[linux] small problems with the linux version (osmium version)

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[linux] small problems with the linux version (osmium version)

Post by zelurker » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:33 pm

2 things I noticed :
- if you craft from the inventory screen (or do anything which generates messages from this screen), the messages appear below the inventory instead of over it, which means that most of the message is hidden ! You can guess what happens anyway so it's not a big bug, just an annoyance.
- if you use the keyboard on the character screen (C key) to scroll down the skills, the selection will just disappear at the bottom of the screen, there is no scrolling ! I thought this part was using the same code as the windows version, but apparently not... Here again, it's still playable by using the mouse instead of the keyboard and it's even more convenient with the mouse, but still... (by the way : why not adding mouse wheel support on this screen ? )

Except that very good game, I am a happy owner anyway since yesterday, so thanks !

I guess you don't take any suggestion anymore now, but just in case :
- the possibility to play the marine as he is in the tutorial, not for the psychic abilities but at least for the equipment ! Give him a shotgun, the assault rifle looses its ammo way too fast, and once it's empty he is more or less dead, and finding a shotgun is almost impossible apparently !
- Playing with more than 1 character could be fun, and it would be more logical story wise. An engineer with a ranger or a warrior for example. You already have a system to allow to play with 2 characters demonstrated in the tutorial when freeing someone, so maybe it would not be that hard to do, and it could be interesting.

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