The cigg

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The cigg

Post by Slasher » Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:22 am

The frost of the night bit to his marrow, the stars shining brightly in the clear sky over his head. The moons had set several hours ago and the sun was several more away.
Slowly Rizko'tchet inched slowly closer to the human through the tall grass without so much as the rustle of a leaf. His brilliantly white fur hidden under tightly wound back cloth.
How's it comming with the access codes?
Franks mental voice broke the silence of Rizko'tchet's mind.
I need 10 minutes top. He replied telepathicaly.

Not 5 meters infront of him the human still had his back turned on him, watching the entrence to the human's bunkers in the distance.
Thoughts of a scantly clad human female radiated from the human. Rizko'tchet asume she was the humans mate, though he didn't pick up any name that came with the thoughts of her.
The human opened the vizor on his helmet, took a small stick out of a pocket and produced a flame out of nowhere to ignite it as he brought the stick to his lips. He inhalled deeply. Rizko'tchet, could feel the humans unease and nervousness slightly dissipate as he exhaled the smoke from the stick that had filled his lungs. A voice hissing something in the humans language crackled inside the humans helmet. Someone called "sarge" was berating the human for being slow. Rizko'tchet noticed a lot of recentment in the human towards this "sarge" person. He wasn't sure why.

In the distance a frightened bird let out a scream that pierced the clear night sky as it took off. The human spun around and dropped the stick from his mouth in the grass, a rifle held ready in his hands, he came face to face with Rizko'tchet, not 3 meters away now. His vizor still lifted away from his face the human squinted his eyes, trying to peirce the black of the night. Rizko'tchet held his breath as he focused. This was just like the games he and his squadmates used to play with the slaves. Reach into the humans minds and ever so gently tug at his shoulders, slowly turning him around, while Rizko'tchet pushed the memory of the lightly dressed female into the humans mind.
The humans slowly turned back towards the bunker and mumbled something to himself about owls. Rizko'tchet, barely let the air in his lungs out, slowly without a sound. He wasn't intirely sure these owls where though, the human didn't even know. He had been thinking of a story he had seen about a guard on duty who was distracted by one of these owls.
Rizko'tchet made a mental note to dig through the humans mind to find out what these "owls" where.
Rizko'tchet slowly and carefully reached into the humans mind. He was very carefull about not touching or pushing anything around in there. He was just looking through the mans memories for one specific one. Humans thoughts slowly drifted back to the scantly clad female as Rizko'tchet did his work unnoticed. Rizko'tchet wondered why the humans got so excited about such a scrawny and weak looking female. She was even smaller than the man. Surely she could never make a hunter or a fighter. She didn't even have punchclaws or fur. Only a golden mane on the back of her head. The humans thoughts began to focus on the females round volumptious shapes. Her subtlely red full lips. Her... Rizko'tchet pushed the humans thoughts out of his mind with a mental shrug. The man stopped cold in his tracks and he looked over his shoulders into the darkness again before he took out another stick and lit it.
Rizko'tchet pierced the humans mind again. This time with more force. He quickly sifted through recent memories. The "sarge" character shouting at the human early that morning, something about his bed not being properly made or something. Rizko'tchet wasn't sure but he didn't care.
Another memory of the human eating and talking with other humans. Rizko'tchet pushed on.
A third memory of the scantly clad female, this time wearing a uniform the human recognised as his superior handing out papers and giving instructions. The human was focusing more on her than what she was saying or the note said. Rizko'tchet closely examined the paper. It was covered in human symbols. He recognised them from paper the last group of humans had carried. He wasn't sure about how the humans interpreted the symbols, but he quickly found the part the human vaugely remembered as "access code to the service entrence" that the human was supposed to guard.
Rizko'tchet jubilantly abandoned his focus in the humans mind. He signaled the female hidding 14 meters away in the grass, ready to leap at the human. Rizko'tchet dropped low to the ground to get out of the way for the females leap. On the ground in front of him he noticed the still glowing stick the human had dropped earlier. With a thought he called off the female, a split second before she would have leapt. She stayed crouched and ready to jump, brimming with barely restrained bloodlust. Rizko'tchet could feel her recentment at being held back, pushing against her restraint training. Rizko'tchet prieced the humans mind carefully, looking for a memory of one of the sticks. The human called them "ciggs," he inhaled them to relax. A both filthy and disgusting habbit, Rizko'tchet thought.

How's it comming with those codes Rizzie? Franks voice pierced Rizko'tchet's concentration.
Just about done boss. He replied with a slight hint of agitation. I just need to dispose of the human here quietly and the way will be clear.
Hurry up already. The females are growing restless. Minishii chimed in, almost singing like the Liir he had taken his name from. The big grey one has already jumped one bird against my will. I can't keep them restrained much more...

Rizko'tchet ignored Frank and Minishii's discusion as Frank began swearing and cursing at Minishii. He turned his attention on the human who had begun walking away from him. Rizko'tchet cursed inside himself. He had to get closer to the human to properly feel the humans mind, or the human would notice when he entered his mind. In the back of his mind, Rizko'tchet could feel the female hidding behind him's frustration in watching her prey walk away.
He quickly reached into the humans mind tugged at his chest untill all the air in his lungs had been squeesed out. Rizko'tchet pushed against the humans reflex to fill his lungs with air. The human spun around flailing his arms around him desperately struggling to catch his breath. Rizko'tchet pushed his way into the humans mind. He pushed quickly against the humans mind with all his mental might as the human struggled to breathe. Each passing second the human struggling harder and harder stressing Rizko'tchet's strength to its limits. Flashes of the humans parents blasted Rizko'tchet's mind as the human franticaly tried to think of random things. But it was too late. Rizko'tchet held on to the humans metaphorical lungs, holding them shut. Images of the humans parents torn limb from limb by a huge black Zuul female flashed by as the human subconciously thought of the Zuul. No doubt in Rizko'tchets mind, the human knew he was under telepathic attack from a Zuul by now. He couldn't let the human escape or draw breath even once or he'd warn his companions in the bunker. The humans struggle grew more desperate as his blood, saturated with addrenaline. He tried to push a button on his armors wrist. Rizko'tchet gave his hand a little nudge each time he tried to push the button for the radio, causing him to miss panel all together each time.
Finaly the humans frantic deathstruggle began to slow down, dispite all the addrenaline in his blood, it was running thin on addrenaline. In his final throws, Rizko'tchet was blasted by a torrent of the humans childhood memories. Of his mother and farther. The happy life in a small village growing crops untill the day the Zuul came. They had attacked the village while he was away with his friends. The day he had returned to his village with the milita and seen the carnage left behind, when a person in authority had told him they hadn't found any trace of his sister. Slowly the human's thoughts grew quiet, hanging on the memory of his kid sister, "Maria" who had disapeared in the attack.

Suddenly, with a snap, Rizko'tchet was back, hidding in the tall grass under the frost clear night sky. The female he had with him was standing over the human, her punch claws burried in the gory mess that had been his face.
"Focus damnit!" Franks voice came from behind Rizko'tchet. "You know better than to go so deep so fast." He snarled.
Im good, Im good! Rizko'tchet telepathicaly replied.
Tell me you at least got the code. Frank snarled as the black clad Zuul slipped quietly past Rizko'tchet to the human the female was still picking at.
Of course I did. Im not one of those amatures Minishii's been teaching.

I heard that! Minishii cut in with hurt pride. My sons will do just fine. Just wait and see!
Like they did last week?
Rizko'tchet mockingly replied.
Nobody could have known that thing was explosive! Minishii protested.
Shut it, both of you! Franks irritation was clear. If you have the codes then lets get under way. We need to hit that sensor towers controls before dawn.
Rodger boss. Rizko'tchet replied grudgingly.
Fine. Minishii replied, disgruntled. I'll signal my sons to begin the diversion in 15 minutes.
Rizko'tchet signaled the female to pull the humans arm off and follow him and Frank as they quietly slipped out of the tall grass and across the concrete outside the bunkers exit. 10 females, all covered in tightly wound black cloth to conceal them in the night, quitely slipped through the grass. after the two males.
As they aproached the door a pair of humans in full armor could be seen standing outside the entrence to the bunker talking quietly to eachother.
I'll take care of them. Frank telepathicaly whispered.
A pair of females advanced slowly, melting into the shadows as Frank glared intently at the humans.
Casualy one of the humans took a few steps away from the lights on the outside of the bunker.
He shouted something into the night. There was no reply.
He shouted a second time. Still no reply.
The humans exhanged words quickly and one of them walked down the paved road, away from the lights of the bunker, towards Rizko'tchet and Frank. He looked nervous, his gun raised as he slowly walked down the road.
He shouted a third time. Still no reply.
Rizko'tchet could hear the humans thoughts. He was looking for the human he killed earlier. This could be trouble.
The human shouted a forth time. Still no reply.
As the human walked towards the hidding Zuul, one of the females slipped up behind him.
He shouted a fifth time. The female replied with a low beasital snarl. The kind that starts all the way down at the back of her throat and usualy ended up in someone elses throat, as she lunged at the human as he turned around. He tried to scream but the females jaws where crushing down on his throat through the soft kevlar of the neck, and his scream was reduced to a gurgle...
Frank continued to glare at the last human, still standing outside the bunker. The human slowly pulled his combat knife and raised it to his throat, inch by inch. Suddenly he blinked with a suprised look as the blade sliced through his vocal cord, his hand guided by Frank. As the last human collapsed, Frank, Rizko'tchet and the females quickly ran towards the bunker.

As they reached the door, Rizko'tchet could hear a human voice hissing over the dead guards radio.
What's he sayin' boss? Rizko'tchet inquired. He knew Frank had ripped human language a few months back from one of the prisioners, but he had never shared the knowlege. It had always gnawed at him that Frank kept that from him. He never got enough time to rip something that complex from the prisioners they took.
That they're getting suspicious. We must move quickly.
Rizko'tchet reached out and opened a small panel next to the armored door. He took the severed hand the female had brought from the first human and used it to press the sequence of symbols from the humans memory. With a beep the door slip open. And the two Zuul followed by their females slipped in like shaddows in the night. Inside was a lit staircase leading down to the bunker and two guard rooms. One was empty, a woman in uniform was sleeping in the other. A female quickly punced at her, smearing the human females brain across the wall with a bonesplintering thump. Down the stairs a door opened and a second human female stepped onto the staircase with a rifle looking up at the Zuul in shock. One of the females jumped at the human as she raised her rifle. A series of deaffening explosions assailed Rizko'tchet's ears and he winced in pain. The Zuul female had been hit, and tumbled down the stairs with a pained howl, knocking the human off her feet like a pine caught in an avalanche and tossing her down the staircase along with the dead Zuul.
"Damn!" Shouted Frank. "Move, move, move!"
Rizko'tchets ears where still ringing so loudly he only registered Franks words telepathicaly. He knew they had to act fast, before the humans realised what was happening.
Rizko'tchet guided his females down the staircase at full sprint, running as fast as he could behind them. Up ahead he could barely make out a human letting out a terrified scream, cut short by a females punchclaws.
At the bottom of the stairs was a large room, with tables that several humans had been sitting in casualy eating untill the Zuul charged into the room. Frantic shouting followed by great commotion as the great Zuul females charged through the room, knocking tables and chairs aside to get at the paniced humans who where running (slowly, for a Zuul) for a metal blast door at the back of the room. The humans where cut down one by one by Rizko'tchet's females before they could reach safety, spraying blood across most of the room as they where torn appart.
Rizko'tchet quickly opened the blast door and proceeded to where he could sense the most humans.
I've found a map over the bunker. Control room is 5 stories down. I'll take it, you just hit their barracks before they arm themselfs. Franks telepathic presence was faint.
Rodger boss Rizko'tchet replied telepathicaly. His ears where still ringing loudly, but at least the pain had subsided...
He could hear the humans shouting to one another through his females.
Faintly he could hear a series of explosions and automatic fire. Somehow not as deaffening when its not near you its fired...
Minishii must have initiated the diversionary attack.
Rizko'tchet stopped outside a door in the hall way. His females blocked in front of the door, waiting to bash it in.
Rizko'tchet telepathicaly reached into the room. He could hear human thoughts. At least 10 men in there. They had been awoken and where franticly getting their equipment.
He touched the thoughts of one of them. A older man, shouting at the others. He looked through his thoughts untill he found his arms failing around in his subconciousness. Carefully he took the mans arms, pulled the gun down from his back ever so carefully. The man was too busy to notice. Rizko'tchet unhooked the rifles safety in the mans arms and tightened the mans grip on the rifle as the other men ran towards an exit in the far end of the room. He pointed the rifle in the general direction of the men and squeesed the trigger. With a hail of bullets all nine men exploded in a shower of gore and bloode, before any of them knew what happened. The mans ears where overwhelmed by the sound of the gunfire. He dropped the gun in terror.
Rizko'tchet let go of the mans mind and qued the females. They burst through the door as the man, stood motionless, his mind overwhelmed with terror, still looking at what was left of his comrades.
Rizko'tchet tried to rub the worst of the gore out of his fur. Frank was sitting infront of the blood splattered computer controls for the orbital sensor grid. Minishii, stood in the corner with a grin on his face examining a gun he had taken off the humans.
You guys should have seen the show outside. Minishii was explaining in detail how the diversionary attack had gone. One of the females was hit by a flamethrower during the assault on the vehicle compound around the main entrence. She just ran around like a living torch for 2 minutes before she stumpled into the fuel dump. Minishi chuckled.
I bet that must have been quite the fireworks show... Replied Frank, feinging absolutely no interest, but entertaining the younger males explanation.
Oooh, it was!
Rizko'tchet noticed a small red bow on a blood smeared doll sitting on a computer. He reached over the gory remains of a human female who had been cut down in front of it to pick up the doll. He tought the bow looked somehow familliar but he couldn't pin down where he had seen it. He pulled it out of the dolls hair and tied it to one of his females goresmeared fur.
Whats that for? Looked at Rizko'tchet quizcaly.
I don't know. I think it reminds me of something. But Im not sure what. Rizko'tchet replied. By the way, do you ever name your females?
"Janice, Betsy, Julia, Olga and Ulla." The reply came instantly, one of Minishii's females turning her head as each name was called out. Why?
Rizko'tchet reached down and pulled out cigg from the dead human female and studied it and he stroked the female in front of him affectionetly. She was one of his original 5, as Rizko'tchet called them. His first cortie. He had never thought of naming them before though. At his touchy she gave a plesant rumble. She always liked when he payed attention to her. More so than the rest of his females.
I was thinking of naming mine. Rizko'tchet remarked, trying to sound casual.
Whats the point Rizzie? Frank sounded annoyed. It usualy bugged him when his subordinates began talking about things he meant where unimportant.
No particular reason. Rizko'tchet tried to sound as uncarring as he could.
Do you have a name in mind? Minishii asked curiosly.
Rizko'tchet found a lighter on the dead human female. He took it out, lit the cigg and filled his lungs with its thick smoke. He felt his muscles relax as he slowly breathed out, savouring the taste and the memories it brought up of the farm and his family early in the morning while he's tending the cows.
Rizko'tchet scratched his females affectionately under the chin and she gave an aprooving rumble.
I was thinking Maria?

T3h 3nd

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Post by bmac4417 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:04 am

Wow. That was good. It was like reading something out of a published novel.
Although it makes me suspect that you have turned from the Hivers and become Zuul.


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Post by Slasher » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:20 am

No at all. But I must admit I have played around with the idea of what a group of Zuul soldiers talk about when theyre in the field...
And how their mindripping affects them.

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Re: The cigg

Post by Gakl » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:19 pm

I haven't looked at this section of the forums for a while, but it's distracted me during some mind-numbing work.

I particularly like the exploration of the idea that the Zuul absorb a little bit of the psyche and culture of those they invade. On a long-term scale, it would seem as though this should have a moderating affect on the Zuul as a whole. However, I did notice, pointedly, that you didn't go so far as to attempt to provide the Zuul with any sense of empathy, which would make sense, the Zuul, being well...Zuul.

That casual discussion and musing over the lives and thoughts of those that they are destroying and absorbing into themselves, while killing as if they were simply having small talk over tea and cookies.
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Re: The cigg

Post by Slasher » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:06 am

Im glad you liked it.
I was trying to play on the whole risk Zuul run of loosing their sense of self when probeing deeply enough into a powerfull mind and how it can make them more like their victims.
I tried to hint that this might be common among ground troops by having all of them have names from other cultures. The main character Rizko'tchet having a Hiver name while his comrads in arms Frank and Minishii. This is based on an idea of the first mind a young Zuul digs deep into likely leaving a big impression on that Zuul. Hence the names are all taken from slaves that they have been practicing on before they where sent off to invade....

Im a little suprised noone has commented on the Ninja reference...

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