Night Before New Release Update

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Night Before New Release Update

Post by castewarkp » Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:14 pm

The day has come and Ground Pounders has left Early Access and is a New Release on Steam. As part of that transition, we made an update last night. Here are the details;

  • Fixed CTD in SotsDex
  • Fixed CTD in combat
  • Fixed CTD when while playing, going to main menu, then loading the save game
  • Fixed CTD in multiplayer when waiting for opponent to join
  • Fixed air base combat CTD
  • Fixed supply chain freeze
  • Fixed tutorial hang
  • Fixed edge case where you would not be able to spawn a divisional command unit
  • Enable difficulty select
  • Unlock units in the SotsDex by playing through the campaign
  • Allow players to save or discard changes in the unit shop
  • Updated credits list

  • Player profile rank can be increased as you win skirmishes and campaign battles
  • Allow inspecting units docked on a transport unit
  • Fixed unit facing when selecting to play the opponent
  • Fixed supply lines when unit is under ground
  • New Steam Achievements added

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