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Mare Curorem

Post by Ace » Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:05 am

The harrowing moan of fatigued metal surrounded Lammushu as he plunged further into the depths. The events that had brought her to this end of all things unfolded within her mind even as the thoughts of others became fainter and ever distant. This was for the best, as the sheer terror that she faced would further pollute and torment the minds of her fellow dying swimmers of the Black.

The Black and its dangers towards her people brought her here, to her end, her tomb.

* * *

A brilliant green orb with lush continents, vast seas, and clouds hovered before Lammushu. It was Kao'Kogoru, the staging ground for Lac'Tar Sarkhar. A great warfleet orbited, the very one that struck Nishii and slipped into the Black. Lammushu's heart filled with rage as she remembered the lances of energy that boiled the sea and the screams in her mind. Foremost, that of her son. She joined the Black Swimmers, for vengeance, and to forget.

Lammushu dismissed the orb, and the image of the Suul'ka upon and above it. She knew her targets well. The pod that contained her was small, but bristled with armaments. A thought gently entered her mind, they had arrived. The subtle flickering of the stars and their slow motion ended and a ghostly shadow of the vessel that berthed her could be seen. The light of their vessel from their last stutter reaching them.

Ba kreen dula Fane Go'Rada. Ya Lac'Tar Sarkhar, du Tarka ko kaan Kao'Kogoru. Vreen dumah lolokaad. Praada!

The warning of the Tarka commander filled the minds of all in the fleet. His response was silence, followed by a barrage of disruptor fire.

Breaching pods launched from the lead vessels of the swimmers while the ship that Lammushu was aboard silently made its way towards the planet. She could feel the anger of her fellows against the Suul'ka, as well as the fear of her foe. The sounds of boarding pods latching onto the hulls of the Tarka cruisers were clear. As were the clouded thoughts of the hormone and duty driven unchanged males who faced impending doom.

She moved past the bulk of the Tarka fleet, the sounds of screams and rage becoming muffled. Despite this she could still feel each and every death. The blood of Suul'ka boiling, flesh and limb rended by the mind. Bulkheads twisted by pure rage.

The brilliant viridian sea of Kao'Kogoru came into sight as Lammushu's ship reached its staging area. Flashes of light nearly blinded her as a hail of fusion warheads impacted the orbiting Tarka defense platforms. Her pod was jettisoned, and she engaged her thrusters plummeting towards the day-night terminator.

Brief flashes of light could be seen, followed by a feeling of loss and agony. Several of her fellows with their grim task were destroyed by the Tarka defenses on this descent. Lammushu steeled herself, as the gentle glow of reentry transformed into a blaze.

Moments later the flames subsided. All was black, but moments later lights became visible. She was above a coastal city, densely populated. Lammushu released the weapon safeties on her pod.

Night became day, the lights became dark, and a great firestorm engulfed the city below. Screams filled Lammushu's mind, her stomach wrenched with pain. Distracted, her pod shook as the shockwave impacted.

Claxons waned. She had taken too much damage to engage her secondary target. The screams of the silenced million filled her mind. She could still feel whimpers of pain from the masses below as the fires spread.

One duty she was still capable of remained, she aimed her pod at the sea.

* * *

The groans continued. Strange water, the green water of the Suul'ka, entered from behind a panel. It left a taste in her mouth, the taste of blood.

With that final thought, the metal surrounding her collapsed.

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Post by Slasher » Sun Sep 23, 2007 9:19 am

Nicely written though I thought blackswimmers always thought of themselfs as males.
Also if the Tarkans already knew the Liir where hostile (they had attacked Liirian worlds after all) why did they even bother sending a challenge?

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Post by Erinys » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:11 pm

Very nice. I suspect that moments like this are behind every announcement of "assault shuttle lost" in SotS.

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Post by Matty414 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:29 pm

yeah really good and don't black swimers think of themselve as alrady dead

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