Got my Tail kicked

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Got my Tail kicked

Post by Ciurrioc » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:14 am


So here I am thinking YAY I can finally equip armor on unlock char, I mean I played this well up 17 levels (getting teleported from 12 to 15 once), without TO MUCH of a problem, getting armor will be easy sauce right?

for a while

Then came floor 18

well not yet, see I decided to side track into a Biome, desert. needed food had plenty ammo Y not?
the Biome eats my ammo for little yield and 3 cases of getting poisoned, blinded and assailed by big ass sabertooths and fairy flies (fire flies)

so...I'm ammo less.

Turn a corner back into the main floor out of the Biome (was a 2nd level to that biome but I said Nope)
PROTEAN? it eats my vibroblade since I...well had to use the Vibro blade on it because fisticuffs just weren't gonna cut it.

so i kill it and head on to floor 18

-enemies, a Mecha bear, 3 rad bats and a ghost maker all on my tush, I use up ever gernade stock piled..POORLY I was trying to kill this mecha bear with a glancing blow from the nades (I had every one under the sun, disruptor nades, Flash, Smoke, Frag, HE, Chaff)

but all for not, and no ammo to boot, so I flee out the door (why didn't I just go back up to the last floor I do not know) and there I am chased by the purple versions of the Mindwolves who's names I CARE NOT to remember, Blue Zuul pups. and this momma version of the Scavenger bot that straight out ambushes me with a plasma blast to the face when I first opened the door.

So I run down the hall way beelining past a turret that shoots at me, with the armada off ***holes chasing/shooting at me, the plsma blast thins out the herd some but the Purple wolves are still on my heels, smoke, chaff, flash grenades IT DOESNT MATTER the chase still goes on

oh look a Jaeger joins the fight

Did I mention the Mecha bear still wont **** off?

damn this Chitin Plate armor is damn fine because I'm sure any other name would be dead by now

so I see a hall way going down, I run through it with the wolves eating at me -Dead end- with two doors, Alpha and Gamma, freaking fantastic

I turn and a door opens Not one, but TWO Hopkinites start attacking me.more smoke more nades, ghost walker in my personal space, Jaeger and mecha bear in the back taking pot shots at me

Oh look I forgot I had a spear in here.

Stab stab, Stabitty stab

somehow I manage to kill the spider and wolf but the jaeger and mecha bear...eeehhh PLUS THE HOPKINITES? so I flail so more, the jaeger goes down, the bear still in the fight, the Hopkinites being grade A ****holes knocking me back from the bear and stunning/confusing me. beautiful

so the door that they came from, I manage to get in with the bear inside.


I close the door with the two floating bastards outside and begin stabbing the mecha bear with my almighty spear that has somehow made a dire situation just a tinge less dire, but the a-holes keep opening the door

Grade A NOPE

I close the doors while stabbing the bear, but in my franticness I waste a turn going into the door


they get in, I get confused and the bear tries to slink away


it sparks


it dies


but no matter how much a stab the floating bastards however, I'm not netting much damage, and they aren't letting up

So I run back outside

AND LIKE THE FSGUSRKSRM-ING Opportunist that it is, the Mamma Trash can PARALYZES ME AND RUNS AWAY


I'm able to shake it of but I turn and run back into the dead end spearing the hopkinites, Momma Trashcan comes back and somehow spawns her little bastards behind me, and they steal my weapons THATS FINE I DIDN'T HAVE AMMO ANYWAY so I continue to stab with no avail while taking TK punches and stun blasts


My spear breaks and I take the last few hits while throwing punches

and die

rest in peace...

Thanks Kerb, you sadists

EXP 81075
LVL 18
Time Played 6:03:30
Lowest Floor 18
Distance 29160ft
Kills 510
Damage inflicted 25444
Damage Taken 11637
Healed 11507
Fav Weapon auto Pistol *LIES
Most dmg weapon Auto Pistol *LIESSS
Disease 1
Highest diseases level 3
Time diseased :40
Poisoned 6
Highest level 6
Time poisoned 0:11:02
Radiated 6
Highest level 2
Time radiated 0:03:35
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Re: Got my Tail kicked

Post by Mecron » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:52 am

That was epic!

The Apprentice
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Re: Got my Tail kicked

Post by The Apprentice » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:06 am

"ghost walker in my personal space"

Feel free to call me App- it's shorter.

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