Enoch the Victorious! [Normal]

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Enoch the Victorious! [Normal]

Post by The Apprentice » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:34 pm

Completed my normal run with Enoch yesterday. Was the first run I'd made since the Pilgrim DLC. The obligatory stats screen is nowhere to be found, because I clicked continue before I screenshotted it. :oops: What can I say, I'm out of practice. ;)

Anyway, the Zuul class. FOOD IS RELEVANT AGAIN. The metabolic furnace that is Enoch made me watch food supplies for the first time since... maybe pre-mindgames? And my dalliance with the Striker class. Anyway, even knowing the recipes to make the most efficient use of food (and having an EZ Cooker), I was constantly looking at food reserves. It was fun. On higher difficulties I would think food is less of an issue, due to the increased number of drops from enemies.

I was surprised at the limited amount of psionic potential Enoch has, mainly because he does't gain psi on level up. 300ish seems like a lot to start with, until you realize it won't grow unless you luck into mutagens. Even then, only by 15 per vial. As far as I know, there are no psi-capacity boosting items the Zuul can wear. (Not even the Warwitch gloves, which surprised me.) I invested heavily to get Metabolic Control, which meant I no longer needed to worry about food. I never went up the manifestation tree. In retrospect, effectively spending a third of my psi points to cast MC at every opportunity was probably foolish.

I was able to get psi-drain as well, and found it resisted a surprising amount, even with (eventually) 100 power. I remember it being close to a 100 success rate with the Liir. Either the Liir has some sort of hidden bonus, my memory is faulty, OR tweaks were made to the resistance model.

I didn't use the dominate power much, mainly because I didn't see large Zuul until the later floors. Also, they bogart my XP. Which seems odd given the lore, but what can you do.

The Zuul Alpha is AWESOME while she lasts, with her machine gun of doom. Sadly, the Stasis Room Zuul refuse to swap sides. I was amused by the message of "NOT ZUUL FEMALE" that popped up when I tried though. :lol:

Key equipment drops were an EZ cooker, the ingredients to make Chitin Armor early, and a SINGLE shard of living steel on floor 35. (I swear, I had the rest of the Adamantium Claw ingredients from like floor 8 ). Up til then, I was unable to use a credible melee weapon and gradually losing the ammo bank I'd built up.

Overall, Enoch felt like a Marine with a touch of starting psi. And an eating issue. I also enjoyed reading the M'KKOSE Sotsdex entries- clearly we need a M'KKOSIAN character option for the sequel, to hope with the takeover of the sotsverse.
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Re: Enoch the Victorious! [Normal]

Post by Rioji » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:32 pm

GG, man. I don't think there's anything worse than starving to death in the pit, which is why I'm afraid to try the Zuul on normal (even though the game is kicking my ass on hard).

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