Request: More cool gameplay screenshots

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Request: More cool gameplay screenshots

Post by Vanish » Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:25 am


This is the part where I'm a little "in over my head" while preparing to spread the word for IndieGoGo, and I'd like to have a few "fun" screenshots ready to go when the campaign starts. Here's a crude, quick example of what I mean, based on a screenshot originally posted by KB's Makail:


Now it's possible I totally missed the real context of this SS, but the important part is, it's interesting gameplay footage and IMO it's not a stretch to interpret it this way. It can be funny, it can be a display of strategy, it can be a particularly complex situation, a highlight of the game's features... you post it and I'll try to spin it. So to cut to the chase:

:mg: If you're a player, know the Alpha demo like the back of your hand, and think you can come up with screenshots that's got potential (or already have some), by all means, please submit them.
:mg: If you're from KB, I recall you guys have a more advanced version of the game you're working on, in-studio. If you think you can come up with more cool screenshots, or post more topics like Makail's, I think it would be fairly helpful.

This is a touch-and-go idea, and at the moment seems like the most feasible way to add flavor to our foreign forum posts, beyond the 2d artworks. The resulting edits will most likely be smaller in resolution, and won't have the weird text glitches. Beyond that if you have better ideas/feedback, fire away.

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Re: Request: More cool gameplay screenshots

Post by Mecron » Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:27 am

Never fear, the new page will have lots of shots of new things ;)

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