Completed the mindgames quintet (Psion win!)

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Completed the mindgames quintet (Psion win!)

Post by Svankensen » Tue May 27, 2014 10:44 pm

Welp, I did it. Won with a Psion (in norml, not gonna play easy ever). The RNG had definitely a hand, at least early on. I got a nice collection of pistols and a shotgun at floor 6, plus TWO enviro suits and the wonderfull coding avatar. Didnt even manage to use up one when i was running around in chetah armor (a really bad idea when you cant use your laser pistol with it, but the extra movement and armor was so nice). Anyway, i had a Sar too, and around floor 20 i was getting ready to make some adamantium claws when i got dropped a lightning blade. I said screw it, and with an awfull success rate of 65% i managed to make an adamantium sword. It became the main damage dealer of my arsenal, specially after 2 impactors, 1 durability enhancer and 1 "demotivator". Adding to that the googleplex googles i was cutting trough robots and cyborgs with ease. I actually finished the game with 15 unused EMP grenades, all thanks to the wonderous googles and liberal use of google-enhanced Sabotage. With 67 skill i killed EVERYTHING but cyborgs. And cyborgs still took a full 50% extra damage with the googles, so they were easy to dispose of afterwards. The hardest enemies on this run were organics, specially since i only managed to get warmind to 99 in the middle of the final fight, the RNG wasnt very nice about that, 41 levels into that and didnt reach 99. Add to that an awfull surplus of nano reconstructors (had 10 STASHED, was carrying 5) and liberal duplication of epic bacon sotwitches meant that i was free to do anything. I didnt exploit the edupets or any stat increasing stuff cause i HATE grinding. I think the materialization school kinda sucks except for fire and dissolve unless you are willing to walk the extra mile with grinding. Destroying all those anti-psi buildings from a distance is awesome. The only thing i lacked was good endgame weapons, i was dropped only 1 superconductor so i didnt manage to make a pulse rifle, but the mag rifle i got around lvl 30 was strong enough to take on the final boss, altrough it took some while.

Anyway, now i have 3 races left to try. Liir, Hiver and Morrigi. Morrigi seems AWFULL, Liir seems too psionic since i just won a psion, and Hiver seems about right. I fear the armor horrors i might run into, but he seems like a good challenge non the less.

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Re: Completed the mindgames quintet (Psion win!)

Post by The Apprentice » Tue May 27, 2014 11:09 pm


While I have yet to encounter the Googleplexies on any of my games, they sound quite nice. One day... ;) Re the next normal race- out of the options you listed, the Hiver Warrior sounds like the most distinct from your previous game.

In terms of playstyle, the Seeker could be viewed as a squishier, but more highly skilled psion, who doesn't get any of the cool gear made in his/her size.
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