were Entering the building.
"Their waiting, Captain."

In the councilors cambers, Captian Johnny Floris Stood to Give his Speech. He toke a deep breathe in and looked around. 58 people looked at him.
"The sky weeps for the dead and we morn our loses. We the people, and the Soldiers can win this war with our allies the Tarkans and the Liir if we focus our strength on defense of our planets and Systems. yes blood will be shed for those whom we protect, but for those we protect are our loved ones, friends, and individuals of the those planets. I may only be a Captain but you are our leaders and comrades in this war. I will willingly die for my brothers in Arms, but I will not let the people of Earth or any planet of the Commonwealth die while I'm on Duty," the Captain said, "I state that we assemble large fleets to engage the Hiver threat. But not on the closest planet to the Hiver threat but here at Earth and Reach and Minetalstar. I will lead the Defenses until the fleet is ready. Then me and a small Squadron will join with the Fleet and attack the planets they toke from the United Earth Council. Excalibur II, Rizac, Titore and Copernicus."
The Council Began to talk after the last statement.
"I agree," someone said. Captain Floris turned and looked at the man whom said it. It was General Lineton. He, general Lineton, was the General who saved lives and fought beside his troops. He had many scars on his face and coat always seemed to be torn along both selves, showing a massive hack like made scars. HE Was also General of 13th Moible Infantry unit and the 4th Armored Division In the Earth Army. HE continued to speak.
"The men woman and children of the Commonwealth must be protect at any cost. The Hiver threat returns with bigger and more dangerous fleets than before. They could destroy all that we've built," HE yelled out.
"I object to your sayings,"Someone with French yelled back at him. Again captain Floris looked at the man speaking. Admiral Éclairs. The French fleet admiral. Known for idiotic moves against the Hivers in the recant war. He continued, "I would very much try and come up with a peace treaty with the Hivers and prevent a massive lose of life."
"That is not possible," This time Lieutenant Admiral Holechair spoke, "Admiral Caris's ship records showed that they gave a warning to the Hivers and the Hivers responded with attack the battle squadron Amodeous. If we do not defend the Colonies from destruction, then who will?"
"That is beside the point. We must try to talk to them as politically possible but they have fired on us yes. May be their a new race of Hivers with no knowlegde of the Hivers in this system."
"No there is know doubt that they were indeed the Hivers that we met before. There were some Royal Guard ships of the Queen and there was a few ships that did not match our records. Your theory may possible be true. There may be another Galaxy beyond this one. We did detect node lines leaving this galaxy and heading to smaller ones there. And maybe beyond that theres a l-" Admiral Holechair was cut off by Captain Floris.
"I agree with your theory but right now we must deal with the hiver infestation here and now. I Ask the first and last time. Who's with me, stand up." Captain Floris yelled out the councilors. General Markanson and Grand Admiral Helio stood up first. Then Holechair. Then General Lineton and General Mackenzie' stood up. He, general Mackenzie, was general of the 5th Mobile Infantry Army and the 9th SF Mobile Infantry Division. The entire United Earth Council stood up. But the Generals and Admirals of the war Council, the ones whom spoke, other than Admiral Éclairs, stood proud to sever. Then a man in a black trench coat stood up. Admiral Darkscar. He was a excellent leader of the fleets Alpha and Beta in the battle of Hasting III but His Flag ship Orion, was destroyed an he lost and arm. He now in known as metal arm brute. for his big size and organization in a battle.
"I will sever with only if your ships severs as my Flagship," Admiral Darkscar said quietly. Captain Floris didn't believe his ears. An admiral, asking to his ship to be his flagship.
"I-I-I-I wo-wo-uld be honored if you severed on my ship, Admiral," Captain Floris stuttered. The Admiral smiled.
"Will if you do well Captain, I'll, and I promise this Captain, I'll have you promoted." The Captain smiled.
"Is their anyone else who would join this unhonorably action," Admiral Éclairs said Cruelly, "If no one else will then let us take leave."
The War Council left other than the the Generals and Admirals who stood.
"Councilors will you?" Admiral Darkscar asked. The Council nodded and left the room. The One who remained filled together.
"Whats the plan?" asked General Mackenzie.

As the Crew filed back on boarded the SFS Excalibur, a Squadron Cruisers and Destroyers filed up along side the Excalibur. Then Admiral Éclairs came on the screen.
"I hope you like your life cause what your doing is suicide, young Captain," Admiral Éclairs said. Then as fast as he came on to the screen he turned it off and his ships file tot he node line to Corania, one of his jump points to the Colony Razack. He was order to defend the planet at all costs.
At the boarding station, the Crew assembled along the hall ways to the bridge. Captain Floris stood at the door where Admiral Darkscar was to board. He then saw him, still in his black Trench coat but with his Medals on his left side of his chest. He sopped at the end of the boarding bridge and looked around.
"Your crew is in well order. are they prepared to die Captain?" He asked calmly.
"Are they ready to die for you and me?"
"Yes sir, at least I think so. And you Sir?"
"And me what?"
"Are you ready to come a board." Admiral Darkscar smiled and walked the Captain to the Bridge.
"If you need me I'll be in my quarters, which ones are mine?" Darkscar asked.
"Mine sir, I'm bunking with a couple of buddies of mine," Floris said, " and my name is Johnny Floris sir." A couple of the bridge crew laughed at the Admirals questions. One of the soldiers who laughed was the ensign Carleto, who was right behind the Admiral and not knowing it. The Admiral turned around slowly and bent down and spoke.
"Ensign, your going to be helping me a lot." The Captain laughed hard when he saw Carletos face turn from cheerful to scare for his life. The Admiral Continued, "So don't laugh got it. Or you'll end up like me." He brought up his right hand and showed him.
"Captain if you don't minded will you take us out of orbit please and thank you."
"Muur sir?"
"Yes Captain."
"Ensign Set in a heading for Muur." The Ship detached from the orbital Station and head toward the Nodeline to Rithare. If the Liir joined into the battle plan, the Hivers had a chance of losing. But if the Tarkans joined up too, the fleet could be unstoppable.
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Post by Jandor » Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:54 pm

Nice story. However, Download Firefox or write your story out in word first. Some of the spelling mistakes really drag it down unfortunately.

Note: Thanks to Firefox I didn't spell unfortunately wrong ;) .
Anyone Fooled?

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Post by Athlon27 » Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:47 pm

I didn't use word thank you other than to check spelling and grammar

I don't accept Cowardice, for its why strong men die as the weak hide.

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Post by Athlon27 » Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:49 pm

I didn't use word thank you other than to check spelling and grammar

I don't accept Cowardice, for its why strong men die as the weak hide.

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Post by Athlon27 » Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:27 pm

I have info on upcoming chapters in:

I'll recap first.

So Chapter 1 and 2 we were at Athkep and then Earth.

Our valiant Hero Captain Floris Heads to Muur to enlist the blackswimmers of the giant sea.

Following will proceed in this order
Ta-Tha-Riech Ch 5
Corinia Ch 6
Leopdep Ch 7
Miacarias Ch 8

Campaign of Offense

Excalibur III
Excalibur III (serect of the writer of why we stay at the planet)

Intergalatical Tarvel for three Ch

Offensive on Bug home galaxy.

Azorethine-something unexpected happens

As three special chapters for loyal readers.

Ch 4 is being written. but it will be posted at the end of my school year.

Keep posting and you'll get the sirpirse chapters...

I don't accept Cowardice, for its why strong men die as the weak hide.

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