Engineer victory!

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Engineer victory!

Post by ahorowitz » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:26 am

After a couple failed dungeon level 40 attempts, I knew it was coming.

This game I found a meson rifle and a laser sword for the first time. Kept the meson rifle for quite awhile and it was my weapon of choice to finish the game.

Of course, no Pit game ever just ends smoothly. This guy had a really good AC (160, thanks to three AC boosting augmentations plus chitin or ceramic plate, and razorfists). I pretty much ran out of everything ammo-wise on floor 40 though. So the key there was to use the monsters to kill one another (bears, rocket firing tarkas, heavy mechs, etc.). This was all fine and good until I got to the final room. And I had no real means left for doing enough damage to the guys in there. Everything else on the level was dead.

So my trick was to go back to level 39, just about the only level besides the biome that I didn't kill everything in it, and see if I could use any discarded gear. Was able to cobble together some Rage Beams, and I unloaded them to get at their energy backpacks. This trick netted me three of them, which was enough to finish the game. It didn't go *quite* as smoothly as described, but that was the gist of it.

Where my previous engineer built up Mecha-psionics and Telekinesis to max, this guy had enough ammo drops and weapons that I really didn't go that route. I did try building up the manipulation tree a little to test out fire, but didn't really get enough points into it to see it used effectively.

Anyway, glad the monkey is finally off my back. Took me 3 weeks of several attempts most days to finally get that engineer win, though most all of my progress came the last several days with several level 40 games. Not sure what really pushed me past the hump of getting stuck around level 15... probably finishing getting the recipes didn't hurt. Oh yes, the quantum scan helmet really makes life a lot less scary. This guy didn't get the parts to make his until dungeon level 31 though.

Still never saw the neural transmitters needed to make improvised exo armor. And I've never seen a working recombination center in any of my games. So something is up. :)

Anyway, lots of fun. Time for a lengthy Pit break. :)

-- Adam

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Re: Engineer victory!

Post by skugge » Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:15 pm

I recently had my first engi win too on normal with the expansion. I found 3 CHAKRAM CANNONS! THREE! And no PBA. Oh, how you taunt me sometimes pit..

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