Identifying CnC vessels

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Identifying CnC vessels

Post by Sentenza » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:16 am

I'm guessing the center one?

Is there any way to be certain?

Will I "just know" when I've played enough?

Humans have those handy rotating discs, there it's easy, but is there any help for the other races?

Also, on a related note: Those dome shields that these 3 ships got, is there a good way to get through them?
I've tried bypassing them by shooting from the front, but with rather weak success...
Also, I'd like to not kill anything before the CNC ship dies, is there a way to attack only one target? Can I control my planets missiles?

I read something about "Fire only at my target" orders, but I can't find a corresponding button...

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Re: Identifying CnC vessels

Post by BlueTemplar » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:44 am


Reinforcements pop out near the CnC, if you kill it, they will pop out at the initial fleet location.


Most CnC's have complex thingamajigs that don't seem to have a combat function, less guns, except for more light turrets.

Against deflectors, you either have to shoot them from the back, or use energy weapons.

Select your ships/platforms, click on target. Can't direct planetary missiles.

The "fire only at my target" setting is one of the buttons on weapon banks top right. It's only really useful in very specific cases though...

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