Has food become too easy with Medic DLC?

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Re: Has food become too easy with Medic DLC?

Post by SandboxHead » Sun May 01, 2016 5:41 am

nobody1111 wrote:over all I feel that 3x maybe the right spot since it puts it and +90 food over, which still leaves it as a decent recipe, without making it better then the herosotswich
also good luck on your striker runs, it took me around 600~ hours to get my first striker win, though I insisted that would be my first win.

That seems like a good balance.
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Re: Has food become too easy with Medic DLC?

Post by skugge » Sun May 01, 2016 8:49 am

SandboxHead wrote:There are runs where I don't see any Fat Strips for 10 floors or lack Primordial Soups (enemies don't drop this), just as there are runs where I don't see any Warbread.

Just wanna point out that fat strips are pretty common. Its a common drop from a common enemy. You might be right you wont see if for 10 floors depending on your difficulty level
but thats fine cause your not supposed to find all useful stuff by then :). Usually in the mid to late game you have primordial soups abundant and a stack of fat strips. Its a great recipe added imo either you get 3-4 or 5 pellets.

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