My Master (BoB)

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My Master (BoB)

Post by Les » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:20 am

Just some random scribbles on the word-processor. I don't have Born of Blood as of this writing so I have little first-hand knowledge of the Zuul...

...but I can speculate, Gorrammit. ;)

My Master calls, and I come.

I hold my head high and proud as I walk across the tarmac toward the waiting lander, for today is a special day and I am special because of it. Today I serve a higher purpose, one for which my Master himself has chosen me. Me, out of all the others he could have chosen He has selected me.

The lesser servitors who service the lander scatter as I approach, sensing my Master's hand upon me, all but one.


His voice disquiets me greatly. I do not yet know why, but it is of no consequence. If my Master had wished for me to know such things, I would know them.

"Jenny.. don't you recognize me? It's me Jenny, it's Da..."

The lesser servant approaches disturbingly close before a suitably punishment is rendered. Obviously he had not been indoctrinated into a higher purpose such as I, otherwise he would have known his place and spared himself such a fate. I know a moment's pity, but thankfully my Master whisks those away before I might embarrass myself. I turn instead to the blood-stains upon my tattered dress and know worry, but then my Master's presence reassures me they will only help further the Purpose I am to serve.

The lander lowers it's ramp and I begin to fret anew at the thought of laying eyes directly upon my Master, but again he mercifully brushes those disquieting thoughts and feelings away and I am able to stride up the ramp full of confidence in my Purpose as He waits.

He crouches by the entryway, piercing eyes peering at me over a snout filled with sharp needle-like teeth, a furrow creasing his slightly bulbous forehead in thought as he regards me while surprisingly slender fingers toy with blood-matted fur.

He is the most beautiful being I have ever seen.

His voice touches me again and I heed.

<Soon we leave for the hunting-grounds. When you see more of your kind there, what will you do?>

Water wells before my eyes and streaks down my cheeks as I hear myself whimper, my hands reaching in supplication as my conditioning dictates and I reply.

"Please! P-please help... I'm so scared."

He smiles, teeth flashing sharp points and bits of flesh as he purrs his approval.

<Goooooood, very Good. You shall serve well.>

Ecstasy, there is no other word known or unknown that can describe my Master's praise. I do hope those that I meet out there will know a Purpose such as I, but if not it is enough to know the Masters will at last free them from the prisons of their own lonely minds.

My Master directs me to the hold where I meet the other chosen. I greet them and am greeted without jealousy as there can be none, only joy in the Purpose which we all serve. I find my place among them as the lander shivers and begins to ascend.

Strange, my demonstration has ended and yet water continues to run down my face. I find that this disturbs me greatly, but my Master quickly puts those thoughts out of my mind. The Zuul are on the Hunt, and I know my Purpose well.

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