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Platinum Edition

Post by Leinkov » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:06 am

Hello, some people of Barking Dog Studios, now Kerberos Productions. What are you up to?

Since it's obvious that "Platinum/Final/Cucumber" Edition is a must, I would like to suggest some improvements. Feel free to treat it like a spam, if it's not to your liking. I would also like to inivte other members of the forum to participate.

1. Consolidate everything into one installation file, please. This one is a "no-brainer", right? I thought so. 8)
2. Make all animations speed for all character in every armor (light/medium/heavy) coherent, please. Changing speeds for some only won't cut it.
3. Sort the SOTSDex's awards entries in some logical way. Now they're quite random. The awards entries in the win/lose screen are sorted OK.
4. Please fix the spelling mistakes/typos. It would be beneficial to check the whole game's text again; while you would be at it - coherency in the items' description would be a nice finishing touch.
5. And finally - modding development kit or anything like that. For now, there is no way to mod this game to my liking and I bet people would love to create more content.

All in all, we all don't like to be corrected, but we all love to abuse our "position". Developer<->buyer is a such correlation. Yet, I'm not here to complain and the last shenanigans you have experienced with the GOG version of the Healer wasn't because users were complainers, vindictive scoundrels or simple trolls. It was because they love this game and would love to see it fully finished, as it lacks only a few finishing touches - so they could buy it again. Alas, their communicating skills weren't up to the task, so shit happened. I'm sure if asked, they would positively respond to your inquiries about involvement with your piece of fine programming code.

That would be it. Now, I'm on my way to Arbuda IV, in order to delve into the Feldspar mountains once more. It cannot be helped.

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