Pit Osmium - Challenge Runs

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Pit Osmium - Challenge Runs

Post by Caffeinated Goodness » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:14 am

So, now that we have a definitive final version what what seems to be new stuff in there, guess I'll start posting challenge runs!

I'll try to do these on a difficulty that makes sense for what they do, but let me know if You have some weird restriction You'd like to see attempted!

So far:
Vegetarian Run (https://youtu.be/pFrsEmcSXR0)
No Psionic Techno Dragon Griffin (https://youtu.be/yseiy254i7Y)
No Psionic Psion (https://youtu.be/r6HhxGrDkgI)
No Psionic Dolphin (https://youtu.be/H5JNDYSoMig)
No Psionic Preacher(https://youtu.be/r6HhxGrDkgI)
No Psionic Skeleton
No Guns
Fan Mod (https://youtu.be/zzhhQPsGvNI)
More to come!
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