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Linux bugs

Post by MyBeatenHeart » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:19 pm

i have played the game for well over 1000 hours, and i still get new stuff, like weapons or equipment i never had before. its so amazing!

as you probably know, there are a few annoying bugs left in the linux version.

i've made my peace with most of them, but now a pretty bad one is keeping me from progressing (and i'm on floor 39, so...)

- i have freed a prisoner who is trying too escape. as soon as he leaves the floor, the game crashes.

please help quickly '~'

in other news:

- the game frequently crashes when using nano-reconstructors / duct tape on a piece of armor.

- when using the blow torch, the game doesnt ask you whether to seal or breach the door. you can only seal it.
- a door that survives an anti door item (like hinge spike) always seals itself, and does not let you use another anti door item.
- when walking through a destroyed sealed door, the game still tells you that its sealed, though no-one cares anymore.

- in contrast to the windows version, "slow" decreases your movement to 1, even if your character can normally move 3 spaces. if you move a step, the two half movement points seem to add up as they should. so it says "move 2", but if you try to take that step, it ends your turn.

-similarly, if you drink an energy drink, you immediately get a free movement the same turn, even if it says "move 1". it shouldn’t do that, right?
-if your movement is 2 and you end your fear state, your movement is immediately down to 1, though it still says 2. (playing as striker)

- enemies spawning right behind you dont get to attack the same turn (which is actually quite nice)

- some armors, like flak jacket, get more durability damage than they should. even low penetration attacks result in a durability loss of 2. rounding error?
(btw: are enemy stun rays supposed to be such armor shredders? i never noticed before. for example they do 2 damage to protection array, though the attack is energy based)

- equipping armor always protects your equipped adamantium claws or helmet. on windows, it doesnt work like that anymore, correct? however, if your claws are unprotected, they can suffer a zillion durability damage in a single hit (because their armor value is just 5). is that a new feature or old code?

- if you attack an invisible enemy that stands in a door, you will always hit the door.
- if you click on the space behind you, you will attack the door, even if there is an enemy right there.
- attacks aimed at enemies standing on a mine will hit the enemy as well as the mine.

- biomods that increase durability ONLY increase max durability.

- when returning from a biodome (going upstairs), you are teleported to the OTHER exit.

- when madness ends, fake enemies "die" rather loudly. (btw, have fake enemies always opened doors???)
-failed enemy psionic attacks can result in two speech samples at once, one positive, one negative.

- the "alt"-shortcuts cannot be assigned, because holding alt lets you move the window. full screen is not available at all. however, these problems may not apply to all linux users.

thanks. and i hope more people discover this great game!

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Re: Linux bugs

Post by Khrowe » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:45 am

It may help to post your save file. I might also suggest killing your freed prisoner mercilessly.

Enjoy :angel:

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Re: Linux bugs

Post by MyBeatenHeart » Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:05 pm

I might also suggest killing your freed prisoner mercilessly.

yeah, that probably would have worked. however, i cant reach him anymore...

have a good one...
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Re: Linux bugs

Post by Rwlyra » Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:30 am

Yes! I had the same bug on Linux (Fedora) and I thought it's an isolated case.

It was making Shepherd less playable, as Zuul companions were unavoidably crashing the game upon changing floors and I had to dispose of them to advance further :/

Hope it gets fixed but I can see that they might not have it at the top of their priorities.

Didn't encounter the nanoreconstructor crash tho.

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Re: Linux bugs

Post by MyBeatenHeart » Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:13 am

Rwlyra wrote:Hope it gets fixed but I can see that they might not have it at the top of their priorities.

yeah, i can understand that, too. think it's worth the trouble, though, cuz the game will always be a classic worth playing, even years from now.

Rwlyra wrote:Didn't encounter the nanoreconstructor crash tho.

it seems to make a difference whether you right click or double click on the duct tape or nanoreconstructor. but that'd be pretty weird, huh?
or its just that the game tries to process too many decimal spaces instead of rounding up or down.
it happened to me once, that i could use a ballistic repair kit once more, on a freshly repaired weapon.

some more thoughts on the glitches i mentioned:

its not just the flak jacket, but also the impact armor that always gets at least 2 durability damage. i don't think this is intentional.

i guess i was wrong about the adamantium claws. they take exactly 2 durability damage, no matter the enemy's weapon.

destabelization bots lowers your max durability below actual durability. so afterwards you have more than the maximum.

i also forgot something:

sometimes enemies get an extra attack for no apparent reason. i'm not kidding. it happens.

the deterioration effect of high penetration weapons doesn't seem to take place at all. you can take your time fixing that one :)

thanks a bunch

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