Battlefield Promotions Scars of War Chapter 2: Cerulean Dawn

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Battlefield Promotions Scars of War Chapter 2: Cerulean Dawn

Post by Silveressa » Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:30 am

This is the first part of part 3 of my on going Battlefield promotion novella, Like usual I blended third and first person writing together, and provide a fun engaging story. I plan to have the second half of this up by next Sunday

(If you somehow missed The Prologue sure to read it here: viewtopic.php?t=2677) and Chapter 1: Here viewtopic.php?t=6941

Now without further Ado I bring you:

Chapter 2: Cerulean Twilight

[i]Leslie awoke slowly in her bed, a gentle turquoise glow from the distant blue dwarf star dimly lighting her quarters from the view port. The soft thrumming vibration of the ships engines almost lulling her back into the depths of sleep, her eyes drifting over the swirling streams of hydrogen gas that trailed across the surface of the planet beneath them.

"Isn't it beautiful Michelle?" She asked quietly, admiring the feathery wisps of the different gases as they mingled in streaming rosary currents along the upper atmosphere of the gas giant. Her tranquil mood was abruptly ended by a cold dagger of loneliness between her breasts as she remembered her bed was empty save for herself, and only silence would answer any such questions in the future.

Sitting up and angrily slamming the controls to lower the blast shield over the view port, Leslie flicked on the lights and hurried out of bed, quickly going through her usual morning exercises. Later, as she fasted the last few buttons of her uniform she activated the intercom, her voice holding a almost lethal edge to it. "Bridge, has there been any response from the probe we left in the Borak system two days ago?"

After a couple seconds hesitation there came a stern reply she recognized as Morgan's. "Negative Commodore, nothing yet." As Leslie moved to turn the com off Morgan continued, causing her to pause momentarily. "However the systems sensor sweep analysis was finished last night, and has revealed the presence of an abandoned facility in the upper atmosphere of a near by gas giant. "Lieutenant Roselyn has more information on it, she finished the analysis yesterday evening."

"I see, thank you Morgan." Leslie said, her tone softening somewhat as she became more focused on the tasks ahead. Tell her to meet me in the mess hall pronto." After pausing for the briefest of moments to adjust her uniform in the mirror Leslie hurried down the corridors, silently pondering the potential importance of this discovery.

Lieutenant Heather Roselyn greeted her with a polite smile and salute as she entered the Mess hall, gesturing to a small table which already had two trays laid across it. "I was already in the mess hall getting breakfast when the bridge hailed me, so I hope you don't mind Commodore, but I took the liberty of ordering an additional tray for you.

Leslie paused, surprised at the unexpected beauty of the Lieutenant, and puzzled by the gesture, wondering quietly if it was simply camaraderie, convenience, or something more that prompted the unexpected kindness. Deciding not to let it distract her she smiled at Roselyn and nodded, taking a seat across from her; pleasantly surprised to find Heather had ordered her favorite selection, pancakes and bacon, with plenty of syrup and a large cup of coffee. "Thank you Lieutenant, but how did you know what I liked for breakfast?" Leslie inquired, sipping at the steaming coffee carefully.

Heather grinned almost like a cadet that had pulled off a perfect maneuver during a piloting exam, her short fiery red hair seeming to almost glow with an inner flame. "That was easy Commodore; I recalled your order history from the auto chef's memory bank then ordered the same thing you've ordered for breakfast every day since you've been on board."

Leslie returned the smile and nodded, unsure whether to be impressed by the lieutenants resourcefulness or disturbed by the slight invasion of her privacy; preferring instead to focus on the information. "The bridge informed me you discovered an abandoned facility in the upper atmosphere of one of the near by gas giants?"

Heather nodded and smiled again, gesturing to a data slate on the table next to her. "I completed the analysis last night, and found what I believe is gas mining complex in a stable orbit of Pellene's upper atmosphere." She paused and took a breath before continuing. From what we can tell the facility was being used to extract and refine hydrogen and other gases from the atmosphere. Currently it's running at minimal power and sensors detected no life signs."

"What's the racial designation of the facility?" Leslie asked, deliberately ignoring the breath taking view of the planetoid outside the mess halls spacious view ports; instead staring at her plate and busily consuming the food.

"I'm not completely sure, its design doesn't correlate to any structures in the database, however its exterior hatch construction and antenna arrays are similar to those of Hiver facilities." Heather responded, glancing briefly at her data slate before continuing. "My best guess is this was an older refining facility that was abandoned by the Hivers months or years ago, probably when their fleet left this system continue their journey.

"Makes sense." Leslie agreed, "This system has no colonizable planets and with their slower than light drives it's unlikely they'd ever return to this system again so leaving the refinery manned would be pointless."

"That was the only discovery of note in the entire system," Heather continued, "The rest is a few dirty chunks of ice and the ruins of a slaver ship, nothing worth salvaging."

"Excellent job Lieutenant, after your meal focus the sensor scans on the fringes of the solar system, if anything's jumping into this system I'd like to know about it before it gets here." Heather instructed her, busying herself with her own breakfast, realizing all too well the supplies of fresh foods were only going to last for so long before rehydrated soy constituted the largest part of her diet.

"Certainly Commodore, recalibrating the sensors for long range high definition should be done inside of the hour." She smiled at Leslie, her gentle green eyes sparkling with anticipation as she casually gestured to the view outside. "This system is really pretty though, almost as gorgeous as the gas giants of earth's solar system wouldn't you say? It's partially why I joined Sol force; to see the wonders of the universe, and discover things no one ever dreamed existed."

Leslie gave her a sad smile, briefly glancing out the view port before replying. "There's a lot more amazing things between the stars than I ever dreamed possible, but some of the most wondrous and valuable things you can only discover at home, among your own worlds."

"Really?" Heather gave her a confused look, sipping on her orange juice and waiting for the Commodore to reply. "Like what?"

"Love." Leslie let the word hang in the air a moment before opening her mouth to continue, her com link interrupting her response with an insistent beeping.

With a sigh of annoyance Leslie thumbed the button hastily "This is the Commodore what is it?" The voice on the other end she immediately recognized as Morgan's, his speech slightly hurried.

"You requested to be informed the moment we heard anything from the buoy in Borak, and we just got an update." His tone carried with it a measure of satisfaction she hadn't heard from him before, almost as if this information was confirming something he had already suspected.

"I'll be on the bridge momentarily, Commodore out." She replied quickly, turning off the com and addressing Lieutenant Roselyn with a warm smile. "You'll have to excuse me Lieutenant, I'm needed on the bridge, perhaps we can continue this conversation another time?"

"Yes of course Commodore," she replied, rising to her feet and giving her a parting salute, "Lieutenant Dawson relieves me from my post at 1800 hours, I'll be free any time afterwards."

Returning the salute Leslie nodded her understanding and hurried off towards the bridge her mind weighting tactical possibilities and the readiness of her fleet for a prolonged engagement within the nebulae.

* * * * *

"What's the story Commander?" I asked Morgan, settling into the captains chair and adjusting the restraining harness about me.

"According to the buoy another Tarkas fleet just entered the system, composed of 3 destroyers and 2 cruisers, most likely a rescue fleet." He answered me, highlighting the buoys tactical information on the main view screen.

"Excellent, what was their point of origin?" I inquired, my mind racing with possibilities.

"Unknown, our star charts of this sector are incomplete, they could've have come from any one of these three systems." He gestured to the display screen, three stars lighting up a brighter blue. "The fleet is refueled and ready to jump on your orders Commodore."

I nodded leaning forward slightly and weighing my options. "If we jump back into the nebulae we could engage and destroy the rescue fleet, however the nebulae will likely shred any potential salvage leaving us with nothing." I paused briefly before continuing. "But if we wait for them to leave as I originally planned there's a good chance we'll jump to the wrong system and lose the fleet entirely."

"Commodore," Morgan began, clearing his throat before continuing. "If we entered star stream now, before the Tarkas fleet finished repairs we could arrive at one of the three star systems ahead of the Tarkas, then either be waiting in ambush, or immediately jump after them if they're heading for a different system."

"Excellent plan Commander, Tactical, how long to you estimate it will take the enemy fleet to effect repairs upon the damaged destroyer so it's once again capable of interstellar travel?" I asked, noticing the tactical officer seemed to have anticipated my question, his lips already parting with an answer.

"Unknown Devraux, depending on their repair capability they could have the destroyer up and running inside of a day. At the most I'd anticipate the ship will be repaired and their fleet refueled in two days at the most."

"I see, Coms, continue monitoring for any more transmissions from the buoy, Lieutenant Vellis, in my ready room." Undoing my restraining harness I quickly followed her giving the Commander a brief nod. "You have the bridge Morgan."

"Yes Commodore?" Lieutenant Sherry Vellis asked, her stern expression and immaculate uniform everything I expected from the head of security. "At ease Lieutenant, there's an abandoned Hiver gas mining facility in orbit around Pellene, onboard there's likely to be Star Charts of the surrounding sectors and other useful information left by the Hivers when they moved on form this system."

"You'd like me to take a security detail over and retrieve this information?" She inquired, even at ease she conveyed the tension of a coiled spring and the alertness of a hungry rattler.

"Not exactly," I elaborated, sitting down and smoothing out my skirt underneath me. "I want you to assemble a security detail and a few tech ops to accompany me onto the facility to retrieve the necessary information."

"Certainly Commodore, May I inquire as to why you wish to accompany the expedition?" She asked me, her gaze never waving from my face, almost seeming to look through me at the bulk head behind my chair.

"Two reasons Lieutenant; one I've always wanted to see the inside of a Hiver structure first hand, and two, I've been sitting on my hands these last couple days and I could do with a change of pace." Along with something to keep my mind off the past, I added silently, clasping my hands together on the desk on front of me.

"I'll have the detail prepped and loaded onto a boarding shuttle in 20. Anything else?" She asked, her professional attitude reminding me why I chose her as head of security.

"Yes actually, bring along a satchel charge and proximity sensor. When we're done with it I want to place a small surprise onboard next to the fuel tanks; just in case any Hivers ever come back this way expecting to find a refueling stop." I gave her an icy smile, looking forward to the small excursion.

"Sergeant Vanluen was right about you Commodore, you do fight dirty." She gave me a sly smile followed by a salute, before exiting the room at a fast trot.

"No Lieutenant, I fight to win." I said quietly to her retreating figure, following her a moment later to don my armored flight suit and join the detail in the hangar bay.
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Post by DervMan » Tue Apr 15, 2008 7:02 am

Nice work and I enjoyed reading it!

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Post by XELA NAMYT » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:51 pm

Very good. I like reading your stories, I just hope you keep producing them, gives me something to look forward to when I'm at work... er... *working*!

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