Hmm... Re-writing Released Works

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Hmm... Re-writing Released Works

Post by DervMan » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:43 am

I've not been active in the SotS forum (or unfortunately in the game) much over the last few weeks for a bunch of reasons, mostly boring and involving hospitals and then work.

There's a line from Ghostbusters, which is something like, I hate working in the private sector: they expect results. :wink:

But I did have my PDA with me. :wink:

When I wasn't able to do much other than read and watch pretty nurses :oops: I decided to re-read and criticise SFS Exeter 774. And you know what? It relies far too much on the game, so when a non-gamer reads it, there are far too many holes in it.

So I'm re-writing it. Meh.

How bad is this, for an author to decide he or she doesn't like their (released) work and then re-write it? Unprofessional at best? :?

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