Do you name your ships?

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Do you name your ships?

Post by Jandor » Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:12 am

Do you come up with special names for your ships and what are they? Or do you just stick with DE Armour etc? Do you use them from game to game or come up with new ones each game?

Some of the ones I use:

Valhalla - Tanker
Deep Scan/ER - Copernicus
AI/Armour - Helios
AI/CNC - Deadalus
Close range CR/DE - Bulldog
Normal CnC - Centurion
PD Ship - Phalanx

and of course Assault/Barrage - Sword of the Stars ;)

So, what are your ships called?
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Post by Psymon » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:25 am

If I play as Liir (rare, I love the guys, but their ships are so fragile) then my ships usually end up named after types of whale and dolphin or famous ones, like Flipper. I just find my mental image of the Solforce bridge hilarious: "Sir! We have two Shamu class cruisers and an Ecco class dreadnought inbound!"
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Post by jaif » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:27 am

I've only fought the AI, so they have descriptive names, e.g. "missile boat", "brute" (<-my big meaty ship), etc. I want to know at a glance what the ship does. In many cases I simply leave the computer's name as sufficient.

If I was playing against my friends, the ships would have mocking names or silly names, and would change game to game on a whim. Fear the power of the "fluffbunny", or wonder whether a "diamond" is actually harder than the might "garnet". No point in giving out extra information, and having more creative ship names than my friends would be worth it just on principle.


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Post by patton1942 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:35 am

I tend to name my cruisers after greco-roman mythology. destroyers get generic class based names. dreadnoughts get names of US Navy Battleship classes for the armors.
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Post by igotsmeakabob!! » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:57 am

Vs. an AI, no. But LANning with friends, its quite useful.

Ignie Ferroque
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Post by Ignie Ferroque » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:02 am

I've tried to keep names in "theme" for the race, starting with similar terrestrial animals, and then going on to concepts that the race cherishes. So Tarka, I used names of various lizards, snakes, reptiles, etc. (eg.: asp, mamba, tortura, goanna, skink, newt, python, etc.); then objects (nest, bower) and finally concepts (honour, pride, hubris, justice, ambition).

Humans were a little different - I usually tried to reference Earth; I wound up naming them after cities (so Helsinki, London, Atlanta, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mombasa, etc.), famous people (Churchill, Nimitz, etc.), geographical features (Appalacian, Nile, Borneo, Antartica, Europe), and some concepts which match the way Solforce works in the game (Endurance, Indomitable, Journeyman, Wayfarer). There's a lot of categories, so I tried to keep similar ship concepts with similar naming concepts - so the cities might refer to the armours (so many cities - I tend to have a lot of armour marks), CnC might be famous people, etc.. It's a lot of effort, but apparently I had time to burn - and if you can get enough names to keep things in similar categories, you can get the hang of telling what type of ship it is at a glance.

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Post by Warnstaff » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:09 am

I give them designation base on their design. Heres a short list of what I use:

Front line combat destroyer - Light Armor
Tankers - Tanker
ER ships: Extended Range
Front line combat cruiser (hammerhead) - Medium Combat Armor
Combat cruisers with assault section - Medium Battle Armor
Combat cruisers with battle bridge - Medium Battle Armor

The list can go on and on and on. It does make it easier to remember.

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Post by Lazy Perfectionist » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:37 am

Yeah. I name mine. Though it tends to vary a lot.

Sometimes I go with a Norse theme- mostly for the Humans.

For the Tarka, I tend to base my names on weapons way too much.

Like, you've only got so many options for destroyers, so I tend to name things like Spitting Dagger (plasma cannon), Throwing dagger(missile/laser). Etc. Exciting? No. Easy to remember? Yes.

When I produce a Liir gauss/mass destroyers (odd combination, yes, I know. But it can actually damage those incoming asteroids - if they manage to hit - unlike red lasers - and does nice against a Von Newmann or two), I name them "Serpentine", and I generally build 6 or 8 to a fleet, which I then nickname a "Medusa". And I try not to use them in anything less than a Medusa. They're not the worlds greatest ship/strategy, but they tend to come up early in most of the games I play the Liir. Later, of course, I switch to lasers and stuff... but you'll usually see a few Medusa's guarding planets, taking on derelicts, etc. Most of all, I just like the whole naming theme.

My ER vessels, tankers, and whatnot as the Liir vary to things like Stream Skipper, Stream Runner, Far Runner, Stream Guardian. Puddle Jumper, Lake Haven (colony ship) and stuff like that.

For the Hive? Whatever idea pops into my head at the moment. I haven't played them often enough to get into any habits other gate everything.

I recently had an idea for my next biowar Cruiser. I'll call it the Saddam. Or possibly the Iraq. Generally though, I try and avoid any attempts at humor in my ship names.

At one time, I half-assed my own 'nother' langue naming system.
For instance, all armor destroyers would start out with Kel and torpedo destroyers would be something like Ton. The rest, longer part of the name would be something I just liked the sound of, the name proper. So, gibberish name, gibberish but predictable preffix. So, I'd have ships like the Kel'Tara, Kel'Clinton, Kel'Cheney, Kel'Kith. Only two of those I might actually use. All four of those would be varied depending on its purpose. Like was it designed around lasers, plasma, point defense, missiles, you get the drift. And the the other line would be... well nevermind. I get bored listening to myself. It's more interesting to read.

I tend more to habit when I name my fleets.
For instance, you'll often see the "Guardians of [insert planet name here]" and "[insert planet name here] colony fleet". This makes it easy to remember and find and ignore which planets are protected, which I no longer need to build colony fleets for and so on.

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Post by manty5 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:48 am

I like to vary my names almost every game, as part of the fun, although I do have some favorite themes.

Code: Select all

              Gods            Swords          Martial
Tanker(DE)    Mercury         Wayfinder       Ronin
Colonizer     Saturn/Jupiter  Townsaver       Peasant
Repair        Venus           Woundhealer     Squire
Refinery      Neptune         Coinspinner     Ale
Satellite     Guardian(DE)/Sentinel(CR)/Cerberus(DN)
Minelayer     Loki            ----            Caltrop
PD            Aegis
Missile CR    Orion/Apollo    Farslayer       Dirkstorm
Combat CR     Mars            Foehammer       Katana/Broadsword
DN-Driver/Bio Hades           Stonecutter     Trebuchet
DN-Command    Zeus            Doomgiver       General
DN-Combatant  Ragnarok        Shieldbreaker   Aegis-Fang
DN-AI         Wintermute

When I get to the faster engine speeds, I add a prefix. FF, x, y, z.
So ffLoki would be a fast-fusion minelayer, and zWintermute would be an AI-section dread with endgame-tech strategic speed.

As for fleets, it depends on the role.
For garrisons/stationary jammers, I use "Zyx (planetname)", because that puts all my garrison fleets at the end of the fleet list, out of the way.

Mobile defense fleets are Interceptor Red/Black/Green for fusion era, Obsidian/Gold/Crimson for AM. I keep the fuel in a sperate fleet (so it can head home for resupply), and that's called Isupply Red/Gold etc... so that I can find it if I must, but all my interceptors stay bunched together.

The goal is to make everything look good on the fleet list so I don't have to play around each turn figuring out what and where everything is.

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Post by Picard » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:50 am

I play mostly Hiver and so I use classifications from StarCraft and Star Ship Troopers

CNC different sizes: mindbug, brainbug, Queen

little Armours Zergling, Rippler
big ones: Mutalisk, Plasma Bug (Torpedo)

Gate Drones, Worker Drones


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Post by BlueHairOMO » Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:34 pm

Humans always. I keep it simple for ease of recognition. Primary Weapons dictate the name.

Gun - DE=Pistol, CR=Rifle, DN=Shotgun

Beam - DE=Knife, CR=Katana, DN=Broadsword

Missile - CR=Ticonderoga, DN=Kirov

Fuel - DE=Support, CR=Valdez

Salvage & Repair - DryDock

Cloaks have a Ghost prefix.

Battle Bridge equipped ships get a BB suffix

Mixed weapons - CR=Mixer

Deepscan/Jammers - Seeker

Siege Driver - Hammer of the Gods

I rarely use the Assault section so I don't have a name for that.

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Post by Atomic Warlord » Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:26 am

Destroyers get action names: Striker, Ambusher, Pathfinder, etc

Cruisers get "classic" names: Constellation, Ticonderoga, Eagle

Dreadnoughts either try to sound impressive (Victory, Fury, Invincible) or follow US battleship classes (Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, etc)

I wait until I've built up enough tech and then design a new generation of ships. I find this saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted toying around on the design screen.

Each new ship class gets a name and a code that contains the generation (M1=1st gen) and letters identifying the type of weapons/equipment, e.g.:

"Predator M2w" is a 2nd generation destroyer with warheads as its primary weaponry

"Intrepid M4cc" is a 4th generation cruiser with a CnC mission section

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Post by Tampa_Gamer » Fri Dec 15, 2006 12:46 am

Absolutely. Every since MOO I, I have found it useful to use some sort of naming system to help me better organize fleets. Its pretty much a work in progress, but my current scheme is as follows:

Combat Ship (X designator so they sort better)
XSR (short range)
XIF (indirect fire)
XLR (long range)
CnC (command/control)
XPD (point defense)
XCV (assault/carrier)

after that I use certain designations

ds (deep scan)
t (torpedo)
e (emitter)

then I put in speed indicator so I don't mix fleets (really useful for humans)


then I put in name similar to others (DNs = reptile), CA (fish), DN (famous battles), CnC (famous generals)

finally I put in a version number

so for combat ships, the finished example would be:

XSRe s14 Viper I
CnC s6 Rommel II

Now, for auxilary ships it varies,

COL - colonizer
AML - minelayer
REC - recon
AK - tanker
AKR - tanker/refinery
YRD - salvage/repair ship

they get speed indicators, names (based on types) and version as well

so some examples would be:

COL s5 Pilgrim I
AKR s10 Oiler I
YRDds s12 Wrench I


Fleets are somewhat more basic. I typically only run 3 full offensive fleet (75+ ships at a time) which I try and have at least XX of type YY designs at a time to be considered "full strength" which are named Alpha Attack, Beta Attack and Gamma Attack. For small missions, ships are split off of them and named accordingly (TF Alpha I, TF Beta II, etc.).

Defensive fleets are typically MOBDEF (mobile defense) North, South, East and West and moved as needed.

To keep track of reinforcements headed for a particular fleet, I just called RF Beta or RF Mobdef South.
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Post by patton1942 » Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:09 am

I use various names, based on however I feel at the moment. I start (or end) all my ship class names with a designation system.

Size-Main weapon type-command section.

Destroyers are DD or DE
Cruisers are CL untill I get reflective armor (or the ballistics one) then it becomes CA
DN for dreadnoughts.

IF for missiles (indirect fire) DF for beams or ballistics (Direct fire)

b for ballistics
e for emiters
a for absorber

So my armored cruiser armed w/ meson beams and the point absorber would be [name]_CA-DFa

it lets me name ships whatever i want while telling me what type of ship it is at a glance.
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Post by LordD » Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:11 pm

I generally only name my dreadnoughts different things for the tasks they are meant for so a seige driver is hand of god or world killer, bio war is biological disaster, I keep the sword of the stars, I have the enterprise which is the sword of the stars with deflectors intsead

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