Assault Shuttle Tips and Tricks thread

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Assault Shuttle Tips and Tricks thread

Post by Filippe999 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:41 pm

Hello fellow players!
This topic has been created in order to get the ultimate tactics when using a fleet that has Assault Shuttle ships in it, in this topic i hope to get real nice info, because i'm planning of making a video explaining some awesome features regarding using assault shuttles, why assault shuttles? because i think that asault shuttle raids might be like War of the Worlds so it's awesome, the video will also be my English work :P , so if you can share me some of your tricks when using then, i would be grateful, both to make a real useful video and a good english work.
My first thoughts regarding A.S. is that, since it's available from start, might be a weapon of choice when rushing, or the best weapon for environmental-friendly attack, even though mass drivers are better for that i must saw :| ,my thoughts for the video was to send a three-wave attacks of DE's coming to a homeworld, with squadron CnC's , escorted by a bunch of Armor Green beamers to escort then, the nature of the attack is to clean pop or at least show some reall good tactics for A.S.
I plan to play as the morrigi since youtube lack some good footage on their gameplay, and their flocking effect and independence from node lines, and their natural proficiency for drones.

Thank you
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Re: Assault Shuttle Tips and Tricks thread

Post by ZedF » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:34 pm

If you look in my Fall of the Morrigi Empire TAR,when I was playing as Liir I made extensive use of assault shuttles IIRC. Of course the pictures are all archived at the end of the post now rather than being inline, but you should be able to piece things together.

In general, assault shuttles can be a pretty powerful way to glass a planet -- especially if you have ample repair capability in the fleet, since repair ships will replace lost shuttles, which lets you use them in a much more cavalier fashion. The most obvious use of shuttles is to allow you to field ships with powerful ship-ship weapons that don't happen to do a lot of damage to planets (e.g. emitters), but even when fielding strong ship-surface weapons, shuttle usage can still prove beneficial. Given sufficient repair capability and a good understanding of when you can and can't use the 'withdraw to back lines' function on the battle interface, you can:
  • use them as a distraction so that your main fleet can withdraw or remain at long range -- enemies will usually chase inbound shuttles in preference to warships
  • use them as a primary surface attack after decoying the enemy fleet out of position with a diversionary attack squadron
  • launch them right from warp-in, then withdraw the shuttle carriers and follow-up with your attack fleet to hit the enemy fleet while they concentrate on taking out your shuttles
  • destroy the enemy first wave with your attack, withdraw to allow the shuttles to warp into launch position, launch shuttles, then withdraw the shuttle carriers to get your attack fleet back into play -- allowing your fleet to take out the defenses while your shuttles hit the planet simultaneously

So shuttles are a powerful and somewhat versatile addition to a fleet, plus they help with outnumbering bonus generation as well. The cost is, of course, that they take time and money to build which might otherwise go to main attack ships. If your main attack fleets are already sizable, this may not matter terribly much, but if you are going for a lean-and-mean approach (e.g. so that you can hit multiple targets within a relatively short time-frame) or have a narrow window of opportunity in which to attack, then it may be of more concern.
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