On Hiver Ship Design

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On Hiver Ship Design

Post by The Apprentice » Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:59 am

Note: I play SP, so the AI is the main force driving my upgrades. I also play on Hard, and for myself that means that I am behind the tech curve and don’t have the luxury of multiple weapon types. Additionally, in the last 4 games I’ve played I did not roll AP Drivers.

As I’ve played the game, I found myself relying on several ship designs consistently. Broadly speaking, they are
- “Land Grab” Phase Ships: Hammerhead Armor DE’s equipped with PD, Mass Drivers/Missiles. Some CR’s with P Beam, Mass Drivers, and PD. Once I need to start using Strikeforce CnC (because the AI is attacking me with CR fleets), I start focusing on maturing my colonies as opposed to aggressive exploration.
- “Maturation” Phase Ships: Standard Command (or Assault if easy torp tech)/War (or Armor)/Current Engine Tech (Either PFission or Fusion). The reason I go with Standard or Assault command sections is they have small mounts that I can place PD on. I find that this enables me to ignore the need for Point Defense ships (either DE or CR). Weapons again tend to be Mass Driver, Missiles, most advanced beam possible (sometimes phasers in large mount, sometimes Neutron Beam).
- “Endgame” Phase: (Farcasters are researched.) Depends on what tech weapons are available, but generally BattleBridge/Blazer/AM ships. DEs with DeepScan/Point Defense/AM.

Hmm… that was longer than I thought it would be. Essentially, are there designs you find yourself consistently using against the AI?
Or suggestions to make the above better? I obviously like Jack-of-All-Trades Ships, as they simply fleet layout and whatnot, but I'm not wedded to the idea of them.
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Re: On Hiver Ship Design

Post by fiendishrabbit » Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:25 am

With hivers there is one design I tend to use more than anything else.

Battlebridge/Armor/Engine cruisers. AP massdrivers and some sort of energy weapon in the large mounts
I tend to avoid Heavy Drivers since I like having a mix of Kinetic/Energy (you never know when you'll face spectres or shielding) and having heavy drivers will bounce ships out of range too easily.
If I'm up against Zuul I like having a few phasers in the mids or particle beams in the larges.
Of course this is used broadside. The main reason for the battlebridge is the increased health of the command section and the extra medium turret. Also it allows you to use the power of the engine section (for attack and PD).

This is combined with impactor cruisers eventually and beyond that by some sweet Hiver dreads (if I nail quality torpedoes the Assault/Barrage dread is a favorite).
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Re: On Hiver Ship Design

Post by U.E.D.C. » Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:03 am

I've never liked jack of all trades much. I have ships of the line, but there is a difference....

early DE squadrons Appleruth's: Strafe (AP), Armor (stormer,AP), flying three abreast. Aries's: Hammer (AP) Armor (AP, laser), four flanking the Appleruths
and Noble's: Hammer (snipe) Armor(nuke, laser) 2+ on edge of map for long range support.

CR Era: Knight class cruisers are the ships of the line. BB Armor armed with best tech at time. often supported by dedicated missle boats and PD
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Re: On Hiver Ship Design

Post by Coyote27 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:57 am

What's wrong with using Hiver armor DE's top and bottom light mounts for PD? They're plenty sufficient against planet missiles in my experience.
My favorite mainline Hiver CR is the battlebridge/barrage, if I get photonics. FC/War is nice for burster broadsides too.
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