For The Pit 2 how about "breakdown" crafting

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For The Pit 2 how about "breakdown" crafting

Post by RobAK801 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:53 pm

How many times have you gotten that duplicate weapon that you don't need/can't use? Or that less than stellar armour? Wish you could find those damned gun parts you need to craft a new weapon?

How about the ability to breakdown unwanted weapons and armour at a crafting bench for a chance at getting one or more of the components? Gun/rifle parts from ranged weapons, various types of cloth and plating material from armour, binding and support materials as is appropriate, etc.

I'm not suggesting we get to drop in an item and on a successful check get every component that an item might have, just 1 or two depending on the complexity of the item and the degree of success. Possibly giving rarer items from the recipe for high margins of success and more common for lower margins.

Thoughts? Comments?
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Re: For The Pit 2 how about "breakdown" crafting

Post by Mecron » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:48 am

something like this on the books for pit2

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Re: For The Pit 2 how about "breakdown" crafting

Post by ScoSteSal118 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:06 am

Yay! Cannot wait for more information to come out about that! Still, KAG will help soothe the pain of waiting :)

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Re: For The Pit 2 how about "breakdown" crafting

Post by The Apprentice » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:33 am

That sounds cool, and it is even cooler that there is something akin to that in the book(s) already! :)
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