An alternate beginning...

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An alternate beginning...

Post by Coyote27 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:02 pm

It was a perfect example of the Hiver way of thinking, this shrine. At first incongruous, standing here atop a low grassy hill overlooking the water a second thought revealed the strange harmony of the scene, out of place yet also perfectly in place, the symbolic Shinto gate between worlds humorous in reference yet also profoundly reverent as well. This is what they had built for us as a gesture of peace... or more precisely, in another seeming absurdity, apology and gratitude.
There was still a lot of bad blood against Summer Wind even now, nearly fifty years after the conquest, but for the most part things had quieted down as it became clear that cooperation was a better path than resistance and that we'd gotten off amazingly easy compared to what we could have expected from the Tarka or the ravenous Zuul. In exchange for an allotment of land in the high desert and the wealth of our advanced research, Summer Wind had built a triple defense ring around our world, and deployed a teleport gate to summon powerful fleets at a moment's notice. In the back of our minds, though, we all knew that the guns facing outward can also fire inward.
My thoughts were interrupted by the echoing rumble of a ship lifting off from the port below. One of the latest experimental node-drive ships, an extended-range configuration by the shape of it, bristling with sensor antennae. The Children were still cautious with our engines, not entirely sure that we weren't going to sabotage them at the worst possible moment, but so far even the most paranoid agreed the results were very promising. Princess Summer Wind had stumbled upon us by accident, but in doing so had discovered a means to power greater than she had imagined - this node drive could allow her small clan to challenge the power of the Queen herself, and for good or ill we were all along for the ride.
Climbing a trail of flame the ship rose slowly into the Arizona sky.
"In the absence of any orders, go find something and kill it." -Erwin Rommel

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Post by Slasher » Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:49 pm

An interesting version of the classical tale of "how the Hivers blew up earth."

Is it a one shot thing or are you going to make a longer story about it?

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Post by bmac4417 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 7:09 pm

Great start to the story! I love alternate history :P

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